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#9629 DateField / DateTimeField issues in admin site when using auto_now in field model nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9630 Building RPM from svn checkout (of 1.0.1 tag) fails nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9632 File.chunks contains potentially expensive size operation nobody Cleanup/optimization File uploads/storage 1.0 Normal
#9633 Using adaptor objects as query parameters with sqlite3 nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9638 Add %(app_label)s to the related_name format string for abstract models anonymous Core (Other) 1.0
#9640 BooleanField with choices, defaults, and blank=False still given blank option in their formfields fperetti Forms 1.0
#9641 Django shared hosting deployment documentation - chmod 755 jacob Documentation 1.0
#9643 Custom managers on related objects generating incorrect SQL mtredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9644 Cache miss (maybe locmem cache backend is not thread-safe?) nobody Core (Cache system) 1.0
#9647 Lots of doc pages have escaped HTML chars in them nobody Documentation 1.0
#9649 [bug] invalid attribute value passed form model constructor nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9650 Initial value for CharField primary key is not hidden in admin's inline form nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9653 Add a runservercp command which uses cherrypy as the main server (allows for multiple threads) nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9654 `list_display_links` does not respect an empty tuple. nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9655 urlize should not quote already quoted urls. aaugustin Bug Template system 1.0 Normal
#9656 Inherit user's password change link doesn't work nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9657 Model field reference - optional first positional argument not explained jacob Documentation 1.0
#9658 Document `django.core.urlresolvers.resolve` jacob Documentation 1.0
#9659 No output from `wsgi.file_wrapper` mitsuhiko HTTP handling 1.0
#9660 SPAM nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9661 SPAM nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9662 SPAM nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9668 valid email address is not accepted nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9669 Innacurate answer in FAQ brosner Documentation 1.0
#9670 django.core.mail.outbox doesn't exist anymore, remove from documentation nobody Documentation 1.0
#9671 Reference TurnKey Django software appliance in installation documentation nobody Documentation 1.0
#9673 comment form honeypot field isn't hidden when using {% get_comment_form %} nobody contrib.comments 1.0
#9675 Docs about migrating from the old comment system: add note about jacob Documentation 1.0
#9676 Explicit default managers mtredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9677 A minor error in the 1.0.2 release notes? nobody Documentation 1.0
#9679 [spam] nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9680 [spam] nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9681 Unable to load initial data with strings contained two dashes ('--') nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9683 Authentication backends documentation doesn't mention that backends are stored in Sessions. jacob Documentation 1.0
#9685 [spam] nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9686 GeoDjango should support the sqlite3 back end via SpatiaLite jbronn GIS 1.0
#9687 Use more randomness in secret key generation nobody Core (Other) 1.0
#9689 eSRSUhUiYqjzdShW nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9690 How to select the text from a drop down box mihais Core (Management commands) 1.0
#9691 How to select the text from a drop down box nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9692 LgnstRBkICV nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9693 Custom don't change relational data when editing via admin (probably any other forms too) nobody Forms 1.0
#9695 FLGFNswvIeXltWCk nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9696 FileField raises unhandled exception when filename contains non-ascii characters kmtracey File uploads/storage 1.0
#9697 Adding the Australian Tax File Number field validator nobody New feature contrib.localflavor 1.0 Normal
#9698 memcached causes flup fastcgi to crash nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9699 Shouldn't entries be associated with many enclosures? nobody New feature Utilities 1.0 Normal
#9701 A safelist filter ("safe" for lists) mtredinnick Template system 1.0
#9702 Will be printabe version of documentation?? nobody Documentation 1.0
#9703 [spam] nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9705 Minor errors in “local flavor” documentation nobody Documentation 1.0
#9708 [spam] nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9712 Format of HTTP headers in request.META not clear nobody Documentation 1.0
#9713 No verification of URL validity on django.db.models.fields.URLField nobody Documentation 1.0
#9714 Bug in --settings=mysettings nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9716 Broken link in Version1.1Roadmap nobody * 1.0
#9717 flush raises error if there are unsynchronized applications nobody Core (Management commands) 1.0
#9718 Reference to 'FormWrapper objects' in auth docs is confusing nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.0 Normal
#9719 Strings which look like numbers are not quoted, MySQL nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9723 r9527 (compressed fixtures) breaks loaddata for some Pythons nobody Core (Serialization) 1.0
#9724 Clarification on Serving Static Files documentation nobody Documentation 1.0
#9725 See more sites... link in home page jacob * 1.0
#9726 GeoDjango documentation should mention binutils jbronn GIS 1.0
#9727 models.CharField(max_length should be maxlength. no underscore. nobody Documentation 1.0
#9729 Saving a model instance without CharField primary key does not raise IntegrityError nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9730 When using model inheritance, raw_id_fields returns a model's name in the input field. mtredinnick contrib.admin 1.0
#9731 Missed a letter nobody Documentation 1.0
#9732 close tag is missing in password_reset_confirm.html nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9733 Ambiguity in the docs for django.db.model.ManyToManyField jacob Documentation 1.0
#9734 typo in docs nobody Documentation 1.0
#9736 Primary key with space in name generates invalid constraint SQL russellm Core (Management commands) 1.0
#9737 XBpUukxbsF nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9738 unit test examples in docs use old "failUnless" methods instead of new "assert" methods nobody Documentation 1.0
#9740 Bad example in "CACHE_BACKEND arguments" section nobody Documentation 1.0
#9741 generic relations: reverse chain of references not followed fully on delete aljosa Contrib apps 1.0
#9742 GIS render_to_kml has incorrect mime type jbronn GIS 1.0
#9743 Problem in admin when displaying foreignkey of a model that reference himself jdunck Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9744 admin base template does not validate against xhtml 1.0 validator nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9746 Using a custom widget for a item in ModelForm should use the model verbose_name? nobody Forms 1.0
#9747 Explicitly set the response type of GEOS C functions that return strings to fix unpredictable behavior on 64-bit systems jbronn GIS 1.0
#9748 r9550 broke modeladmin test nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9750 Manager Documentation and Admin interface nobody Documentation 1.0
#9751 project_directory calculated incorrectly when "settings" is a directory (breaks 'startapp') gsong Core (Management commands) 1.0
#9752 select_related on query on model with GeoManager as default manager breaks nobody GIS 1.0
#9753 makemessages failed on long Chinese text nobody Internationalization 1.0
#9754 Documentation for overriding static directory-listing template incorrect nobody Documentation 1.0
#9755 "semisafe" filter nobody Template system 1.0
#9756 Recent changes to for tag (adding empty clause) leave context stack imbalanced when iterable is empty nobody Template system 1.0
#9758 modelformset_factory forms generate error when using queryset nobody Forms 1.0
#9759 exclude() does not return the opposite of filter() for one to many relationships mtredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9760 Documentation should warn that mixing positional and keyword arguments in url tag does not work nobody Template system 1.0
#9761 Enhancement CacheBackend API nobody Core (Cache system) 1.0
#9763 is_dirty() in the transactions middleware blocks commit for Postgre nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9764 IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) support for EmailField and URLField jezdez Forms 1.0
#9765 admin: Inline saves extras when model has choices and a default choice nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9766 Improving "template" and "generic view" definitions in glossary.txt kkubasik Documentation 1.0
#9767 tutorial part 3 - Decoupling the URLconfs - module correction nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9768 SPAM nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#9771 Wrong form action jacob Documentation 1.0
#9773 float argument required when using redirect_to in nobody Documentation 1.0
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