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#505 ssi-tag should not fail silently if DEBUG is enabled adrian defect Template system normal
#506 [patch] should allow models to be tested individually adrian enhancement Tools normal
#507 Make startswith and endswith case-sensitive in MySQL adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#508 max_age for cookies doesn't work in safari (and perhaps not IE) adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#509 We need a "Powered by Django" button wilson task Database layer (models, ORM) high
#510 [patch] Defend admin against CSRF attacks adrian enhancement contrib.admin high
#512 Admin list_filter doesn't work for BooleanField with MySQL adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#514 [patch] Traceback in admin when adding an object containing a OneToOneField. adrian defect contrib.admin 1.0 normal
#515 [patch] additional set of cache backends jacob defect Core (Cache system) normal
#517 Error message with : "The database couldn't be initialized." set_isolation_level adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#521 Multilevel foreign key ordering causes error in Admin changeview adrian enhancement Metasystem high
#522 Model methods should accept decorators adrian defect Metasystem normal
#525 list_filter doesn't work with models which primary key is not named 'id' adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#527 OneToOne relations are broken since new model style released adrian defect Metasystem high
#528 Add a documentation generator that creates a PDF or HTML files locally Harkins defect Documentation master lowest
#529 Add support for GenericForeignKey adrian enhancement Contrib apps high
#531 [patch] Debugging models with subclassing raises errors in Komodo adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#533 Bug in the load_and_render function adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#535 Refactor admin code to clean it up rjwittams task contrib.admin normal
#536 Wrap load_and_render in HttpResponse in the calling function adrian defect Tools normal
#537 Typo in patch committed to svn adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#538 django is not zip_safe adrian defect Tools normal
#539 Support for strides in the slice filter. adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#540 ManyToManyField gives error with blank, raw_id_admin and empty input adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#541 [patch] Making generic views use other templates like Zope3 ZPT jacob enhancement Generic views 1.0 normal
#543 [patch] Django under mod_python broken adrian defect Core (Other) highest
#544 [patch] Minor admin_templates/base.html patch adrian defect contrib.admin low
#546 [patch] make render_to_string and render_to_response use select_template cmcavoy defect Template system normal
#548 missing steps at end of tutorial04.txt jacob defect Documentation low
#550 [patch] Modify admin site to remove apps, modules, actions that the user does not have permissions for. adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#551 patches in trac don't give the format=txt link for download of the actual patch jacob defect * normal
#553 Adding fields is non-trivial due to lack of database data type generic mapping adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#554 RSS feeds are not valid due to missing timezone in pubdates adrian defect contrib.syndication normal
#555 DateTimeFields with auto_now and auto_now_add don't change in place adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#556 Non-integer primary keys don't work when pointed-to by a ManyToManyField adrian defect Metasystem normal
#557 date_hierarchy doesn't work with DateField adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#558 jnefpnev adrian defect Core (Management commands) magic-removal lowest
#563 [patch] minor typo in cache.txt jacob defect Documentation lowest
#565 Unique fields don't work on edit_inline models nobody defect contrib.admin master normal
#567 request.has_key adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#568 the JING setting and the EMAIL_IDENT setting adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#573 [patch] add plus sign to ManyToMany fields in admin adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#574 [patch] fix small CSS bug in admin interface jacob defect contrib.admin normal
#575 edit_inline don't save child data when a "blank=True" field is not set nobody defect contrib.admin master high
#576 [patch] don't show 'add another' button in popup adrian defect contrib.admin high
#580 [patch] caching needs to take more into account than just the URL adrian defect Core (Cache system) normal
#582 [patch] Load templates from application eggs adrian Template system normal
#583 [patch] Add app-template dirs to TEMPLATE_DIRS adrian enhancement Template system normal
#585 [Document] - Render your Django's data with specialized applications adrian task Documentation normal
#586 raw_id_admin should work with non-integer primary keys adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#587 [patch] Allow iteration through formfields in a FormWrapper adrian enhancement Template system normal
#589 A patch that adds FilePathField adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#593 [patch] Fulltext search support in Django adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) lowest
#595 Allow custom 'select' arguments sorted descending to work adrian defect Metasystem normal
#598 [patch] Include tag adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#599 locmem cache should deepcopy values from the cache to prevent aliasing jacob defect Core (Cache system) normal
#600 decorator_from_middleware currently doesn't handle process_view adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#601 Unique_together documentation update jacob enhancement Documentation lowest
#602 Django error when getting the root of the site with FCGI adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#603 Improved template error messages adrian defect Template system normal
#604 Total number of results not available in paginated object_list generic view jacob task Generic views normal
#605 Template filenames mentioned by CRUD view docs aren't accurate jacob defect Documentation normal
#612 [patch] decorator for managing cache-control header jacob enhancement Core (Cache system) normal
#614 Select Form fields doesn't escape ampersands when generating html adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#615 [patch] Replace strip_tags with escape in d.v.a.main adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#616 [patch] process_exception middleware extension adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#618 [patch] (reopened) Support for non-standard database port adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#620 [patch] make limit_choices_to work with raw_id_admin adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#621 [i18n] make-messages don't catch all messages in templates adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#622 Added a isnull filter adrian enhancement Template system normal
#624 formfields.CheckboxSelectMultipleField validators are broken adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#625 [patch] Add template decorators adrian defect Template system normal
#626 Move template modules to django.core.template package adrian enhancement Core (Other) 1.0 high
#628 django should not overwrite model class docstrings adrian defect Metasystem normal
#629 [patch] ChangeManipulator does not correctly display <select> when the data is an id type adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#630 Error in docs jacob defect Documentation normal
#634 [patch] admin shortcuts don't honor existing http:// absolute urls adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#635 A small tipo in docs jacob defect Documentation normal
#638 changelist table is too wide on pages with filter sidebar wilson defect contrib.admin normal
#639 Model FileFields empty on first pass through save() adrian defect Core (Other) high
#640 order_with_respect_to option fails nobody defect Documentation master highest
#641 [patch] Fix re-raise in d.c.h.base adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#642 [patch] Docs: EmailField clarification jacob enhancement Documentation normal
#645 [patch] Replace _module_-prefix and module_constants with "class MODULE" adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#646 inspectdb fails on tables with "-" in the name adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#647 [patch] cache middleware blows out when gets "unmarked" response jacob defect Core (Cache system) normal
#648 [patch] Add a comment tag like {# commented #} adrian defect Template system normal
#653 doesn't create django/contrib/admin/templates/ adrian defect contrib.admin master normal
#654 DateFormat should be a subclass of TimeFormat, not Formatter adrian defect Tools normal
#655 [doc] model_api - validator_list is incomplete jacob defect Documentation normal
#658 [patch] javascript calendar widget layout broken in IE adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#659 Selecting by month with DateField is broken with sqlite3 backend adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#660 admin executes template code that happens to be in strings in the list views adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#662 saving a newly created object without any data causes an error adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#663 [patch] app_templates-loader broken for testapp adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#664 Document 'singular' argument for ManyToMany fields jacob enhancement Documentation normal
#665 Field.default should accept callables adrian enhancement Metasystem low
#666 Admin should get 404 and 500 templates adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#667 [patch] extra_lookup_kwargs and extra_context in infodicts should accept callbacks jacob enhancement Generic views normal
#668 change default 'site' URL to not '' adrian defect contrib.admin normal
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