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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Ticket
#5061 New backend for Sql Server using pymssql Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5075 Oracle and Unicode Errors Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5080 Defaults newforms' BooleanField to required=False Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5093 ForeignKey should have a constraint nobody contrib.admin master
#5094 [newforsm-admin] (Feature Proposal) add something like queryset_related Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5099 Provide the ability to update database to reflect changes in model definitions (i.e., schema evolution) nobody Core (Other) master
#5103 QuerySetIterator with default arguments Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5113 Foreign key not created for class "Project" Philippe Raoult Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5114 Capitalized model name causes problem with many to many relation in postgres Adrian Holovaty Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5116 newforms: SelectMultiple widget: disable some entries Philippe Raoult New feature Forms master
#5117 Error in the tutorial Jacob Documentation master
#5120 stop working Malcolm Tredinnick Internationalization master
#5127 Models example index missing Jacob Documentation master
#5129 Form label semicolons in change forms should be localized Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5130 admin/views/ change password is not working Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin 0.96
#5131 admin/views/ change password is not working Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin 0.96
#5132 admin/views/ change password is not working Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin 0.96
#5142 unavailable Jacob * master
#5143 Model examples page missing Jacob * master
#5146 Databrowse Error (force_unicode related) Adrian Holovaty Contrib apps master
#5151 Model examples page doesn't seem to be working Jacob Documentation
#5159 'max_length=200' should be replaced by 'maxlength=200' in part 1 of django tutorial Jacob Documentation master
#5162 error in code in documentation Jacob Documentation 0.96
#5174 Formsets - is_valid() crashes unbound forms Adrian Holovaty Forms newforms-admin
#5184 in mysite/polls/, syncdb we get max_lenght gives error but maxlenght woks ok Jacob Documentation master
#5188 archive_index shouldn't do explicit ordering nobody Generic views master
#5194 error in poll models Jacob Documentation master
#5217 Settings are unable to be imported if project name is the same as the parent directory Jacob Documentation master
#5229 django.utils.version.get_svn_revision to work with on any path specified Jacob Uncategorized master
#5238 Add ability to intialize form fields with model field default values. Adrian Holovaty Forms newforms-admin
#5252 unexpected keyword argument max_length Jacob Documentation master
#5259 Tutorial part 1 correction: change 'max_length' to 'maxlength' Jacob Documentation master
#5273 'None' value doesn't show up in related field filter nobody contrib.admin master
#5274 Cambodia language (Khmer) translation for Django Malcolm Tredinnick Translations master
#5276 change filenames of uploaded files Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#5278 Cambodia language (Khmer) translation for Django Malcolm Tredinnick Translations master
#5291 Error in newforms docu about BooleanField Validation and required nobody Forms master
#5301 blocktrans fails with % Adrian Holovaty Template system master
#5302 unique and editinline bug Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#5311 Validation of erroneous data model breaks with AttributeError instead of a useful message (like it used to) nobody Core (Management commands) master
#5315 imagefile and not long path Philippe Raoult Core (Other) 0.96
#5317 __builtins__ isn't available in Jython Malcolm Tredinnick Internationalization master
#5320 request.path doesn't work properly under fastcgi Malcolm Tredinnick HTTP handling master
#5322 Casting string to DateTime object does not check for existence of strftime. nobody contrib.admin master
#5335 Add an append method to ErrorDict jkocherhans New feature Forms master
#5358 [newforms-admin] django.newforms.models.inline_formset does not do anything with fk_name arg nobody Forms newforms-admin
#5363 Fix markup test failure on line 63 Jacob Uncategorized master
#5391 date_hierarchy breaks for date objects of January 1st nobody contrib.admin master
#5399 Error in test suite, modeltests.fixtures.models.__test__.API_TESTS Michael Radziej Testing framework master
#5408 Url tag first argument should be able to be a context variable Philippe Raoult Template system master
#5411 Atom feeds have fixed title and summary content types nobody contrib.syndication master
#5412 Add actions to models in admin interface nobody contrib.admin master
#5417 Add a way to update multiple records at once nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5425 Incorrect plurals in admin pagination template nobody contrib.admin
#5502 Removing the automatic colon from newforms' _html_output Vincent Foley Forms master
#5508 broken page in doc nobody Documentation master
#5515 Custom Permission Denied Pages Contrib apps master
#5530 ImportError: No module named mysql.base nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5532 Adding user via admin site doesn't work if TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID is defined nobody contrib.admin master
#5545 Changeset 6342 broke newforms-admin change/add functionality nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5569 BUG: "python syncdb" while running tutorial crashes nobody Core (Management commands) master
#5573 "save" override does not work when model uses edit_inline nobody contrib.admin master
#5576 Django from subdirectorys with FCGI nobody contrib.admin master
#5583 admin crashes on edit form pages since r6342 nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5585 Default manager methods should allow _id style arguments for foreign keys nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5588 wildcard import in is actually required nobody Documentation master
#5590 JSON encoding fails on Promise (result of gettext_lazy) nobody Core (Serialization) master
#5594 The url tag won't work with multiple admin sites nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5602 [patch] make language_cookie_name customizable nobody Internationalization master
#5620 XMLField not working nobody Forms
#5625 Custom admin views get wrong 'Home' breadcrumb url nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.3
#5638 Non-Western person names nobody Internationalization master
#5642 [patch] models.ForeignKey('unloaded class') raises AttributeError nobody Core (Other) master
#5650 'Save and add another' is displayed even without add permission nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5669 ForeignKey (sometimes) not created in a database, constraint missing nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5675 loaddata cannot cope with the datetime format from dumpdata nobody Core (Serialization) master
#5683 windows comments on the mod_python deployment document nobody Documentation master
#5688 missing word in Windows install instructions anonymous Documentation master
#5692 Countries list for localflavor nobody contrib.localflavor master
#5693 ForeignKey + edit_inline + primary_key breaks django nobody Uncategorized master
#5703 allow RNV as a fallback in XML validation nobody Validators master
#5715 The link which includes non-ASCII is not encoded in admin view. nobody contrib.admin master
#5719 from django.contrib.formtools import FormPreview doesn't import properly nobody contrib.formtools master
#5724 Data is retrieved to build select when raw_id is being used. nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5727 views/ small refactoring nobody Generic views master
#5728 SelectDateWidget does not work with nobody Forms master
#5736 unique fields won't be validated by .is_valid() in NewForms form_for_models nobody Forms master
#5739 Image and File Fields edited inline do not exhibit 'expected' behaviour nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5751 test doesn't run doctests for models split into separate files nobody Testing framework master
#5769 shows quite a few HTML and CSS validation errors nobody *
#5775 staff_member_required decorator loses query parameters nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5787 BCrypt password hashing support in Django Erik Karulf Contrib apps master
#5800 could not have several forms instance in a single page without sharing choicefields data nobody Forms 0.96
#5803 class variables versus instance variables for Form (in particular choices in ChoiceField) nobody Forms master
#5808 Cannot pickle the default filters nobody Core (Other) master
#5819 FlatPage model field url is not unique nobody Contrib apps master
#5830 ModelChoiceField does not allow you to change the queryset on the widget after __init__ is called nobody Uncategorized newforms-admin
#5835 New CheckboxInput method breaks edit_inline validation nobody Forms newforms-admin
#5841 Error in mod_python documentation nobody Documentation master
#5858 Model Meta option: disable SQL generation nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 0.96
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