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#3154 Error in naming modules | packages autogenerated by "django-admin startproject proj0" Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Management commands) master critical
#3171 [patch] Support for dynamic values in inclusion_tag template name Adrian Holovaty enhancement Template system master normal
#3188 OneToOne field - ChangeManipulator looks for related primary key nobody defect contrib.admin master normal
#3292 [patch] newforms: allow models to override default widget nobody enhancement Forms master normal
#3330 importing newforms in shell throws AttributeError on URL_VALIDATOR_USER_AGENT Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3352 failing sqlite3 query with error "database or disk is full" Adrian Holovaty Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3355 filter() with related table stomps on extra(tables) Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3365 Error in permission docs Jacob Uncategorized master
#3384 Images Won't Include Adrian Holovaty Template system master
#3388 [patch] newforms: fails with DoesNotExist exception when form contains ForeignKey field Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3413 You can't use AnonymousUser in the database API Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3418 MSSQL and OverflowError for django/utils/ nobody Tools master
#3425 admin with edit_inline deleting data nobody contrib.admin master
#3487 docs/models/generic_relations is orphaned and "does-not-exist" Jacob Documentation master
#3498 Django tutorial lists wrong 'installed apps' entry Jacob Documentation master
#3509 [patch] django.newforms.util.smart_unicode() is not smart enough :) nobody Forms master
#3513 Adding Django documentation to KDevelop Jacob Documentation master
#3519 IndexError when creating related objects in admin Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#3521 Semantic disconnect on homepage Jacob * master
#3524 Models: Sub String for a character field Jacob Uncategorized master
#3531 ImageField - possible script injection Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3546 Add timestamp and user for edits to Comment/FreeComment in contrib.comments Adrian Holovaty contrib.comments master
#3551 Django scripts should have associated bash complete entries Jacob Uncategorized master
#3552 Unable to connect with webdav/ dreamweaver 8 Jacob Uncategorized master
#3571 Including Berkeley DB in Database list Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3572 We've Listed Django Code on Jacob Uncategorized master
#3579 remove admin's reliance on TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID set to empty string nobody Template system master
#3593 Field default values don't seem to work as expected Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3606 URLField validates even with verify_exists=False Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#3619 HttpResponse bug screws up chunked transfer-coding Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#3630 Newforms clean_data causes encoding issue with database Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3638 loading python fixtures is broken nobody Testing framework master
#3643 Logging into my admin site Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#3650 gg Adrian Holovaty contrib.comments master
#3653 Chapter 9 prompts error and cannot read any further Jacob * master
#3657 Swedeish mo files hugo Translations master
#3674 Webserver configuration Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#3677 Installation tries to download setuptools but gets 404 Jacob Uncategorized master
#3702 ado_mssql Introspection module nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3708 possible incompatibility with edit inline and python 2.5.1rc1 Jacob Uncategorized master
#3719 turkish translation bug hugo Translations master
#3724 Add Links for ImageField and FileField in nobody contrib.admin master
#3765 Exception when adding a new record in the admin form with related recordss Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#3778 File / image upload errors in Django / Ellington Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#3804 Filter for translation instead of block hugo Internationalization master
#3809 Newforms Select widget has (invalid) "maxlength" attribute Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3834 dispatcher.connect and custom parameters Jacob Uncategorized master
#3843 setting up django with mod_python and apache. Jacob Documentation master
#3856 link to 0.95 version on installation document is broken Jacob Documentation master
#3860 AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'myapp' Adrian Holovaty Uncategorized Contrib apps master Normal
#3868 traceback when trying to attach image file to ticket Jacob * master
#3874 setting fk model field to editable=False produces error when using generic create Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3908 Localflavor BR updated Adrian Holovaty Contrib apps master
#3920 Description in Atom Feed not showing Adrian Holovaty Contrib apps master
#3941 tutorial 3 decoupling example seems dubious Jacob Documentation master
#3949 Importing and displaying XML Feeds Jacob Uncategorized master
#3952 Patch to add 'has_key' function to SessionWrapper Adrian Holovaty Contrib apps master
#3953 syncdb throws cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: ORA-00911: invalid character Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3962 sqlite3 backend does not allow '%i' in cursor.execute Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3969 Is Not Possible with just a form->template to include both submitted values and errors Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3970 Adding {{{as}}} keyword to {{{trans}}} hugo Internationalization master
#3981 naming-url-patterns Jacob Documentation master
#4002 Attributes added by extra() aren't visible to filter() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4008 Database error misreported(?) Adrian Holovaty Template system master
#4037 need from / import Jacob Documentation master
#4053 implicitly control in paginator causes unexpected return values. Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4062 ffffffffffffffffffffffff anonymous Uncategorized master
#4072 Path making the simlink works only on Python 2.3 Jacob Documentation master
#4089 join filter throws TypeError exception not caught in filter function when arg not iterable Adrian Holovaty Template system master
#4111 Warning References stored in memory when DEBUG=True nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4146 Database Module Conflicts Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4149 cache_page decorator documented incorrectly Jacob Documentation master
#4154 The column of text is too narrow which causes code listings not to fit in the window. Jacob Documentation master
#4173 attribute selection for QuerySets Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4182 test AND --noreload Adrian Holovaty Testing framework master
#4192 sqlindexes does not create the index for unique_together fields nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#4204 Admin interface attempts to save null to fields not in 'fields': list nobody contrib.admin master
#4205 question mark in the end of url causes wrong list display in admin panel Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#4210 s/absolute/relative Jacob Documentation master
#4212 badly-defined ForeignKey to self does not cause an exception Jonas Obrist Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#4218 Transactions: Middleware hook at the top Jacob Documentation master
#4220 Admin cookie problem Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#4225 if table site is not created contrib.auth.views.login raise exception Jacob Contrib apps master
#4230 oi Jacob Uncategorized master
#4246 Tutorial errata Jacob Documentation master
#4253 Problem with tutorial page 4 Jacob Documentation master
#4259 Using sessions out of views Is Incomplete / Unusable Jacob Documentation master
#4263 Insert select item from a collection into templates Jacob Uncategorized master
#4265 trailing slash for os.chdir? Jacob Documentation master
#4273 Tutorial 2 has error about default template directory name Jacob Documentation master
#4294 get_image_url for ImageFields only return http and not https Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4298 Community weblogs inclusion Jacob * master
#4309 document prefix parameter for newforms Form Jacob Documentation master
#4319 urlresolvers.RegexURLPattern._get_callback doesn't handle ValueError Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4325 auto_id example contains an error Jacob Documentation master
#4329 image generation by ReportLab Jacob Uncategorized master
#4333 Filtering date gt in SQLite returns identical objects Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4346 Model names are not translateable Malcolm Tredinnick Internationalization master
#4352 How to distinguish hight quality Supplier Jacob Uncategorized master
#4354 Django misuses the HTTP 401 Unauthorized header (either requires a WWW-Authenticate header or modification to return 403 Forbidden) Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
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