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#4983 Dreamweaver and Django Jacob * master
#4989 Typo in code example for HttpRequest.method Jacob Documentation master
#5016 want Code for generating validation codes (in images) for django? Jacob Uncategorized master
#5035 Group documentation missing? Jacob Documentation master
#5040 integrate django documentation Jacob Uncategorized master
#5060 inconsistent capitalization Jacob Documentation master
#5089 Wrong Template in vote() in Part 4 of Tutorial Jacob Documentation master
#5098 New FAQ question Jacob Documentation master
#5108 incorrect example url in Jacob Documentation master
#5118 __unicode__ does not work with latest official release Jacob Documentation 0.96
#5119 Error in tutorial Jacob Uncategorized 0.96
#5164 escaped windows path Jacob Documentation master
#5190 FAQ "and how do you pronounce it" is inconsistent Jacob Documentation master
#5205 Should be clean_data not cleaned_data Jacob Documentation master
#5208 mistake in the tutorial example Jacob Documentation master
#5210 syntax error Jacob Documentation master
#5235 Error with " sql polls" Jacob Uncategorized master
#5240 error in tutorial Jacob Documentation 0.96
#5244 test Jacob Uncategorized master
#5254 Tutorial correction Jacob * 0.96
#5262 whore Jacob Uncategorized master
#5266 for k in request.session gives me a key error Jacob Uncategorized master
#5300 The last url pattern in Tutorial 4 should be object_id not poll_id Jacob Documentation master
#5305 how to avoid resetting whole app after adding a new field to a model? Jacob Documentation master
#5356 FloatField still remains in the documentation Jacob Documentation master
#7487 Test Client's Response lacks context/template when using Doctests Jacob Testing framework master
#8417 Include the support of djangos within Archlinux Jacob Documentation master
#12020 Template tests fail if they take longer than 60 seconds Jacob Template system 1.1
#9146 handlers/ relies on cpython-specific behavior jacobkm Core (Other) 1.0
#18181 Not filling out a blank=True ForeignKey admin raw_id field raises ValueError because it tries to set the foreign key to None James Aylett Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#6747 geometry field does not work in Admin list_display jbronn GIS gis
#8563 [gis] Current locale considered when converting a geometry to WKT jbronn GIS master
#9210 zoom does not effected, when use GoogleMap(zoom=x, ...) with zoom params.. jbronn GIS 1.0
#9244 fails for large polygon record jbronn GIS 1.0
#8061 Allow login view to check test cookie Joost Cassee contrib.sessions master
#5465 Summer of Code 2007: Reusable Django applications Jannis Leidel Core (Other) master
#7008 Add session backend for Google's App Engine Jannis Leidel contrib.sessions master
#8798 Add DEPhoneNumberField to German localflavor module Jannis Leidel New feature contrib.localflavor master Normal
#12533 cannot import name smart_unicode jkocherhans Uncategorized master
#18376 Model formsets apply unique checks to blank, null fields Joeri Bekker Bug Forms 1.4 Normal
#14748 Missing documentation for FormPreview methods jorgecarleitao Bug Documentation master Normal
#16777 Contributing guide: github and bitbucket pull requests are acceptable Justin Lilly Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#19855 Typo in legacy database howto (English) JustinTArthur Bug Documentation master Normal
#26842 SQLite3 backend raises error when reading tz-aware datetime value Kenneth Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#16208 natural key YAML deserialization using non-list natural keys broken (with fixing patch) kenth Bug Core (Serialization) 1.2 Normal
#8521 admindocs: sidebar alignment incorrect in Windows firefox Kevin Kubasik contrib.admin 1.0-beta
#9980 Nice-have correction for Authentication Kevin Kubasik Documentation 1.0
#10879 Add Windmill Tests for Admin Kevin Kubasik Uncategorized Testing framework master Normal
#16130 Add some information about admin media in staticfiles documentation Kiran Busi Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.3 Normal
#9696 FileField raises unhandled exception when filename contains non-ascii characters Karen Tracey File uploads/storage 1.0
#6733 Selected not rendered for SelectMultiple when prefix is present Ivan Giuliani Forms master
#8874 problem with URLs on FastCGI after update to 1.0 kyprizel Uncategorized Core (Other) master Normal
#11537 localflavor for india's state choices are not tuples lars Bug contrib.localflavor master Normal
#5619 FileField and ImageField return the wrong path/url before calling save_FOO_file() Leah Culver Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#1721 Spam LED显示屏|LED电子显示屏010-86508750(小灵通),13911588988销售部王经理|LED电子显示屏|北京LED电子显示屏|010-86508750(小灵通),13911588988销售部王经理,LED电子显示屏 defect contrib.admin normal
#10529 Generic Inline fails (unexpected keyword argument `prefix`) leitjohn Forms master
#23608 Translate mistake None Cleanup/optimization Translations 1.7 Normal
#23917 RuntimeError Conflicting None Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 Normal
#2035 All perfect with Developer mode, but it not work in production using Apache manuparra@… defect Core (Other) 0.91 normal
#14659 Assigning floats to DecimalFields Miguel Araujo Database layer (models, ORM) master
#16642 TemplateView get_context_data returns params dict martinogden Bug Generic views 1.3 Normal
#18385 firstof doesn't deal well with empty "safe" values. Martin Winkler Bug Template system 1.4 Normal
#24271 Error message for fields.E005 does not specify that both 'actual value', 'human readable name' must be strings/'Actual Value should be able to be a non-string Matthew Basanta Bug Core (Other) 1.7 Normal
#5558 istartswith lookup fails with ORACLE in r6393 Matt Boersma Database layer (models, ORM) master
#10204 Validation fails in spanish localflavor ESIdentityCardNumberField Pablo Suárez Hdez. Bug contrib.localflavor master Normal
#11173 Updating some spanish translation. (Months and days translation) Pablo Suárez Hdez. Translations 1.0
#9690 How to select the text from a drop down box mihais Core (Management commands) 1.0
#15781 Multiple databases with same model names causing get errors Michael Radziej Bug Uncategorized 1.2 Normal
#6977 should check has_add_permission(), not has_change_permission(), in user add view Matthias Kestenholz contrib.auth newforms-admin
#12039 Embbeding multiple images in html email moe Core (Mail) 1.0
#6606 django.newforms.form.BoundField.as_widget doesn't merge widget.attrs moep Forms master
#23570 Schema editor drops DEFAULT from columns for backends that do support it Apostolis Bessas Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#27618 docs/intro/tutorial04.txt: Incorrect Information in Amend Views section Karan Sharma Uncategorized Documentation 1.10 Normal
#5145 MultiWidget / MultiValueField does not interpret initial data Manuel Saelices Forms master
#7006 Overridden fields/widgets for ForeignKeys in ModelForms Manuel Saelices Forms master
#16194 Typo error in admin docs... pagination stuff Manuel Saelices Bug Documentation master Normal
#4346 Model names are not translateable Malcolm Tredinnick Internationalization master
#4443 Django should support Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk Malcolm Tredinnick Translations master
#4803 Don't return translations in __str__ methods Malcolm Tredinnick Internationalization master
#4939 "show" and "hide" appear in english not in my own language when displaying admin fieldsets Malcolm Tredinnick Internationalization master
#5073 Blocktrans makes key lookups fail. Malcolm Tredinnick Internationalization master
#5165 HttpResponse's flush method does not do anything Malcolm Tredinnick HTTP handling master
#5684 i18n settings file -- fixing awkwardness Malcolm Tredinnick Documentation master
#5839 Bad import in django/contrib/admin/views/ (handle_legacy_orderlist) Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) other branch
#6575 Changeset 7098 brakes model class creation if one uses own django.db.model.base.Model class Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) master
#9578 order_by() removing select_related() joined tables when with extra() query sets Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9643 Custom managers on related objects generating incorrect SQL Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#10478 Multiple querysets as rvalues generating bad SQL Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) master
#10808 Multiple inheritance (model-based) broken for __init__ of common fields in diamond inheritance Malcolm Tredinnick Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#16830 Radioselect input loose id after invalid submission Nelson Monteiro Bug HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#115 Models CRUD via web services nobody enhancement Core (Other) normal
#792 FileField and edit_inline=meta.STACKED nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#978 STACKED ForeignKey classes don't show up in the admin for subclasses of related class nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#1030 auto_now_add is broken for edit_inline field nobody defect contrib.admin master major
#1037 ManyToMany should have support for deleting a single relation nobody enhancement Core (Other) normal
#1429 Yet another patch for SQL server adodbapi nobody enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#1448 django.contrib.auth.middleware.RequestUserMiddleware depends on django.contrib.sessions nobody defect Core (Other) master minor
#1603 Setting a primary key field editable=False breaks when using edit_inline nobody defect contrib.admin master normal
#1853 admin documentation section errors for 'comments' tags nobody defect contrib.comments trivial
#1855 Using a custom default manager can lead to un-editable objects in admin nobody defect contrib.admin master major
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