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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#8327 link to change password form on 'change user' page in admin interface is broken nobody contrib.admin master
#8335 django.get_version() does not return SVN revision nobody Uncategorized master
#8339 Problem with behaviour of ManyToManyField nobody contrib.admin master
#8361 instance.content.url should return empty string if no file associated nobody File uploads/storage master
#8380 models.CharField 3 times the actually database field length nobody inspectdb master
#8382 QFbXKkapLeasboJb nobody Uncategorized master
#8390 typo in forms documentation nobody Documentation master
#8397 huntbCfS nobody Uncategorized master
#8417 Include the support of djangos within Archlinux Jacob Documentation master
#8428 nobody Uncategorized master
#8430 MFGdSfsNsCVyubEbzfC nobody Uncategorized master
#8431 MFGdSfsNsCVyubEbzfC nobody Uncategorized master
#8432 [spam] nobody Uncategorized master
#8436 Silent crash in forms rendering nobody Forms master
#8440 Change forms default auto_id='id-%s' cdleary Forms master
#8441 WCXGCbXP nobody Uncategorized master
#8442 WCXGCbXP nobody Uncategorized master
#8444 Model inheritance - inherited model could use some fields cleanup nobody Core (Other) master
#8463 force_insert doesn't work with inherited models nobody Core (Other) master
#8469 Running test on empty project executes 13 tests. nobody Testing framework master
#8473 Admin interface fieldset fields do not have a url property nobody contrib.admin master
#8476 documentation bug for modelformset nobody Documentation master
#8497 Please add OpenSolaris to the list of "if you already have" on the introduction nobody Documentation master
#8563 [gis] Current locale considered when converting a geometry to WKT jbronn GIS master
#8586 ImageFieldFile cannot be saved with nobody File uploads/storage master
#8587 Documentation not clear for apache-mopython nobody Documentation master
#8596 Error while importing URLconf 'mysite.urls': No module named models nobody contrib.admin master
#8598 form.html template in contrib.comments has an open paragraph tag. nobody contrib.comments master
#8615 Changeset 8605 breaks model loading under unknown circumstances nobody contrib.admin master
#8633 Field default value force to unicode when create custom field. nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#8657 How to do a "... where field NOT IN (select field ..." nobody Documentation master
#8659 Quote relation name creating PostgreSQL database nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8678 errors with custom profile nobody contrib.auth master
#8681 Uncaught exception in django/db/models/ UnboundLocalError nobody Core (Other) master
#8682 Admin ordering works incorrectly if ModelAdmin.ordering has several fields, and one of them is an another Model field nobody contrib.admin master
#8686 Example of permissions to edit/delete a particular object nobody Documentation master
#8718 validation TB when starting development server with oracle backend nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8720 MultipleHiddenInput doesn't give list of elements in clean method nobody Forms master
#8722 tutorial nobody Uncategorized master
#8738 Compatability with contenttypes nobody contrib.comments master
#8739 Transaction problems with save(force_insert=True) on postgresql (and likely other transactional dbs) nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8740 save(force_update=True) should raise a consistent exception when update is not possible nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#8742 Windows support of FastCGI feature nobody Uncategorized master
#8774 ImageField errors in admin inline editing nobody contrib.admin master
#8775 Change German translation of "E-mail address" to "E-Mail Adresse" nobody Translations master
#8780 Various unicode unit tests may fail on MySQL, since test database may be created without utf-8 character set nobody Testing framework master
#8798 Add DEPhoneNumberField to German localflavor module Jannis Leidel New feature contrib.localflavor master Normal
#8852 invalid link nobody Uncategorized master
#8854 url tag and reverse function do not work nobody Core (Other) master
#8860 Where should form classes and formset classes be defined? nobody Documentation master
#8874 problem with URLs on FastCGI after update to 1.0 kyprizel Uncategorized Core (Other) master Normal
#9088 Problem with svn version 9019 nobody contrib.admin master
#9127 admin.autodiscover() fails in certain structures nobody contrib.admin master
#9184 'str' object has no attribute 'chunks' nobody Core (Other) master
#9262 Memory leak in django.utils.version.get_svn_revision nobody Uncategorized master
#9331 More regexp examples needed for documentation nobody Documentation master
#9381 Errors in django.contib.auth PasswordResetTest nobody contrib.auth master
#9385 Meta attribute formfield_kwargs for model forms nobody Forms master
#9386 Attributes "attrs", "template" and "legend" for init methods in forms nobody Forms master
#9387 Contrib application with form templates nobody Forms master
#9540 My write permissions do Django SVN are gone nobody * master
#9564 datetime function used incorrectly in "Writing your first app" part 1 nobody Documentation master
#9614 contrib.comments requires Authentication middleware nobody Documentation master
#9624 debug statement active nobody Core (Other) master
#9667 replace package versions with links to up-to-date searches on the distributions page nobody Documentation master
#9688 Date*Field IntegrityError 1048 column cannot be null nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#9709 Better explanation on how to disable caching of AdminSite nobody Documentation master
#9715 r9110 introduced Backwards-Incompatible change nobody Core (Other) master
#9720 dbshell attempts to connect to mysql as user 'ODBC'@'localhost' which fails nobody Uncategorized master
#9769 ManyToManyField Widget: saving object does not work nobody Uncategorized master
#9790 404 message is displayed if a view takes longer than 30 seconds to finish nobody Core (Other) master
#9889 Admin error when using extra fields on many-to-many relationships nobody contrib.admin master
#10101 blocktrans does not follow autoescape template tag nobody Template system master
#10136 django should not insert newlines in generated html at places where the template has comments nobody Template system master
#10140 OneToOne fields in ModelForm nobody Forms master
#10171 Key class_attrib missing in result_headers dict used in change_list_results template nobody contrib.admin master
#10204 Validation fails in spanish localflavor ESIdentityCardNumberField Pablo Suárez Hdez. Bug contrib.localflavor master Normal
#10268 Restricting named URL patterns to app nobody Uncategorized master
#10324 Fields in django.forms.models should accept QuerySet in initial arg nobody Forms master
#10331 Using model InlineFormset created with inlineformset_factory fails with KeyError nobody Forms master
#10337 syncdb fails to load initial_data with certain nobody Core (Management commands) master
#10409 join filter escapes data nobody Template system master
#10441 form action="." nobody Documentation master
#10451 Admin site dropdown ordering for ForeignKey doesn't work as expected nobody contrib.admin master
#10456 Canada localflavor improvements/fixes nobody Bug contrib.localflavor master Normal
#10465 Reports is broken in oracle nobody Uncategorized master
#10478 Multiple querysets as rvalues generating bad SQL Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) master
#10525 staff_member_required doesn't work for FormWizard / __call__() nobody contrib.admin master
#10529 Generic Inline fails (unexpected keyword argument `prefix`) leitjohn Forms master
#10548 BaseCommentAbstractModel does not include is_public field needed for template tags nobody contrib.comments master
#10578 Add a NEWS file nobody Documentation master
#10602 Proposal / Fix: auto_now should set a date for DateField nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#10634 Confusing differential exceptions: get_or_create vs get with psycopg2 nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#10669 The import of third-party libraries in the project nobody Core (Other) master
#10697 contrib.admin is slow with large, complex datasets nobody contrib.admin master
#10722 Changelist view does not use select_related() on a nullable foreign key nobody contrib.admin master
#10723 ORM exclute strange nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#10781 Wrong way to style forms demonstrated in docs nobody Documentation master
#10808 Multiple inheritance (model-based) broken for __init__ of common fields in diamond inheritance Malcolm Tredinnick Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#10818 auth tests fail for projects which override registration templates Chris Beaven contrib.auth master
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