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#7976 error in urlfield form validation since r8809 nobody Uncategorized master
#7979 django doesn't give a traceback for errors resulting from importing the root URLconf nobody Core (Other) master
#7985 Cannot use the same field to prepopulate multiple fields Rami Kassab contrib.admin master
#7989 Logout view should require POST request Uncategorized contrib.auth master
#8005 Make it easier to alter a model saved by the admin (e.g. add the user that created or updated it) nobody contrib.admin master
#8008 Bug wih SelectMultiple Widget when form is initialized with request.REQUEST dict nobody Forms 0.96
#8015 OneToOne Fields excluded from ModelForms nobody Forms 1.0-alpha
#8016 Problem with decoding of non ASCII symbols. nobody contrib.admin master
#8021 save_FIELD_file closes tmpfile before moving it nobody Core (Other) master
#8056 Forms clean documentation omits essential nobody Documentation master
#8057 Forms clean documentation omits essential nobody Documentation master
#8071 Admin app ignores custom form settings for inline formsets for inline-edited foreign key models nobody Bug contrib.admin master
#8072 NFA: Valid fieldsets are marked as 'error'. nobody contrib.admin master
#8075 get_previous(next)_by_foo problem with parent's datetime field nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8083 Example Code error in Django Docs for Generic Views nobody Uncategorized master
#8095 prefilled image upload_to directory needed nobody Forms master
#8096 Many-to-many self-referential intermediates in admin: <Friendship> has more than 1 ForeignKey to <Person> nobody contrib.admin master
#8099 Wrong step in FormWizard.get_template() nobody contrib.formtools master
#8104 IntegerField max_value & min_value errors require a %s nobody Forms
#8109 list_filter on BooleanField in admin site always displays True objects nobody contrib.admin master
#8114 Order matters when creating custom model managers in admin interface. nobody contrib.admin master
#8117 Custom commands are not found nobody Core (Other) master
#8118 AlreadyRegistered exception is inaccurate on a second request with development server nobody contrib.admin master
#8119 Accessing single related (parent) objects should not bypass manager nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8153 UnicodeDecodeError in ModelAdmin (save_add and save_change) nobody contrib.admin master
#8168 Need another Pre Delete Signal Type (feature) nobody Core (Other) master
#8170 Managers should be inherited correctly from extended Models Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8181 Documentation error leads to 'model already registered exceptions' nobody Documentation master
#8185 A picture in documentation is in wrong format nobody Documentation master
#8198 Append slash broken when SCRIPT_NAME is present nobody Core (Other) master
#8216 Fix redirect on sucessful password_reset_confirm contrib.auth master
#8231 tutorial part 2 is obsolete. nobody Documentation master
#8243 model-api docs not updated to FileField refactor Manuel Saelices Documentation master
#8250 "information on MySQL transactions" link in transaction docs no longer valid nobody Documentation master
#8251 Receiving NoReverseMatch using {% url %} and Generic Views nobody Core (Other) master
#8256 Changeset [8282] broke nobody Core (Other) master
#8258 Double escaping in admin delete confirmation nobody contrib.admin master
#8265 Debug template exception message is confuse nobody Template system master
#8266 Form composed entirely of BooleanFields fails FormWizard hash validation nobody contrib.formtools master
#8272 Patch to forms to add a fieldset attribute to Field for use with templates jbowman New feature Forms master
#8282 admin models not properly unregistered when having exceptions in (using django development server) nobody contrib.admin 1.0-alpha
#8296 Allow template parser to parse until "complex" block node nobody Template system master
#8300 feedgenerator shouldn't use ascii to decode dates nobody contrib.syndication master
#8302 Documentation type-o in "Order of Middleware_Classes" nobody Documentation master
#8318 Unexpected behavior with ManyRelatedManager get_or_create() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8323 British local flavor package named inconsistently nobody contrib.localflavor master
#8330 Cannot add new filterspecs without modifining nobody contrib.admin master
#8332 delete generates faulty sql for subclasses of non-abstract parents Daniel Bergey Uncategorized master
#8333 FileField upload of large files looping and failing nobody File uploads/storage master
#8334 Allow add/create on m2m intermediate tables if all the non-FK fields have defaults or are NULLable nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8346 overriding widget in ModelChoiceField doesn't work as expected nobody Forms master
#8350 Part 2 of Tutorial references get_admin_app_list as app_list swillmon Documentation master
#8360 Admin site filtering on fields of boolean type produces for "No(False)" option the same results as for "Yes(True)" option. nobody Uncategorized master
#8364 exception about sessions when use cache backends nobody contrib.sessions 1.0-alpha
#8365 exception about sessions when use cache backends nobody contrib.sessions 1.0-alpha
#8377 unique_for_date (model field option) doesn't work nobody contrib.admin master
#8383 function signature doesn't match what's expected nobody File uploads/storage master
#8385 Issue with step parameter's value when overriding get_template method of FormWizard class. nobody contrib.formtools master
#8389 Q expression with & and | inconsistent Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0-alpha
#8400 ModelAdmin.get_fieldsets call to get_form should include the obj parameter nobody contrib.admin master
#8405 Editing inline-image in admin results in KeyError nobody contrib.admin master
#8413 Django runserver doesn't reload itself after updating files on disk that raised error on import. Yuri Baburov Bug Core (Management commands) master
#8416 Using Sqlite as database backend causes list_filter and date_hierarchy misbehave in Admin pages nobody Core (Management commands) master
#8423 Implement time filters nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8429 Option to restrict --dumpdata to a subset of records. nobody New feature Core (Management commands) master
#8448 Collapse Tabular Inline nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin master
#8449 SlugField validator not working in new admin nobody contrib.admin master
#8450 Admin interface fills the harddrive on uploading files of roughly 2.5MBs in size nobody contrib.admin master
#8451 Fix URL in e-mails sent out by password reset nobody contrib.auth master
#8453 Error in filter "timesince" jheasly Template system 1.0-beta
#8460 Broken image links in Tutorial part 2. nobody Documentation master
#8464 Django should allow exceptions to bubble up from urlconf imports nobody Core (Other) 1.0-alpha-2
#8478 Change Canadian postal code for Newfoundland Doug Harris contrib.localflavor master
#8479 Race condition in, leads to crash nobody File uploads/storage master
#8484 Pickling of SortedDict classes needs more robustness nobody Core (Other) master
#8492 Nesting applications can cause name collision in admin nobody contrib.admin master
#8501 file storage should allow saving of basic file-like objects anonymous New feature File uploads/storage master
#8507 dumpdata/loaddata can't handle two of the same contenttypes having different IDs in different databases nobody Core (Serialization) master
#8513 "Django at a glance" references old style contrib.admin: "class Admin: pass" nobody Documentation master
#8549 Fields added via the extra() QuerySet modifier are not outputted when QuerySet is run through serializer nobody Core (Serialization) master
#8550 date filter can't right work in object_history.html. nobody contrib.admin master
#8557 intpoint filter for contrib.humanize nobody Template system master
#8562 OneToOnes + primary_key = True ... fails in Admin Brian Rosner contrib.admin master
#8564 newforms-admin doesn't support linking to it via {% url %} or reverse() nobody contrib.admin master
#8572 Improve flexibility of admin.autodiscover for custom admin sites Manuel Saelices contrib.admin master
#8582 Changing password on a new install generates a NoReverseMatch exception nobody contrib.admin 1.0-beta
#8588 Admin interface +'s are still displayed next to FK even if you dont have permission to add objects of that type. nobody contrib.admin master
#8594 Add a model Meta parameter to prevent from table creation nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8602 Archive_week should accept Monday as the first day of the week nobody Generic views master
#8618 Many-to-many intermediary tables can't have multiple foreign keys to source/target models nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#8632 Permission name field is to short when handling Models with long names nobody contrib.auth master
#8635 Test runner sets SERVER_PORT to int nobody Uncategorized master
#8647 Add support for user password encryption algorithm selection New feature contrib.auth master
#8650 request.path_info is not documented nobody Documentation master
#8655 MultiValueField does not render correctly with as_hidden nobody Forms master
#8666 no startproject in nobody Core (Management commands) master
#8667 Revive model inheritance documentation nobody Documentation master
#8674 OneToOne Fields display problem in admin gui nobody contrib.admin master
#8675 File storage - Storage objects example does not work nobody Documentation master
#8677 admin redirect when "save" doesn't account for previous querystring (e.g: search) nobody contrib.admin master
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