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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#3948 improve template parse error to show incorrect token adrian Template system 0.96
#3949 Importing and displaying XML Feeds jacob Uncategorized master
#3950 django/conf/locale/no/LC_MESSAGES is invalid hugo Translations master
#3951 Django's signal framework may register listeners more than once jacob Core (Other) master
#3952 Patch to add 'has_key' function to SessionWrapper adrian Contrib apps master
#3953 syncdb throws cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: ORA-00911: invalid character adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3954 [patch] Fixtures for postgresql and problems with colors. jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3955 could use LOCALE_PATHS from semenov Internationalization master
#3956 Docs on Templates for Template Authors has Typo jacob Documentation master
#3957 BRCPFField LocalflavorBR adrian contrib.localflavor master
#3958 little changes for conformance to ATOM & RSS specs adrian contrib.syndication master
#3959 [patch] newforms: label as first argument nobody Forms master
#3960 dead links on jacob * master
#3961 Add South African / za localflavor nobody contrib.localflavor master
#3962 sqlite3 backend does not allow '%i' in cursor.execute adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3963 [patch] Add optional replacement for truncate filters adrian Template system master
#3964 SortedDict string representation not in order of keys jacob Uncategorized master
#3965 [patch] Slovenian Django javascript translation hugo Internationalization master
#3966 translation update for macedonian (mk/django.po) hugo Translations master
#3967 @cache_page(60 * 15) doesn't work, view = cache_page(view,60 * 15) does adrian Core (Other) master
#3968 'customing' spelling mistake in request_response docs jacob Documentation master
#3969 Is Not Possible with just a form->template to include both submitted values and errors adrian Forms master
#3970 Adding {{{as}}} keyword to {{{trans}}} hugo Internationalization master
#3971 Verbose testing framework does not say which test it is about to execute nobody Testing framework master
#3972 Outdated newforms save_instance docstring adrian Forms master
#3973 AttributeError for some models in the admin (newforms-admin branche) nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#3974 UnicodeEncodeError for models with accentued __str__ (newforms-admin) adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#3975 Documentation for 0.96 is not generated jacob Documentation master
#3976 [unicode] Unicode models adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3977 [unicode] Convert default filters mtredinnick Template system master
#3978 Admin site : hide a ForeignKey field adrian contrib.admin new-admin
#3979 HttpOnly flag on session id cookie adrian Contrib apps master
#3980 German translation update hugo Translations master
#3981 naming-url-patterns jacob Documentation master
#3982 Allow Field subclasses to coerce arbitrary Python types nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3983 Delaware spelt incorrectly in hugo Internationalization master
#3984 [patch] add 'view' as a default permission in django.contrib.auth adrian Contrib apps master
#3985 send_mail user-defined headers adrian Core (Mail) master
#3986 Add Indian Localflavour adrian contrib.localflavor master
#3987 ModelAdmin should allow for overriding of ForeignKey/ManyToMany options nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#3988 Add Canadian (.ca) localflavor ttarabula contrib.localflavor master
#3989 Django seems to parse only the addr-spec production of RFC 2822 nobody Validators master
#3990 readonly fields for admin nobody contrib.admin master
#3991 new admin doesn't manage choices adrian contrib.admin new-admin
#3992 bad link in old online docs jacob * 0.96
#3993 [patch] Add convenience methods to SortedDict nobody Core (Other) master
#3994 doctest in projects with models split into seperate files not working adrian Testing framework master
#3995 Give the Message model a type (success/failure/generic) timo Core (Other) master
#3996 [unicode][patch] NodeList and smart_str prefer __str__ to __unicode__ mtredinnick Uncategorized other branch
#3998 single char wildcard search issue adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3999 template dir argument adrian Core (Management commands) master
#4000 Documentation incorrectly states that filter arguments should be quoted jacob Documentation master
#4001 newforms save_instance many-to-many fields adrian Forms master
#4002 Attributes added by extra() aren't visible to filter() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4003 Added tooltips (title=) to newforms.widgets.Select adrian Forms master
#4004 Need a newforms.FloatField field anonymous Forms master
#4005 Add "class=<field name>" attribute to generated inputs nobody Forms master
#4006 Same meaning, different parameters names in newforms.*Field / db.models.*Field adrian Forms master
#4007 404 and 500 handlers lack exception parameter adrian Core (Other) master
#4008 Database error misreported(?) adrian Template system master
#4009 Model validator does not allow parent fields for Admin list_filter adrian Validators master
#4010 Updated Italian (it) translations hugo Internationalization master
#4011 Bad link jacob Documentation 0.96
#4012 "ProgrammingError: syntax error" when loading (JSON) serialized data jacob Core (Serialization) master
#4013 bad links on previous versions of tutorial pages jacob * master
#4014 TextField in newforms adrian Forms master
#4015 login and logout should update request.user adrian Contrib apps master
#4016 stale reference to sqlinitialdata in docs jacob Documentation master
#4017 Typo in django sql commands jacob Documentation master
#4018 Allow callable values as initial for newforms-fields adrian Forms master
#4019 Use default-value of model-fields as initial-value for newforms-fields adrian Forms master
#4020 USPhoneField, USZipCodeField and USSocialSecurityNumberField should implement HTML maxlength nobody Forms master
#4021 [unicode][patch] initial sql with non-ascii strings not imported jacob Uncategorized other branch
#4022 Problem with select fields and foreign keys jacob Uncategorized 0.96
#4023 add a note about "get_foo_display" in template documentation jacob Documentation master
#4024 Setting required=True in newforms Fields does not result in an change in as_p/as_ul/as_table adrian Forms master
#4025 Add get_FIELD_filename to FileField docs jacob Documentation master
#4026 Tyring to load a JSON dump fails with "Expecting property name" jacob Core (Serialization) master
#4028 New edit_inline-like option: popup adrian contrib.admin master
#4029 bad link on site jacob * 0.96
#4031 Translate to a specified language (not necessarily the current session language) nobody Internationalization master
#4032 server restart necessary after jacob Documentation master
#4033 broken link to 0.96 db-api jacob * 0.96
#4034 has been removed but is still mentioned in the 'How to read the Django documentation' page jacob Documentation master
#4035 Spanish localflavour adrian contrib.localflavor master
#4036 Spanish (es) localflavor garcia_marc contrib.localflavor master
#4037 need from / import jacob Documentation master
#4038 django.contrib.webdesign should be mentioned in the template authors documentation jacob Documentation master
#4039 New forms and the set_language redirect view don't work together hugo Internationalization 0.96
#4040 make use of in instead of has_key() adrian Core (Other) master
#4041 cache backends should implement __contains__ so that the in operator may be used jacob Core (Cache system) master
#4042 Serialization doc: usage of get_serializer() jacob Documentation master
#4043 links to old versions of documentation are displayed even when that documentation page didn't exist in previous versions nobody * master
#4044 URLconf with prefix and callable views raises an exception adrian Core (Other) master
#4046 ForeignKey's formfield does not respect limit_choices_to lukeplant Forms master
#4047 DB API link on Tutorial 1 page is broken on 0.96 tutorial jacob * 0.96
#4048 mysql introspection doesn't handle CHAR(n) fields adrian Database layer (models, ORM) 0.96
#4049 `auth` context processor shouldn't error if `AuthenticationMiddleware` isn't being used gregorth Core (Other) master
#4050 django/db/models/ uses inefficient subclass check adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4052 implicitly control in paginator causes unexpected return values. adrian Core (Other) master
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