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#12269 exception instead of 404 in production (non-debug) mode nobody Uncategorized master
#12272 sucks? nobody Core (Other) 1.1
#12298 documentation flaw, many to many inline nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12299 Inconsistency in Tutorial, part 3. nobody Documentation 1.1
#12301 Template adds extra characters when using utf8 file encoding nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12305 order_by problem nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12310 Error in "cycle" template tag example nobody Documentation 1.1
#12311 Fixtures and multi-table inheritance : loading data from one fixture to related tables doesn't work nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#12315 DateField incorrectly handled by administration site nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12316 GenericForeignKey produces an error when submitting from a form nobody Uncategorized 1.1-beta
#12330 Tutorials Page 2 missing 'from django.contrib import admin' in nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12333 CheckboxInput don't work with 0 and 1 value (considerd as Booleans) nobody Forms master
#12334 GeoQuerySet creates invalid SQL on calls to `__nonzero__` or `__len__` nobody GIS 1.1
#12338 "Overriding predefined model methods": use *args, **kwargs in code sample nobody Documentation master
#12351 GenericRelatedObjectManager get() and get_or_create() should behave like create() nobody Contrib apps 1.1
#12366 AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE='' nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12380 Shouldn't the pluralize filter consider 0 to be singular? nobody Uncategorized Template system 1.5
#12387 TransactionRollbackError when there are more ForeignKey's to one table nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12394 PDF problems nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12401 DateField/DateTimeField is not instantiated with Python object until after retrieving from the database nobody Bug Core (Other) 1.1
#12411 MultiPartParserError: Invalid content length: 0 nobody Core (Other) 1.1
#12414 csrf_token in Part 4 of Tutorial for Version 1.1.1 nobody Documentation 1.1
#12451 limit_choices_to with ajax support nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12453 Possible bug with multi-db changes nobody Uncategorized master
#12490 Error in documentation for direct_to_template nobody Documentation 1.1
#12494 'module' object has no attribute when accessing settings nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12526 middleware application order image missing nobody Documentation 1.1
#12527 Loss of some HTTP headers nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12533 cannot import name smart_unicode jkocherhans Uncategorized master
#12535 Caching & i18n nobody Documentation 1.1
#12536 Issue with usage of @vary_on_cookie decorator with URLconf based cache_page usage nobody Core (Cache system) 1.0
#12543 Web site blacklisted at OVH nobody * 1.1
#12549 Native list method sort() does not work on ValuesListQuerySet instance returned from value_list() QuerySet nobody Core (Other) 1.1-beta
#12556 Django should not reset all parent model field values when saving child model with existing parent nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12578 multipartparser.Parser does not accept non-canonical bare CR and bare LF nobody HTTP handling 1.1
#12589 upload_to argument on FileField It is not completely clear in the documentation nobody Documentation 1.1
#12599 MultiValueDictKeyError with inline admin, when inline model's ID not displayed nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12602 Timezone issue with Asia/Calcutta nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12607 django.test.client.Client changes the HTTP method to "GET" when doing a redirect. nobody Testing framework 1.2-alpha
#12614 ManyToManyField generates inconsistent table/column names nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12615 Broken queryset indexing with postgresql_psycopg2 with custom through model nobody Uncategorized 1.1-beta
#12618 MethodDecoratorAdaptor raises ValueError on entries with slugs using certain words. nobody Uncategorized master
#12623 apostrophes in the python interactive shell documentation nobody Documentation 1.1
#12625 .filter(foo__in= duplicates Database layer (models, ORM) master
#12626 Empty forms should be valid nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12629 Link from Validators page to django-doc-1.1 is broken nobody *
#12634 sql compiler execute: fetchone empty result with ordering_aliases fail. nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2
#12641 ManyToMany relationship with self, symmetrical=True, related_name='something' doesn't work nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12648 [PATCH]User send_email change from send_mail to EmailMessage Kamil Gałuszka contrib.auth master
#12665 get_or_create fails with self as a parameter nobody Core (Other) master
#12708 Django raises DoesNotExist when consulting an empty ForeignKey field nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master
#12710 South Korea (KR) localflavor package nobody New feature contrib.localflavor
#12714 Encoding problem with Oracle + Django nobody Core (Other) master
#12727 Error while doing syncdb with a GIS app nobody GIS 1.2-alpha
#12730 "cannot import name utils" in "django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2" nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12739 Inconsistent sorting behavior in mult-table inheritance query for different database backends nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12741 Plz help with understanding ! nobody Documentation 1.1
#12750 Middleware snippet getting error in 1.2 alpha 1 - AttributeError: 'MethodDecoratorAdaptor' object has no attribute 'func_code nobody Uncategorized 1.2-alpha
#12751 order_by after select_related returns empty queryset nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) master
#12757 Join on field 'geo' not permitted nobody Core (Management commands) 1.1
#12758 Widgets are ignored nobody Forms 1.1
#12762 formsets with imagefields nobody Forms 1.1
#12770 Docs 1.1: Update tuto3 and tuto4 by including RequestContext and csrf_token nobody Documentation 1.1
#12808 errorCSRF() got an unexpected keyword argument 'reason'. nobody Uncategorized 1.2-beta
#12809 Add returning of parameters for get_from_clause() nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM)
#12860 Typo in django.db.models.manager nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2-beta
#12873 Updated French translation nobody Uncategorized master
#12908 Incorrect doc on Form.errors nobody Documentation 1.1
#12911 Admin Recent Actions Box should be flexible nobody contrib.admin master
#12917 Buggy save_new() of BaseInlineFormSet when getting pk_value of related object nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12920 max_length should be maxlength on my system nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12921 tutorial, sqlcustom is invalid nobody Documentation 1.1
#12936 I cannot change the way django app displays FileFields nobody Forms 1.1
#12942 small mistake in writing nobody Documentation 1.1
#12954 Website Admin documentation doesn't have the same fields in two similar examples nobody Documentation 1.1
#12961 Wrong Handler settings for Shared Apache Settings nobody Documentation 1.1
#12963 template context processors docs are wrong nobody Documentation 1.2-beta
#12971 Generic View Tutorial contains broken / incorrect syntax nobody Documentation 1.1
#12993 error in tutorial04 nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#13012 Model.objects.get_or_create() try/except is slightly yet insideously broken nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#13027 serializer won't serialize an empty queryset or an iterator with a None item nobody Documentation 1.1
#13029 Exception Value is empty with a HTMLParser.HTMLParseError nobody Uncategorized master
#13039 'ChangeList' object has no attribute 'formset' nobody contrib.admin master
#13042 QueryDict documentation doesn't include .keys() or .iterkeys() entries nobody Documentation 1.1
#13050 localflavor contrib app for Bangladesh (bd) nobody New feature contrib.localflavor master
#13056 erorr in code snippet in documentation nobody Documentation
#13059 Portuguese translation patch for Django SVN nobody Uncategorized master
#13061 Default login template is on bad place - registration/login.html TemplateDoesNotExist nobody contrib.auth 1.1
#13069 Update on Primary Key performs Insert nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#13073 Duplicate rows when checking ID nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#13074 Typo in US localflavor docs: "Format of XXX-XX-XXXX" nobody Documentation master
#13076 Oracle backend: Error ORA-01036 when using extra() with params nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#13078 'cycle' in 'for x in y' Interpretation Problem nobody HTTP handling 1.1
#13102 csrf_token misinterpolated nobody Documentation 1.1
#13122 ForeignKey class calls own get_db_prep_save tests prior to the related field get_db_prep_save nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#13143 filter_horizontal & filter_vertical widgets does not work if verbose_name contains non-ascii characters nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#13164 Why contrib.auth does not do the registration/signup process? nobody * 1.1
#13169 Some templates in templates_folder/registration used by contrib.admin nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#13172 multiple_database test failure after changeset 12755 Gabriel Hurley Database layer (models, ORM) master
#13183 db_table case sensitive nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
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