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#6183 [patch] Support help_text with ManyToMany field widgets acdha contrib.admin 1.2
#11058 list_display_links doesn't allow callables not defined in the model acdha contrib.admin master
#12957 Add scope=col to admin change_list_results.html (Accessibility) acdha contrib.admin 1.2
#12959 SelectFilter2: alt text for filter button acdha contrib.admin 1.2
#13149 ForeignKeyRawIdWidget doesn't handle invalid values acdha contrib.admin 1.2
#14868 admin: prevent long text from overflowing recent actions box acdha contrib.admin 1.2
#15008 Convert admin views to use TemplateResponse acdha Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#15010 TemplateResponse: add current_app parameter for RequestContext acdha Template system master
#15206 Group: use select_related for permissions on admin change_form acdha Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth master Normal
#17828 Admin should not handle IncorrectLookupParameters if settings.DEBUG is set acdha Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.4-beta-1 Release blocker
#26165 Add an FAQ that explains why Django's CSRF isn't vulnerable acemaster Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#24972 Removing unique_together constraint makes migration fail on Django 1.8.2 with MySQL adambrenecki Bug Migrations 1.9 Release blocker
#23830 Make expired session clearing on database backend scale better adamchainz Cleanup/optimization contrib.sessions master Normal
#24609 Concat on MySQL doesn't need the coalesce step adamchainz Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#24846 MySQL Migration SchemaEditor default code is ignorant of other blob/text data types adamchainz Bug Migrations 1.8 Normal
#24866 Add CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function to db.functions adamchainz New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24894 Add CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function to contrib.postgres adamchainz New feature contrib.postgres 1.8 Normal
#18255 Inconsistent data type for BigIntegerField after calling full_clean() adamduren Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.4 Normal
#6799 Update to truncate words methods to make them more callable adamfast Contrib apps master
#12930 Merge contrib.gis docs into Django docs tree adamfast GIS master
#6434 auto_now and auto_now_add documentation adamnelson Documentation master
#9431 UNIQUE index on VARCHAR(256+) causes failure on MySQL 5.0 with InnoDB tables, a slightly higher threshold for MyISAM adamnelson Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#9465 Change API Ref Docs adamnelson Documentation 1.0
#16134 django.db.models.fields.Field instance can not be compared with None adamsc64 Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#1412 [patch] ado_mssql queries broken adamv defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#5947 Minimal MS Sql Server patch for syncdb adamv Database layer (models, ORM) master
#6181 Document `django.views.decorators.http` adamv Documentation master
#14758 QuerySet method docs headings contain entire method signatures adamv Documentation 1.2
#23387 Error when saving inline formsets as new after a validation error. adamzap Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#24374 IncludeNode should use Template._render rather than Template.render adamzap Cleanup/optimization Template system master Normal
#24621 request.session.pop's second param is not documented adamzap Bug Documentation 1.8 Normal
#26764 Session.cycle_key() throws Exception if the session hasn't been accessed adamzap Cleanup/optimization contrib.sessions 1.8 Normal
#27028 Clarify failed parallel tests run message adamzap Cleanup/optimization Testing framework master Normal
#26062 Adding Http 451 to Django adminq80 New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#3 Convert OneToOne to be like ForeignKey and ManyToManyField adrian enhancement Metasystem normal
#5 Add a cache=NUM_SECONDS argument to QuerySet adrian enhancement Metasystem normal
#6 Remove has_related_links option from models adrian defect Metasystem minor
#7 Patch: Changelist date range filters don't maintain state as expected adrian defect contrib.admin minor
#10 Ordered objects should have API access to their order number adrian task Validators minor
#11 replaces_module should handle "admin" more intelligently adrian defect Metasystem minor
#12 Add metasystem database-check functionality adrian Metasystem normal
#14 PIE-IN-THE-SKY: Add spell-check capability to admin textareas adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#15 Metasystem unique_together doesn't work for an object that's related inline adrian defect Metasystem normal
#16 Create some form of "edit many at once" feature for the admin adrian contrib.admin normal
#18 Metasystem optimization: Don't select duplicate fields adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#19 Automatically generate JavaScript form validation adrian enhancement Validators new-admin minor
#20 "Add another" for many-to-many relationships adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#21 FileUploadField should allow for manual filename entry adrian enhancement contrib.admin trivial
#22 [patch] FileUploadField should allow for clearing the field adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#28 Delete confirmation should have "replace relationships" shortcut adrian enhancement Metasystem normal
#30 django-admin shouldn't copy "." directories from the template. adrian defect Tools 1.0 normal
#34 Tutorial Import and Attribute errors while using MySQL. adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#35 init problem for postgresql 8.0.3/win32 adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 blocker
#36 how do I config the apache+mod_python? adrian defect Core (Other) 1.0 normal
#39 Get working in all MySQL versions adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) major
#40 Attempt to set a many to many relation throws exception unless model specifies ordering. adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) major
#41 allow for multiple user identities with access rights to the database adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#42 OneToOneField missing from DATA_TYPES dict adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#43 link to icon_searchbox.png is broken adrian defect contrib.admin 1.0 minor
#46 Refactor DATE_TRUNC() and EXTRACT() database code for MySQL adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#48 Unit tests for MySQL support adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#49 Remove references to from the code adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#51 Create add_* methods for objects with a many-to many-relationship adrian enhancement Metasystem 1.0 normal
#53 sqlclear fails with entries in auth_permissions tables adrian defect Tools normal
#55 add a logger to django adrian defect Tools normal
#58 Creating user from interactive interpreter doesn't work with MySQL adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#59 Hard-coded references to password_change and logout adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#60 Built in webserver adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#61 [patch] auth.User admin form shouldn't require people to edit hashes adrian enhancement contrib.admin master normal
#62 Change tutorial to use easy development server, not mod_python adrian enhancement Documentation normal
#63 Factor django.core.handlers into subclasses to remove duplicate code adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#64 Add cache middleware adrian enhancement Core (Cache system) normal
#66 [patch] Give views access to application root from urlconf adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#67 Make specifying 'human-readable' name optional. adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#69 Enhancing the MySQL backend adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#72 Django should add charset info to output HTTP headers adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#74 add templates into SVN adrian defect * normal
#75 Add support for recursive ManyToManyFields adrian defect Metasystem normal
#76 Development server should serve admin images, too adrian defect Tools normal
#77 The PostgreSQL code should use schemas instead of prefixes for namespaces. adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) minor
#78 Add a test suite for core functionality adrian enhancement Tools normal
#79 Unable to run admin interface via stand-alone server adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#80 Browsing to fails when running runserver adrian defect contrib.admin critical
#81 Setting primary_key=True on an non-integer field isn't yet supported adrian defect contrib.admin major
#82 Config snippet for mod_python users doing tutorial 3 adrian defect Core (Other) trivial
#83 Spelling error in Environment not found exception adrian defect Core (Other) trivial
#84 Foreign keys don't work in MySQL adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) major
#85 Admin login doesn't work with Konqueror adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#86 Custom External TemplateTag module adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#87 [patch] Oracle database support adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#88 Configuration should be more forgiving to users who forget the trailing comma. adrian defect Core (Other) trivial
#89 DateTimeFields with auto_now_add = True in admin adrian defect contrib.admin 1.1 minor
#90 Add " inspectdb" option adrian enhancement Tools normal
#91 A (possible) cleaner ORM fields description adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#92 Make meta.Admin.fields optional adrian defect Metasystem normal
#93 django-admin startproject can create invalid settings/ on windows adrian defect Tools major
#94 Mysterious error adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#95 Encourage people to change the TAMPER_SECRET adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#97 Refactor so it only contains command-line interface code adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#99 enhance model "ordering" to reduce redundancy for multiple same-order fields adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
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