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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#14652 Sessions seem to be improperly using Pickle to hash a dictionary nobody contrib.sessions 1.2
#18674 Session app triggers an AttributeError nobody Bug contrib.sessions 1.4 Normal
#19147 session.session_key is None for signed_cookies sessions on first request nobody Bug contrib.sessions 1.4 Normal
#19155 New session backend instance does not respect a session_key parameter. nobody Bug contrib.sessions 1.4 Normal
#23596 raise TypeError: [<Group: Admin user>] is not JSON serializable nobody Bug contrib.sessions 1.7 Normal
#24819 clearsessions deletes sessions that expire in the next hour nobody Bug contrib.sessions 1.8 Normal
#15751 test_requestsite_sitemap in SitemapTests is setting Site._meta.installed to False permanently nobody Bug contrib.sitemaps 1.3 Normal
#15752 test_simple_sitemap fails after executing test_requestsite_sitemap when Sites app is installed nobody Bug contrib.sitemaps 1.3 Normal
#15202 Changeset 15376 breaks implementation contrib.staticfiles master
#16720 staticfiles_urlpatterns looks for files in MEDIA_ROOT, not STATIC_ROOT nobody Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.3 Normal
#18010 Can't access Admin CSS with Apache without ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX nobody Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.4 Normal
#581 RSS framework needs unit tests jacob enhancement contrib.syndication minor
#1671 spam We have the biggest collection of [url=] Free ringtones[/url] online! Besides our free ringtones we also have the best polyphonic ringtones that you can download. [url=] Nokia ringtones[/url] <a href="">Free ringtones</a> <a href="">Nokia ringtones</a> enhancement contrib.syndication 0.91 critical
#6538 "Complex" Syndication Example Error? nobody contrib.syndication master
#11939 Better conventions between generic views and syndication feed framework nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.syndication 1.1 Normal
#15936 Syndication: Turning off autoescape (content:encoded) nobody New feature contrib.syndication 1.3 Normal
#18623 RSS feeds specify Atom namespace nobody Bug contrib.syndication 1.4 Normal
#482 ForeignKey inline editing drops records in the Admin application adrian defect Core (Cache system) normal
#953 helper functions to get/set file dependant cache data jacob enhancement Core (Cache system) minor
#2564 urlresolvers.reverse broken when reversing decorated views jacob defect Core (Cache system) master normal
#4520 Allow Django to use event based caching jacob Core (Cache system) master
#5589 Memcache backend should allow retrieval of stored binary objects nobody Core (Cache system) master
#5920 Error AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'status_code' in 6668 version ramiro Core (Cache system) master
#6462 memcached cache.get_many() is not doing what the Docstring says nobody Core (Cache system) master
#6560 @vary_on_cookie does not seem to be working for Safari nobody Core (Cache system) master
#7275 CacheMiddleware will break any streaming HttpResponse. nobody Core (Cache system) master
#10225 Cache middleware does not honor "Cache-Control: no-cache" in request headers nobody Uncategorized Core (Cache system) 1.0 Normal
#12263 Mixed concerns between application and http caching nobody Core (Cache system) 1.1
#12536 Issue with usage of @vary_on_cookie decorator with URLconf based cache_page usage nobody Core (Cache system) 1.0
#15655 (pylibmc) cache.set() hangs nobody Core (Cache system) 1.3-rc
#17305 Cache middleware keys too difficult to customize Cleanup/optimization Core (Cache system) Normal
#17313 Cache FetchMiddleware checks cache for auth despite UNAUTH_ONLY=True nobody Bug Core (Cache system) Normal
#17363 Hello nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Cache system) 1.3 Normal
#17590 patch_response_headers clips the cache_timeout value inappropriately nobody Bug Core (Cache system) master Normal
#18956 i18n_patterns and problem with cache(memcached) nobody Uncategorized Core (Cache system) master Normal
#19100 @cache_page argument parsing is misleading nobody Bug Core (Cache system) 1.4 Normal
#19914 MemcachedCacheTests failing on pylibmc nobody Bug Core (Cache system) master Normal
#20315 Default cache instance is memoized, but no other cache instance is nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Cache system) 1.5 Normal
#21254 Random memcache error nobody Bug Core (Cache system) 1.5 Normal
#24516 make_template_fragment_key behaves differently than the {% cache %} template tag for the "None" value codeinthehole Bug Core (Cache system) 1.7 Normal
#24804 META API: get_field method cache issue nobody Bug Core (Cache system) 1.8 Normal
#4835 EmailMultiAlternatives doesn't render unicode html well adrian Core (Mail) master
#4906 EmailMultiAlternatives.send() raises error when `to` isn't a list adrian Core (Mail) master
#9575 email configuration using starttls nobody Uncategorized Core (Mail) 1.0 Normal
#11237 force_unicode in forbid_multi_line_headers always raises UnicodeEncodeError nobody Core (Mail) 1.0
#12039 Embbeding multiple images in html email moe Core (Mail) 1.0
#13682 Email attachments not support russian unicode symbols in filename and body nobody Core (Mail) 1.2
#15382 Users should be able to specify multiple email connections in their settings nobody Core (Mail)
#16425 mailing using ssmtplib nobody New feature Core (Mail) 1.3 Normal
#17483 EmailField : valid email address nobody Bug Core (Mail) 1.3 Normal
#18784 cannot import name sanitize_address nobody Bug Core (Mail) 1.4 Release blocker
#20371 mail_admins should support strings as arguments nobody Uncategorized Core (Mail) 1.5 Normal
#25341 Bug: EmailMessage.message ignores bcc field blaze33 Bug Core (Mail) 1.8 Normal
#179 Time zone doesn't work right under runserver adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#692 TemplateSyntaxError in admin with development server adrian defect Core (Management commands) major
#996 django-admin startproject myproject still create myproject\settings adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#1109 Wrong autoreloading frequency of the development server on XP adrian defect Core (Management commands) master critical
#1267 runserver fails with pysqlite 2.1.2 on OS X (works fine with 2.0.3) adrian defect Core (Management commands) master normal
#1493 [patch] fixing (10053, 'Software caused connection abort') error adrian defect Core (Management commands) minor
#1784 Need mac install help adrian task Core (Management commands) normal
#1968 extras/django_bash_completion should be executable by default adrian defect Core (Management commands) minor
#2286 Validation error with syncdb adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#2944 With Python 2.5 dbshell launches wrong sqlite shell adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#2953 ' sqlall auth'/'python syncdb' keeps trying to install tables adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#3154 Error in naming modules | packages autogenerated by "django-admin startproject proj0" adrian defect Core (Management commands) master critical
#3272 getting "File "<stdin>", line, in ? and Importerror: No Module named mydid.accdetls.models adrian defect Core (Management commands) 0.95 major
#4192 sqlindexes does not create the index for unique_together fields nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#4708 dbshell problem on Windows adrian Core (Management commands) master
#4949 HOW DO I CHANGE MY DJANGO SETTIN TO ":FALSE" adrian Core (Management commands) master
#5201 Settings won't load when inside a directory named settings adrian Core (Management commands) master
#6321 Template processor names with no dots cause admin failure nobody Core (Management commands) master
#7100 breadcrumb UnicodeEncodeError nobody Core (Management commands) master
#7465 Help!! UnboundLocalError: local variable 'module' referenced before assignment nobody Core (Management commands) 0.96
#7972 allow argv options anywhere on command line nobody Core (Management commands) master
#8232 should work with the `yes` utility nobody Core (Management commands) master
#9690 How to select the text from a drop down box mihais Core (Management commands) 1.0
#10337 syncdb fails to load initial_data with certain nobody Core (Management commands) master
#11147 doesn't work with settings directory in pydev nobody Core (Management commands) master
#11224 how to make forignkey readonly nobody Core (Management commands) 1.1-beta
#11499 The default clean session will certainly not work with a huge session database nobody Core (Management commands) master
#11829 django-admin model validation mistake nobody Core (Management commands) 1.0
#12757 Join on field 'geo' not permitted nobody Core (Management commands) 1.1
#13982 django admin overwrites objects nobody Core (Management commands) 1.1
#14966 ValueError: Incorrect timezone setting: Amsterdam/Netherlands nobody Core (Management commands) master
#15370 Most of the admin_scripts tests failing because of a warning nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#15685 Server keeps displaying error after I enter reverse() in then remove it nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.2 Normal
#16104 inspectdb of a Mysql table fails to add null=True for Varchars nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.3 Normal
#16483 shell does not work with the latest IPython release (0.11.rc2) croach Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#16657 PyPy compat: call termios functions on file descriptors, not file objects nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#16857 new flush db signal nobody New feature Core (Management commands) 1.3 Normal
#17645 runserver: not serving static for localhost nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#18028 startapp creates apps in "wrong" path aviraldg Bug Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#18179 Management can't load custom commands when separately packaged apps share a common base module nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#18183 django-admin makemessages generates new locales (LC_MESSAGES/django.po) with PO template markers nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#18193 show_urls is listing invalid urls nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#18555 Calling management commands programmatically without options no longer works [regression] nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#18652 loaddata --database option ignored nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#18921 Mac Project Folders nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#19292 syncdb ignores umask when creating a sqlite database nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#19718 makemessages anlalyses lib/python in virtualenv nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
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