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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#18930 Website docs builder should clean to get rid of old docs nobody Bug * 1.4 Normal
#12543 Web site blacklisted at OVH nobody * 1.1
#12954 Website Admin documentation doesn't have the same fields in two similar examples nobody Documentation 1.1
#20330 "webserver" vs "web server" in the documentation nobody Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#3674 Webserver configuration adrian Core (Other) master
#247 Webpage to list web hosts jacob enhancement * normal
#10991 web page does not render images nobody Template system master
#16103 webpage document: django.contrib.admin is forward to a dead link nobody Bug Documentation 1.3 Normal
#5967 weblog archive links missing from August 2007 on nobody * master
#5478 webdesign templatetag 'lorem' can't find TemplateSyntaxError nobody Contrib apps master
#4268 Web design helpers page not found(0.96) jacob * 0.96
#4104 Webdesgin link from 0.96 docs is wrong jacob Documentation 0.96
#16336 Weak salts for auth backend nobody Uncategorized contrib.auth 1.3 Normal
#19947 weakref'd signal receivers may cause deadlock when gc'd Bug Core (Other) 1.5 Normal
#8441 WCXGCbXP nobody Uncategorized master
#8442 WCXGCbXP nobody Uncategorized master
#17172 was_published_today.short_description is causing problems nobody Bug Documentation 1.3 Normal
#11135 'was_published_today' in Tutorial 2 nobody Documentation 1.0
#1698 WARP TOUR jacob defect Documentation new-admin normal
#23338 Warn when unique=True is set on ForeignKey Tim Graham <timograham@…> New feature Core (System checks) master Normal
#23801 Warn when max_length is used with IntegerField MattBlack85 New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#18115 Warn that repeated " install" without removal causes problems nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.4 Normal
#3744 Warn that Generic Relations are a prototype feature (in the right places). jacob Documentation master
#861 Warn on single-letter field names in unique_together adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#22264 warning while installing ypython27_django-1.2.7 nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.6 Normal
#21196 Warning when running the test suite under MySQL tchaumeny Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#20065 Warning when running the test suite jacob Bug contrib.comments master Normal
#16627 Warning when building the docs nobody Bug Documentation 1.3 Normal
#11336 Warning under the "Generic Views" header in main docs page nobody Documentation master
#22237 Warnings when running the test suite claudep Bug Uncategorized master Release blocker
#16422 Warnings when building the docs in epub format nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.3 Normal
#20124 Warnings when building the docs nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#4111 Warning References stored in memory when DEBUG=True nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#2334 Warning raised when list_filter contains a model method name adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#7417 Warning on /admin/doc/tags/ nobody contrib.admin master
#24095 WarningLoggerTests leaks a logging filters timgraham Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#23215 Warning: Field 'id' doesn't have a default value nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7-rc-2 Normal
#25014 Warning about MySQL time format change should not crash migration nobody Bug Migrations 1.8 Normal
#22912 Warning about missing setup_test_environment() call in tutorial 5 nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.6 Normal
#24891 Warn if referencing a template by the same name as one in an installed app with higher precedence nobody New feature Template system master Normal
#25079 Warn if both TEMPLATES and TEMPLATE_DIRS are defined nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system 1.8 Normal
#18974 Warn against using models.permalink nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#6892 Warn about raw "%" in redirect_to strings. nobody Cleanup/optimization Generic views master Normal
#24690 Warn about mutable defaults with ArrayField marissazhou Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8 Normal
#24985 Warn about invalid RSS characters in syndication docs nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.7 Normal
#4984 Want support for conditional links in templates adrian Template system master
#2412 want .po files to translate it to telugu adrian task contrib.admin normal
#5016 want Code for generating validation codes (in images) for django? jacob Uncategorized master
#14769 Voting example from tutorial - use of forms API - suggestion nobody New feature Documentation 1.2 Normal
#18777 Visualization of date fields as_hidden aren't localized ethlinn Bug Forms 1.4 Normal
#25365 Visual issues in filter_vertical widget nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#16249 Visiting any Django site via Chrome's Incognito Mode is incredibly slow. nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#14884 Visible form <input>s and <textarea> should use the "required" attribute nobody Forms master
#19796 virtualenv and modwsgi nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#19465 Virtual Base Classes Not Implemented nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.4 Normal
#12764 views tests fail with psycopg1 backend nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#11122 views.static.serve does not work with if-modified-since header the third time a file is requested nobody Generic views 1.0
#5727 views/ small refactoring nobody Generic views master
#18753 Views should be given the instance namespace retrieved during the resolve process nobody New feature Core (URLs) 1.4 Normal
#9927 views.i18n.javascript_catalog: Locale folder can be in project root, line removed to make this possible. nobody Internationalization 1.0
#24643 views.generic.edit.FormMixin should have a get_context_data() method akulakov Cleanup/optimization Generic views master Normal
#17021 views.generic.create_update.lo okup_object uses .objects instead of the default manager nobody Bug Generic views 1.3 Normal
#4903 views/ fallback to cgitb nobody Core (Other) master
#4300 views/ exc_value might contain unkown encodings jacob Uncategorized master
#5046 views/ Display string of UnicodeError adrian Metasystem master
#22517 "view prefix" still referenced in urlconf docs nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#22452 VIEW PERMISSIONS nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.6 Normal
#3682 View/Page Caching jacob Uncategorized master
#6037 View on years-months-days in databrowse's calendar plugin jan2ary New feature contrib.databrowse master Normal
#4685 "View on site" links in admin don't work for an https site adrian contrib.admin master
#18660 View on Site links get localized and break urls nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#11600 "View on site" link is not properly aligned brosner Core (Management commands) master
#17200 "View on site" link breaks when quote(object_id) != object_id dlanger Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#458 "View on site" doesn't link to model's get_absoulte_url() method adrian defect contrib.admin 1.1-beta normal
#18433 "View on site" does not work in InlineModelAdmin when using custom primary key field dhepper Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#8960 "View on site" does not work if contrib.sites is not installed adrian Contrib apps 1.1
#2023 "View on site" breaks when model specifies primary key other than ID adrian contrib.admin master normal
#22987 view only implementation (without using read only fields) nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.6 Normal
#2527 view missing from django.contrib.admin.views.doc adrian defect Contrib apps master normal
#19736 ViewDoesNotExist exception in nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
#125 View-Controller separation violation adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#16213 View collections in the generic views auvipy New feature Generic views master Normal
#18548 View changes field when 'unique_together' is not satisfied in a Form nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.4 Normal
#157 view/admin/ change_list assumes orderlist is tuple adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#11463 Vietnamese translation Translations master
#8877 Very strange bug in MySQL backend for exact query. nobody Core (Other) 1.0
#10490 Very small vocabulary problem in docs nobody Documentation 1.0
#7844 Very small race condition in file field saving nobody Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#3931 Very small and not important typo in forms tests adrian Testing framework master
#6597 Very minor typo: misspelling of "dependencies" nobody Documentation master
#6721 Very minor typo in templates_python.txt: 'multiple context' -> 'multiple contexts' nobody Documentation master
#18445 Very minor link added nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#10401 Very long URL cause django error. nobody HTTP handling 1.0
#13711 Very long field names on models cause problems anubhav9042 Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Release blocker
#13944 Very long accept-language headers break parser nobody * 1.2
#6655 Very little refactoring of get_svn_revision() nobody Core (Other) master
#11572 Very high memory usage by big sitemaps nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.sitemaps master Normal
#11534 Very Bad Grammar in Admin Bulk Delete Warning nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#11407 --version weirdness Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#1957 --version is not listed in available options. adrian defect Documentation minor
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