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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#1283 A bug in a ForeignKey fields? Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master normal
#1290 'SessionManager' object has no attribute 'get_object' Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) magic-removal blocker
#1298 allow customized sort in model.get_list() and META ordering Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#1332 [patch]' install app' - confusing models validation Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master normal
#1353 [patch] Form fields should check a field's `null` option for setting `is_required` Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#1395 magic_removal: lower casing the module_name .. why? Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#1415 magic-removal .. user object not working correctly Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#1448 django.contrib.auth.middleware.RequestUserMiddleware depends on django.contrib.sessions nobody defect Core (Other) master minor
#1497 Django mod_python handler fails with older python 2.3 Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#1564 Filename not accessible post save Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) magic-removal major
#1595 Missing template error reports as SMTPHeloError Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) major
#1604 FormField.convert_post_data() bug Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) magic-removal normal
#1963 Multiple form variables of the same name get lost. Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#2035 All perfect with Developer mode, but it not work in production using Apache manuparra@… defect Core (Other) 0.91 normal
#2088 abstract out the manner in which information about models is accessed, to allow experiments with different model definitions Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2174 Add HTTP Method to Request Object Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2233 [patch] Model save method should have acces to file fields details during save nobody enhancement Core (Other) master minor
#2251 wrong default admin url in the svn checkout Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#2322 Django FCGI interface doesn't display the 500 error page when an unhandled exception occurrs Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master normal
#2334 Warning raised when list_filter contains a model method name Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#2534 [Patch] Enable FileField/ImageField to be used as core field nobody defect Core (Other) master normal
#2571 SyntaxError working through "writing 1st django app pt 1" tutorial Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master normal
#2590 missing in django/core Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#2627 add property to svn to ignore *.pyc for django/utils/translation directory Adrian Holovaty task Core (Other) minor
#2650 XML Serialization of None TextFields does not use the <None/> tag Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master normal
#2656 After creating a new user with create_user, calling login is failed Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#2694 [patch] urlencode to use optional safe argument for urllib.quote nobody enhancement Core (Other) trivial
#2706 request object availability Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2886 Need to know howwto install Adrian Holovaty task Core (Other) normal
#2905 Django needs a one-click installation routine for shared hosting providers nobody New feature Core (Other) Normal
#2946 HttpResponse should set charset for mimetypes starting with 'text/' nobody enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2959 Capital letters in app name break syncdb Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) 0.95 normal
#2978 QueryDict.urlencode() doesnt quote & Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master normal
#3066 NewForms RadioSelect choices problem Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master normal
#3104 'float' object has no attribute 'split' nobody defect Core (Other) normal
#3145 edit_inline Manipulator processor allows "stealing" of related objects nobody defect Core (Other) normal
#3220 List_display_links validation error is not being caught correctly Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) minor
#3260 inserting date filed value into MySQL Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) 0.95 major
#3280 Django should be HTML agnostic Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) normal
#3606 URLField validates even with verify_exists=False Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#3619 HttpResponse bug screws up chunked transfer-coding Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#3674 Webserver configuration Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#3730 modpython handler fails with mod_python 2.7 Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) 0.95
#4053 implicitly control in paginator causes unexpected return values. Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4319 urlresolvers.RegexURLPattern._get_callback doesn't handle ValueError Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4354 Django misuses the HTTP 401 Unauthorized header (either requires a WWW-Authenticate header or modification to return 403 Forbidden) Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4728 ForeignKey that is blank and null should not return DoesNotExist err if null Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4791 from django.template import Template: gives error Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4852 UnicodeBranch: force_unicode lost POST data if will set DEFAULT_CHARSET != 'utf-8' Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) unicode
#4886 Unicode Error Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4928 unique_together bug when it's not a tuple. Validation missing deryck Core (Other) master
#5465 Summer of Code 2007: Reusable Django applications Jannis Leidel Core (Other) master
#5584 unknown encoding cp0 when encountering a print command nobody Core (Other) master
#5708 validate() returns 'This field is required.' for number fields if number is Zero nobody Core (Other) 0.96
#6366 Meta field get_latest_by does not support fields with a - (Do get decending order) nobody Core (Other) master
#6467 context_processors (EOL while scanning single-quoted string) nobody Core (Other) master
#6499 Close open file descriptors on compression nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) master Normal
#6649 Can't order by a ForeignKey relation nobody Core (Other) master
#6689 conf/__init__ raises ImportError has broken string substitution nobody Core (Other) master
#6696 saving boolean field nobody Core (Other) master
#6726 python dumpdata doesn't sort objects in correct order nobody Core (Other) master
#6800 Strange CGI error nobody Core (Other) master
#6824 django/utils/ - import ImageFile fails nobody Core (Other) master
#6919 LDAP not working (not authentication) nobody Core (Other) 0.96
#7019 ImportError: No module named ImageFile nobody Core (Other) master
#7062 Multiple projects with different TIME_ZONE settings under mod_python can cause unexpected date/time behaviour nobody Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#7063 More robust debugging output for AJAX with simple print statements in nobody New feature Core (Other) master Normal
#7091 Paginator failed to use 'limit' statement for MySQL nobody Core (Other) master
#7101 ordering ForeignKey(self) =FieldError: Infinite loop caused by ordering. nobody Core (Other) master
#7137 get_and_delete_messages is called in auth context processor for every request nobody Core (Other) master
#7178 X-MAC-SIMP-CHINESE problem nobody Core (Other) master
#7245 [BUG] Data row duplication while changing inherited models using oldforms manipulators nobody Core (Other) master
#7337 Add server date and time to manager emails sent out for server errors (500) nobody Core (Other) master
#7522 django.core.urlresolvers.reverse can't accept complex regular expression. nobody Core (Other) master
#7736 Differences in loading of applications between development server and mod_python nobody Core (Other) master
#7746 Paginator QuerySet count regression nobody Core (Other) master
#7812 read() in an InMemoryUploadedFile returns an empty string nobody Core (Other) master
#7821 Add exception value to NoReverseMatch exception nobody Core (Other) master
#8025 Failed when lookups that span relationships with __isnull. nobody Core (Other) master
#8130 url pattern resolving doesn't work for urls that have groups (ex: admin) nobody Core (Other) master
#8192 django.VERSION missing in alpha-2 nobody Core (Other) 1.0-alpha
#8444 Model inheritance - inherited model could use some fields cleanup nobody Core (Other) master
#8463 force_insert doesn't work with inherited models nobody Core (Other) master
#8681 Uncaught exception in django/db/models/ UnboundLocalError nobody Core (Other) master
#8854 url tag and reverse function do not work nobody Core (Other) master
#8874 problem with URLs on FastCGI after update to 1.0 kyprizel Uncategorized Core (Other) master Normal
#8877 Very strange bug in MySQL backend for exact query. nobody Core (Other) 1.0
#9146 handlers/ relies on cpython-specific behavior jacobkm Core (Other) 1.0
#9184 'str' object has no attribute 'chunks' nobody Core (Other) master
#9624 debug statement active nobody Core (Other) master
#9715 r9110 introduced Backwards-Incompatible change nobody Core (Other) master
#9790 404 message is displayed if a view takes longer than 30 seconds to finish nobody Core (Other) master
#9923 Exceptions in middleware loading fail silently nobody Core (Other) 1.0
#10325 Error reports feature request - link to open file mentioned in the traceback nobody Core (Other) 1.0-beta
#10468 django/db/models/sql/ fails on tuple unpacking nobody Core (Other) 1.0
#10669 The import of third-party libraries in the project nobody Core (Other) master
#10995 Improve paginator to account for very large page_range's nobody New feature Core (Other) 1.0 Normal
#11001 Crash (double free) on OpenBSD on POST request nobody Core (Other) 1.0
#11013 Named imports in urls nobody Core (Other) 1.1-beta
#11098 syncdb raising an ImportError when using pyuno nobody Uncategorized Core (Other) 1.0 Normal
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