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#7122 Unicode problem in ChoiceField nobody Forms master
#7137 get_and_delete_messages is called in auth context processor for every request nobody Core (Other) master
#7142 QuerySet: Distinct + Values + order by doesn't behave as one would expect nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7144 FileField joins MEDIA_ROOT with FileDict nobody Uncategorized master
#7146 Initial SQL data should accept plain python!!! nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7162 created keyword not sent to signal pre_save nobody Uncategorized master
#7164 Page not found nobody Documentation master
#7166 Need to document paging variables added to template context by object_list nobody Generic views master
#7175 "extra" anchor in sidebar is really long nobody Documentation master
#7178 X-MAC-SIMP-CHINESE problem nobody Core (Other) master
#7188 FieldDoesNotExist Error because of the fields tuple inside the Admin class nobody contrib.admin master
#7193 ytWzeJPU nobody Uncategorized master
#7207 [spam] nobody Uncategorized master
#7213 Linkchecker run on svn 7523 C:\django-trunk\docs\_build\html nobody Documentation master
#7219 edit_inline=models.TABULAR nobody Documentation master
#7223 invalid input syntax for integer: "" nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7224 nHDZwVhFry nobody Uncategorized master
#7225 nHDZwVhFry nobody Uncategorized master
#7226 nHDZwVhFry nobody Uncategorized master
#7242 {% load %} tag fails silently if there is a conflict modules with the same name nobody Template system master
#7245 [BUG] Data row duplication while changing inherited models using oldforms manipulators nobody Core (Other) master
#7249 Better code for 7535 fix nobody contrib.admin master
#7275 CacheMiddleware will break any streaming HttpResponse. nobody Core (Cache system) master
#7294 Same Classname and Fieldnames clash in edit inline nobody contrib.admin master
#7296 Overriding `get_query_set()` on default manager requires care nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7308 (spam) nobody Core (Serialization) master
#7321 Rendering of file in the {% include %} Tag in Template doesnt work if the block defined in the base template is not included in the final template being rendered nobody Template system master
#7324 {{ block.super }} doesn't work with nested {% block %} statements nobody Template system master
#7326 transaction documentation on website isn't completely generated nobody * master
#7333 newforms DecimalField docs different from class definition nobody Documentation master
#7336 DoS on malformed markdown input nobody Template system master
#7337 Add server date and time to manager emails sent out for server errors (500) nobody Core (Other) master
#7349 undocumented problems with Multi-table inheritance and Admin nobody Documentation master
#7351 typo in description of the 3rd item? nobody Documentation master
#7352 typo in description of the 3rd item? nobody Documentation master
#7358 [patch] create_default_site: configurable default domain name nobody Contrib apps master
#7365 AttributeError nobody Uncategorized master
#7367 Cannot have non-primary-key OneToOneField to parent class nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7373 for key, value in some_dict does not work nobody Template system master
#7383 MySql error "Truncated Incorrect Double Value" using extra() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7390 auto_now_add bug nobody contrib.admin master
#7401 Documentation should note potential problems with SELinux nobody Documentation master
#7403 dumpdata do not play friendly with inheritance nobody Core (Serialization) master
#7405 typo in model api doc nobody Documentation master
#7408 Example for cycle is incorrect. nobody Documentation master
#7412 i18n crash on non-ASCII (UTF-8 encoded) doctrings nobody contrib.admin master
#7422 for tag missing in CheckboxSelectMultiple nobody Forms master
#7433 Url not recognize as valid in URLField nobody Forms master
#7450 Documentation mistake about use of LANGUAGE_CODE and LANGUAGES nobody Documentation master
#7463 alternate phone regex for US flavor forms nobody New feature contrib.localflavor master Normal
#7476 Decoupling URLconfs does NOT inherit imports nobody Documentation master
#7480 svn co gives 500 internal error nobody Uncategorized master
#7481 Sites in admin interface documentation nobody Documentation master
#7487 Test Client's Response lacks context/template when using Doctests Jacob Testing framework master
#7489 DjangoBook comments fail nobody Uncategorized master
#7490 khZuFSSIPgxwmaMm nobody Uncategorized master
#7491 khZuFSSIPgxwmaMm nobody Uncategorized master
#7492 khZuFSSIPgxwmaMm nobody Uncategorized master
#7522 django.core.urlresolvers.reverse can't accept complex regular expression. nobody Core (Other) master
#7523 The max_length needs to become maxlength nobody Documentation master
#7545 Can't create an abstract model with 2 foreign keys to the same model nobody Uncategorized master
#7577 Small change to not display login page for logged users contrib.auth master
#7578 error in any ORM operations after 'duplicate key violation' nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7584 AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE should be able to provide some default profile contrib.auth master
#7585 changeset 7574 broke on FK fields nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7586 contenttypes table not created properly nobody Uncategorized master
#7601 only workable on localhost:8000 by default? nobody Uncategorized master
#7604 Comment system not working on Firefox 3/IE7 nobody * master
#7644 SyntaxError in nobody Uncategorized master
#7648 Signal being throw too many times... nobody Uncategorized master
#7652 'ModelName' object has no attribute 'get' when using OneToOneField nobody contrib.admin master
#7661 Newforms docs give a misleading migration plan - implies that there will be a 0.97 release. nobody Documentation master
#7668 newforms.ModelChoiceField fails to clean() nobody Forms master
#7674 simple SchemaEvolution nobody Uncategorized master
#7680 parse_lookup deleted nobody Uncategorized master
#7681 Updating user (from auth model) in admin does not create nor update UserProfile nobody contrib.admin master
#7684 ugettext() in app `` causes error. nobody Internationalization master
#7693 Different import paths can impact whether doctests are run or not. nobody Testing framework master
#7694 Models that are imported into (and utilize signals) result in parallel tests that break test cases nobody Testing framework master
#7701 Upload handling documentation outdated nobody Documentation master
#7721 Mention DocumentRoot in Apache deployment docs nobody Documentation master
#7724 get_FIELD_display in backend doesn't respect FIELD's name or verbose_name nobody contrib.admin master
#7729 template tags: IF IN statement like python IF IN statement nobody Template system master
#7736 Differences in loading of applications between development server and mod_python nobody Core (Other) master
#7746 Paginator QuerySet count regression nobody Core (Other) master
#7748 inspectdb on PostgreSQL database missing type for 'real' column nobody inspectdb master
#7779 Setting matching query does not exist. nobody Documentation master
#7780 get returns multiple objects when model includes a ManyToManyField in the default ordering nobody Uncategorized master
#7792 Exclude Fields on new-forms admin nobody contrib.admin master
#7801 DateField/TimeField returning datetime objects (not date/time objects) nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7804 newforms.fields.UploadedFile Invalid Deprecation warning. Forms master
#7812 read() in an InMemoryUploadedFile returns an empty string nobody Core (Other) master
#7821 Add exception value to NoReverseMatch exception nobody Core (Other) master
#7846 [Cleanup] Unused imported modules in contrib apps nobody Uncategorized master
#7852 Cross-application model inheritence broken after newforms-admin merge nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#7866 Newforms documentation disappeared nobody Uncategorized master
#7890 tutorial code - don't know where to insert nobody * master
#7892 erratic Internal Server Error problem with new update nobody Uncategorized master
#7917 Decide whether {% url %} syntax changes nobody Template system master
#7924 test client's post method does not actually post if no data or an empty dict is given nobody Testing framework master
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