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#4165 Upload Progress Middleware and Integration into the Admin nobody contrib.admin master
#4166 Updated Greek Translation nobody Translations master
#4167 [0.91-bugfixes][patch] FormFields have list-mutability issues with validator_list argument ubernostrum Core (Other) 0.91
#4168 Bad link to .96 tutorial #2 jacob Documentation 0.96
#4169 Improved Norwegian i18n mtredinnick Internationalization master
#4170 Admin password can be set to empty adrian contrib.admin master
#4171 Forbid newlines in tags adrian Template system master
#4172 attribute selection for QuerySets adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4173 attribute selection for QuerySets adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4174 [newforms-admin] prepopulated_fields results in javascript error (None is not defined) adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4175 Formatting fix for db-api.txt jacob Documentation master
#4176 DebugLexer breaks token source (breaking django exceptions) adrian Template system master
#4177 broken link on /community jacob * master
#4178 ImageField error when edited inline adrian contrib.admin master
#4179 MySQL backend has MySQL-4.0 incompatbiility nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4180 small fix for create_token docstring jacob Documentation master
#4181 Links to specific settings in email.txt not quite right jacob Documentation master
#4182 test AND --noreload adrian Testing framework master
#4183 [newforms-admin] missing from-clause nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4184 The flatpages addon ought to allow users to set the mimetype on a page by page basis nobody Contrib apps 0.96
#4185 error with ModelMultipleChoiceField, help_text an i18n=True adrian Forms master
#4186 [boulder-oracle] Error using "SELECT DISTINCT" with TextFields nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4187 loaddata fails when loading python serialized code nobody Core (Other) master
#4188 Language list is not up-to-date jacob Documentation master
#4189 Fix for COMMENTS_BANNED_USERS_GROUP exploding the ORM when using the templatetag. adrian contrib.comments 0.96
#4190 edit_inline causes Admin interface to display "Related object #1" even when only one related object is allowed nobody contrib.admin master
#4191 sqlindexes generates wrong sql code adrian Core (Management commands) master
#4193 Error in creation of foreign key depends on spelling of field class PhiR Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4194 Django Documentation for 0.91 is missing jacob Documentation master
#4195 Please provide docs for .91 adrian Tools 0.91
#4196 [patch] Use select_related() when retrieving a user profile nobody Contrib apps master
#4197 a few German translation fixes mtredinnick Translations master
#4199 Keyword argument error in serializers jacob Core (Serialization) master
#4200 get_admin_log template tag returns nothing if no user is specified adrian contrib.admin master
#4201 sessions example appears to be using pre-MR style jacob Documentation master
#4202 easy documentation fix - exception namespace jacob Documentation master
#4203 Add "Default is False" information to model-api.txt jacob Documentation master
#4204 Admin interface attempts to save null to fields not in 'fields': list nobody contrib.admin master
#4205 question mark in the end of url causes wrong list display in admin panel adrian contrib.admin master
#4206 In Admin "list_filter" does not respect "limit_choices_to" adrian contrib.admin master
#4207 The "add a new record on the fly" does not respect the "limit_choices_to": nobody contrib.admin master
#4208 Tutorial Part2: admin depends on auth, content-type and sessions. jacob Documentation master
#4209 install page has not been updated and still references old 0.95 installation files and versions jacob * 0.96
#4210 s/absolute/relative jacob Documentation master
#4211 FloatFields are not actually Floats jacob Uncategorized master
#4213 admin modifies values of pickled fields in db adrian contrib.admin 0.96
#4214 Document how to update a foreign key in db-api jacob Documentation master
#4215 Missing import in Oracle database jacob Uncategorized other branch
#4216 FileField validator bug in django0.95 adrian Validators 0.95
#4217 Databrowser: Add import to jacob Documentation master
#4218 Transactions: Middleware hook at the top jacob Documentation master
#4219 Name of permission should have larger maxlength nobody Contrib apps master
#4220 Admin cookie problem adrian contrib.admin master
#4221 tutorial 4 uses hardcoded, absolute URL instead of get_absolute_url() or permalink() jacob Documentation master
#4222 Make ChangeList overridable in ModelAdmin adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4223 Document how to create tests for Django framework itself nobody Documentation master
#4224 First attempt at inter-app dependency tracking nobody Metasystem master
#4225 if table site is not created contrib.auth.views.login raise exception jacob Contrib apps master
#4226 Running Django unit tests requires DATABASE_NAME setting despite what the docs. say jacob Documentation master
#4227 dumpdata/loaddata serializer ignores encoding settings adrian Core (Other) master
#4228 RadioSelect widget adrian Forms 0.96
#4229 Updated Hebrew translation files mtredinnick Translations master
#4230 oi jacob Uncategorized master
#4231 loaddata problem if app name is Capitalised russellm Core (Serialization) master
#4232 Update to the newforms documentation jacob Documentation master
#4233 Image field for Flat pages adrian contrib.admin master
#4234 write documentation about the addin "contenttypes"... ubernostrum Documentation master
#4235 User emails are not unique in contrib.auth. Password_reset is based on emails. adrian Contrib apps master
#4236 newforms in create_update views + several enhancements nobody Generic views master
#4237 newforms form_for_model ignores radio_admin nobody Forms master
#4238 django.views.generic.simple should have a method to redirect to the absolute_url() of an object nobody Generic views master
#4239 child classes of Form only include base_fields attributes of parents nobody Forms master
#4240 Latvian translation update mtredinnick Translations master
#4241 Czech translation update mtredinnick Translations master
#4242 pt-br is "Brazilian Portuguese" not "Brazilian" jacob Documentation master
#4243 Badly needed link in newforms documentation jacob Documentation master
#4244 Session modification sensing adrian Core (Other) 0.95
#4246 Tutorial errata jacob Documentation master
#4247 Make django.contrib.auth.views accept named argument template_loader nobody Contrib apps master
#4248 Form fields should have the title attribute set nobody Forms master
#4249 [unicode] views/ did not read encoding (# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-) mtredinnick Uncategorized other branch
#4250 Allow passing a list of templates into object_detail generic view nobody Template system master
#4251 ForeignKeys cannot be primary_key=True for syncdb adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4252 Install Documentation missing quotation mark (rST typo) jacob Documentation master
#4253 Problem with tutorial page 4 jacob Documentation master
#4254 [gis] patch adding method get_%s_convex_hull to class jbronn GIS other branch
#4255 [newforms-admin] Creating an edit_inline feature for newforms admin adrian contrib.admin newforms branch
#4256 typo on create new ticket page (../simpleticket/) jacob * master
#4257 Easy to miss important instruction in Cross Site Request Forgery protection documentation jacob Documentation master
#4258 [newforms-admin] Models aren't grouped by application on index page adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4259 Using sessions out of views Is Incomplete / Unusable jacob Documentation master
#4260 add an update method to QuerySet nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4261 the doc that descripes models does NOT exist jacob * 0.96
#4262 Translate Make App Names jacob Uncategorized master
#4263 Insert select item from a collection into templates jacob Uncategorized master
#4264 Images in flatpages jacob Uncategorized master
#4265 trailing slash for os.chdir? jacob Documentation master
#4266 [unicode] str2smart_str mtredinnick Uncategorized master
#4267 a bug in "The Django template language: For Python programmers" jacob Documentation master
#4268 Web design helpers page not found(0.96) jacob * 0.96
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