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#26089 Remove auth's custom user test models (their tables aren't created since Django 1.8) charettes Bug contrib.auth master Normal
#26088 Changing a proxy model to multi-table inheritance does not modify FKs of the model nobody Bug Migrations master Normal
#26087 AlterField fails when both db_index and unique are specified nobody Bug Migrations 1.8 Normal
#26086 Don't allow[]) or[]) anabelensc Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#26085 contenttypes.views.shortcut fails if a FK to Site returns None jibaku Bug contrib.contenttypes master Normal
#26084 Document that RemovedInNextVersionWarning is no longer loud nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#26081 Understanding MyModel._meta.get_fields() nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#26080 Add field.on_delete to all relational fields nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#26078 Docs: DB Meta Migration Guildlines: More explicit "old" vs "new" nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26077 Change latin map in urlify to correctly translate Umlauts nobody Cleanup/optimization Internationalization 1.9 Normal
#26076 SessionBase's _hash method's variable key_salt need add a dot to be a complete class path nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.sessions 1.9 Normal
#26075 Verbiage when using the makemigrations command with an interactive interpreter to remove null = True from a model field is misleading. susan Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) master Normal
#26074 Vendor GIS js to circumvent mixed content nobody Cleanup/optimization GIS master Normal
#26073 Last-Modified http header not set to the latest last-mod in multi-maps sitemaps xblitz Bug contrib.sitemaps 1.9 Normal
#26072 Errno 10053 occured when use login_required view with ajax nobody Uncategorized contrib.auth 1.8 Normal
#26071 IN queries inside conditional case expressions crashes on django 1.8 Tim Graham <timograham@…> Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#26069 Docs for MyModel._meta.get_fields_with_model() missing info about 'is_relation' nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8 Normal
#26068 Django 1.8: KEY constraint for parent model missing in m2m [regression] nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#26065 psycopg2 __init__ reports an error: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found Uncategorized contrib.postgres 1.9 Normal
#26064 Move migration operation reduction logic to their respective class. charettes Cleanup/optimization Migrations master Normal
#26063 Regression in Django 1.9: SQLite can no longer handle more than 2000 values in a "foo__in" filter aaugustin Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Release blocker
#26062 Adding Http 451 to Django adminq80 New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#26061 Queryset raises EmptyResultSet (instead of print SQL query) nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#26060 Regression in reverse one-to-one field when in readonly_fields sasha0 Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Release blocker
#26059 BrokenLinkEmailsMiddleware flagging invalid *referer* URL nobody Bug Core (URLs) 1.9 Normal
#26058 Custom storage backend's not entirely decoupled from FileField nobody Cleanup/optimization File uploads/storage 1.9 Normal
#26057 Template {% if perms.app_label.permission %} check failing, but {% if 'app_label.permission' in perms %} works nobody Bug Template system 1.8 Normal
#26055 mod_wsgi docs refer to serving CSS files as static without corresponding example nobody Bug Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26054 Migrations work on Django 1.9.0 but not on Django 1.9.1 nobody Bug Migrations 1.9 Normal
#26053 makemigrations generates a wrong type for a DurationField column on postgresql nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#26052 Consider removing conditional_content_removal susan Cleanup/optimization HTTP handling 1.9 Normal
#26051 Rename ATOMIC_REQUESTS to ATOMIC_VIEWS nobody Cleanup/optimization HTTP handling master Normal
#26050 translation.activate does not report failure nobody Bug Internationalization 1.9 Normal
#26049 Request _upload_handlers is immutable? nobody Uncategorized File uploads/storage 1.8 Normal
#26048 Switch selenium tests to use implicitly_wait() instead of custom wait functions. timgraham Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#26047 ProcessFormView does not pass **kwargs to get_context_data() nobody Bug Generic views 1.9 Normal
#26046 ugettext causes error when unrecognized language code in language cookie claudep Bug Internationalization master Release blocker
#26045 Annotate with conditional aggregation includes non-relevant fields in GROUP BY clause nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#26044 Misleading Warning "HINT: ForeignKey(unique=True) is usually better served by a OneToOneField." nobody Uncategorized Core (System checks) 1.8 Normal
#26043 Add a hook to run queries between the start of a transaction and a view nobody New feature HTTP handling 1.8 Normal
#26042 types for GenericForeignKey object_pk? nobody Bug contrib.contenttypes 1.9 Normal
#26041 Flattening a Context object can fail nobody Bug Template system 1.9 Normal
#26039 Bug with Views being nested partials nobody Bug Core (URLs) master Normal
#26038 FileSystemStorage size() method does not use current MEDIA_ROOT setting value nobody Bug File uploads/storage master Normal
#26037 Document precedence of USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST and USE_X_FORWARDED_PORT settings nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26036 URL dispatcher including forward slashes in parameter capture nobody Bug Core (URLs) 1.8 Normal
#26035 usertools block in admin console visible after logout scottpashley Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Release blocker
#26034 Altering CharFields to have both db_index=True and unique=True crashes on postgresql timgraham Bug Migrations 1.8 Release blocker
#26033 Add argon2 password hasher nobody New feature contrib.auth master Normal
#26032 Where does `` belong: to Application or to Project? nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26031 cache.get_or_set isn't available in 1.8 nobody Bug Documentation 1.8 Normal
#26030 Password change, not validate if is current user. nobody Bug contrib.auth 1.9 Normal
#26027 Django model __init__ silently accepts parameters that are also a non-settable property nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.8 Normal
#26026 EmptyQuerySet isinstance check broken with not QuerySet datatypes andersonresende Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26025 syncdb command isn't working davidmukiibi Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.9 Normal
#26024 ConditionalGetMiddleware's ETag is broken samifahed Bug Core (Cache system) 1.9 Release blocker
#26023 Importing GenericForeignKey on Django 1.9 nobody Bug contrib.contenttypes 1.9 Normal
#26022 Use the context manager version of assertRaises decorators where appropriate hramezani Cleanup/optimization Testing framework master Normal
#26021 Standardize on hanging indent in documentation kutenai Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#26020 Standardize restructed text header convention in docs elif Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#26018 FormMixin.get_context_data calls get_form improperly after form_invalid chmarr Bug Generic views 1.9 Normal
#26017 forms_tests.tests.test_fields.FieldsTests.test_filepathfield_folders does not work when the tests directory is named differently nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.9 Normal
#26016 Django 1.9 dropped compatibility with py-bcrypt (as an alternative to bcrypt) timgraham Bug contrib.auth 1.9 Normal
#26015 sitemap view can raise UnboundLocalError soon Bug contrib.sitemaps master Normal
#26014 Parse the CONTENT_TYPE header once, and record it on the request nobody New feature Core (Other) master Normal
#26013 Move django.core.urlresolvers to django.urls knbk Cleanup/optimization Core (URLs) master Normal
#26012 Provide an error message during password reset if email doesn't exist nobody Bug contrib.auth 1.8 Normal
#26011 allow_reuse_address = 1 on WSGIServer can cause random test failures in LiveServerTestCase on Windows knbk Bug Testing framework master Normal
#26010 I need to count objects in a queryset by year and month nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26009 contenttypes_tests fail when run in isolation nobody Bug Testing framework 1.9 Normal
#26008 setup() missing 1 required positional argument: 'parallel' when running --pair or --bisect nobody Bug Testing framework 1.9 Normal
#26006 SingleObjectMixin.get_context_object_name refers to obj and self.object inconsistently chmarr Cleanup/optimization Generic views master Normal
#26004 Invalid app-name in INSTALLED_APPS leads to AppRegistryNotReady when testing nobody Bug Core (Other) 1.8 Normal
#26003 Add a "how the documentation is organized" explanation timgraham Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26002 Improve ModelAdmin.get_search_results() example bbenko Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26000 Error in tutorial05 Django1.9 nobody Bug Documentation 1.9 Normal
#25999 Remove making deprecation warnings loud by default timgraham Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) master Normal
#25998 SQLCompiler error when using Paginator + values(...) when query returns no data nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#25997 Editing ForeignKey in admin popup causes incorrect escaping for uuid field sasha0 Bug contrib.admin 1.9 Release blocker
#25995 Add more sophisticated serialization support to JSONField nobody New feature contrib.postgres master Normal
#25994 Update django-admin default options example nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.9 Normal
#25993 Integrate django-bcrypt or remove support. nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth 1.9 Normal
#25992 SyntaxError: invalid syntax on CentOS 6.7 nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.9 Normal
#25990 pip install django giving error compiling Bug Error reporting 1.9 Normal
#25989 sitemap view picks lastmod from last supplied sitemap only nobody Bug contrib.sitemaps master Normal
#25988 Change django.db.models.deletion.CASCADE to django.db.models.deletion.PROTECT while creating migrations nobody Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.9 Normal
#25987 Creating new object in admin with child model inlines and unique_together raises IntegrityError charettes Bug Forms master Normal
#25986 Django crashes on unicode characters in the local part of an e-mail address sergei-maertens Bug Core (Mail) 1.9 Normal
#25985 Update signature of ModelAdmin.formfield_for_* to make request a positional argument timgraham Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#25984 Incorrect error message in ModelBase.__new__ nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#25983 annotate migrations with Django version sir-sigurd Uncategorized Migrations 1.9 Normal
#25982 Djago ORM. Filter using multi-valued queryset nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#25981 Document the necessity to add on_delete param to old migrations Cheglader Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9 Normal
#25979 Drop support for PostgreSQL 9.1 nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#25977 Allow different filters on multiple aggregates nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#25976 bound_data isn't returning initial if data is None vlal Bug Forms 1.9 Normal
#25975 sqlmigrate for pending migrations nobody New feature Migrations 1.9 Normal
#25974 switch GIS docs from 3 to 4 spaces indentation sir-sigurd Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#25973 Django 1.9 CBV - Form field error still being rendered in template after deletion nobody Bug Generic views 1.9 Normal
#25972 Filtering a ForeignObject with 'isnull' lookup fails in Django 1.9 nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Release blocker
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