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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#19037 Add Singapore (SG) local flavour James Rivett-Carnac New feature contrib.localflavor 1.4 Normal
#19222 Clarify that custom managers don't apply to intermediate joins Yanik Koval Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#22571 Document implications of using auto_now_add=True and get_or_create Yamila Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.4 Normal
#24926 text improvement request for deployment guide Yamila Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#20223 Allow allow_lazy to be used as a decorator Iacopo Spalletti New feature Utilities master Normal
#23366 Workaround for `ValueError: Dependency on app with no migrations` in #22848 may need attention Iacopo Spalletti Bug Migrations 1.7 Normal
#25005 DateField, DateTimeField defaults needed even when auto_now=True Iacopo Spalletti Bug Migrations master Normal
#25697 Default error views shouldn't silence TemplateDoesNotExist errors if a custom template name was specified Iacopo Spalletti Cleanup/optimization Generic views master Normal
#26443 Clarify migration questioner datetime default value Iacopo Spalletti Cleanup/optimization Migrations master Normal
#26449 Merge admin's FORMFIELD_FOR_DBFIELD_DEFAULTS with formfield_overrides Iacopo Spalletti Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.9 Normal
#26578 validate_ipv4_address (and probably other validators) accept non-ASCII digits Iacopo Spalletti Bug Core (Other) 1.9 Normal
#8952 Refactor a Django "site" to be just another view function Y3K New feature contrib.sites master Normal
#25252 Add a friendly error message when using Queryset.select_related() after values() Y3K Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#25262 Better document FlatPage.enable_comments and remove it from default ModelAdmin Y3K Cleanup/optimization contrib.flatpages master Normal
#25324 Register the existing ModelAdmin subclasses with the decorator Y3K Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#15713 Adding new polish localflavor field PLNationalIDCardNumberField xtrqt New feature contrib.localflavor master Normal
#14298 maximum open cursors exceeded on Jython and Oracle xoror Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#10509 Better handling of database version-specific feature initialisation Christophe Pettus Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#12180 ProgrammingError thrown with autocommit: True if first query on PostgreSQL >= 8.2 is an INSERT Christophe Pettus Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#26684 Example for Full-Text Search Index doesn't work Christophe Pettus Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10 Release blocker
#957 A SlugField with prepopulate_from does not work for stacked or tabular edit_inline objects. xian defect contrib.admin newforms-admin normal
#1621 manytomany admin widget broken under IE6.0 when in collapsed group xian defect contrib.admin normal
#2612 Fix admin formatting when help_text used with multiple fields on the same line xian defect contrib.admin master minor
#3110 ManyToMany filter_interface widget renders incorrectly in IE 6 when the field is in a fieldset with class collapse xian Bug contrib.admin newforms-admin Normal
#3202 [patch] Faster SelectBox for ManyToMany xian New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#3750 CSS Bug in the Admin interface xian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4198 admin javascript calendar spacing problem xian Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#4641 newforms-admin: fix for displaying field str() value next to raw_id fields xian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4978 Admin DateTimeShortcuts.js ISODate xian Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#5054 Calendar in admin interface doesn't display over dropdowns correctly in IE6 xian contrib.admin master
#5385 [newforms-admin] - inconsistency in admin date fields from javascript xian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5407 raw_id ForeignKey field behaves like a ManyToManyField xian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5476 Image thumbnails on image fields in the admin xian Uncategorized contrib.admin master Normal
#5765 display non_forms error in edit_inline in newforms-admin xian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#6077 simple way to see help_text in edit_inline xian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#6350 CSS issue on changelist page using admin xian contrib.admin master
#22432 Switching model on an M2M field results in a broken db (no change to the automatic through table) Raphaël Barrois Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-1 Release blocker
#22626 SQLite's DatabaseSchemaEditor.quote_value trips on buffer and memoryview instances Raphaël Barrois Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7-beta-2 Release blocker
#23935 DecimalField in admin can show up as Scientific Notation Eric Bug Utilities 1.8alpha1 Release blocker
#24593 Thousand separator not showing in ModelAdmin.readonly_fields Eric Bug contrib.admin 1.7 Normal
#26073 Last-Modified http header not set to the latest last-mod in multi-maps sitemaps Eric Bug contrib.sitemaps 1.9 Normal
#26079 add prefered/default protocol in the sites framework Eric New feature contrib.sites master Normal
#5284 never_cache decorator is not documented Fernando Gutierrez Documentation master
#5462 Add PE (Peruvian) localflavor Fernando Gutierrez contrib.localflavor master
#23350 mod_wsgi authentication/authorization docs result in extra memory usage Daniel Craigmile Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.6 Normal
#24839 In templates/builtins documentation, the listing of 'django.contrib.webdesign' should note that it is deprecated in 1.8 wsot Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8 Normal
#19775 database configuration without "default" not supported Warren Smith Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#20693 Add timezone support to built-in time filter Warren Smith New feature Template system master Normal
#18972 Refactor bundled WSGI server's chuking logic woodm Bug HTTP handling master Normal
#20051 Missing info in tutorial page 2 woodm Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.5 Normal
#13137 GenericForeignKey does not allow content type PK 0 woodlee Bug contrib.contenttypes master Normal
#10932 Allow Min() on CharFields on postgres Greg Wogan-Browne New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 Normal
#12464 Empty PATH_INFO causes blank SCRIPT_NAME Greg Wogan-Browne Bug HTTP handling master Normal
#12889 Using annotation unexpectedly returns DecimalFields as floats Greg Wogan-Browne Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#13844 Errors when using character fields for aggregation Greg Wogan-Browne Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2 Normal
#14384 Installation documentation should avoid sys.path.append Greg Wogan-Browne Documentation 1.2
#14462 Aggregates default to the database type instead of the field type Greg Wogan-Browne Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2 Normal
#14493 Typo in model instance documentation re ValidationError message_dict attribute Greg Wogan-Browne Documentation master
#14531 Add validate_unique flag to ModelForm.Meta Greg Wogan-Browne Forms 1.2
#14879 Aggregates (Min, Max) for CharField fails with Postgresql Greg Wogan-Browne Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24997 Allow bulk_create with proxy inheritance William Schwartz New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#14131 The pagination module should have some limit, or a warning should be given in the documentation Daniel Jilg Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#6349 HttpResponseUnauthorized is missing winsley@… Uncategorized HTTP handling master Normal
#25928 Documentation on THOUSAND_SEPARATOR and NUMBER_GROUPING is still misleading Wingston SHaron Bug Documentation master Normal
#16837 updated error message when logging in into the admin fails because is_staff is False Wim Feijen Bug contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#8162 Increase max_length wilsoniya Bug contrib.auth master Normal
#98 Pretty CSS for PHILOSOPHY sections in docs Wilson Miner enhancement Documentation normal
#148 Add some padding to the bottom of div#content-main Wilson Miner defect * trivial
#210 Some tables are unreadable due to white text on white background Wilson Miner defect * normal
#509 We need a "Powered by Django" button Wilson Miner task Database layer (models, ORM) major
#542 [patch] Add an "or cancel" link to add, edit, and delete admin views. Wilson Miner enhancement contrib.admin trivial
#638 changelist table is too wide on pages with filter sidebar Wilson Miner defect contrib.admin normal
#744 `NullBooleanField` should show an icon in the admin listing rather than "None" Wilson Miner task Generic views trivial
#1019 weird formatting problem with admin on Camino Wilson Miner defect contrib.admin normal
#1615 Badges only available in GIF Wilson Miner enhancement * trivial
#1620 [magic-removal] form ul.inline floats broken for IE 6 Wilson Miner defect contrib.admin magic-removal normal
#2055 [patch] In some languages the text at the login page of the admin page partly disappears Wilson Miner defect contrib.admin master normal
#2072 the changelists.css file references two styles which are not defined : _height & _margin-right Wilson Miner defect Generic views normal
#9492 Invalid XHTML in admin/base.html template Wilson Miner contrib.admin 1.0
#9648 Admin extrastyle template block wrapped in [ifIE] css condition Wilson Miner Template system master
#26994 Remove blank line after template have been rendered william1835 Cleanup/optimization Template system master Normal
#15277 TypeError in ogrinspect geodjango gis willi Bug GIS 1.2 Normal
#22023 .values() followed by defer() or only() results invalid data or crash wiget Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#21230 Remove usage of direct settings manipulation in Django's tests Huu Nguyen Cleanup/optimization Testing framework master Normal
#22602 Complete test coverage for makemigrations command Huu Nguyen Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.7-beta-2 Normal
#22661 MakeMigrationTests placed inside MigrateTests class Huu Nguyen Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.7-beta-2 Normal
#22791 makemigrations interactive questioner ignores app labels Huu Nguyen Cleanup/optimization Migrations master Normal
#22862 makemigrations --merge broken because --noinput isn't registered Huu Nguyen Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-2 Release blocker
#5550 write docs about the 404.html & 500.html files. whiskybar Documentation master
#5852 Setting models.NullBooleanField(null=True, blank=True) whiskybar Forms master
#17933 "Writing documentation" needs link to check out documentation Thomas Westfeld Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#18411 Slightly misleading paragraph in documentation about HttpRequest Thomas Westfeld Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#27446 Addition of `readonly` option to ModelField to allow database generated fields Ben Cole New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
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#10284 ModelFormSet - objects are deleted even if commit=False Wedg Bug Forms master Normal
#24520 Add documentation for supports_microseconds widget property wdmgsm Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.7 Normal
#25382 Documentation makes reference to non-existent class. Wayne Merry Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8 Normal
#2910 [patch] Add extension support to Markdown filter Waylan Limberg enhancement Contrib apps master normal
#11625 Comment moderation through admin actions Waylan Limberg contrib.comments master
#7885 Prevent duplicates in fields and fieldsets declarations wamberg contrib.admin master
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