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#25561 dumpdata command cannot understand a dotted app name though INSTALLED_APPS allows it. nobody Bug Utilities 1.7 Normal
#25570 Using a templatetag in a Python file in a project template causes an Exception nobody Bug Utilities 1.8 Normal
#25743 Optimize formats.localize(_input) nobody Cleanup/optimization Utilities master Normal
#25769 Update utils.version.get_version() for new release candidate naming scheme nobody Cleanup/optimization Utilities master Normal
#25822 Create require_HEAD, require_OPTIONS, require_PUT, etc. in django.views.decorators.http CrazyPython New feature Utilities 1.8 Normal
#25929 render_to_response with RequestContext problem nobody Bug Utilities 1.9 Normal
#26113 Django 1.9 DateTimeField issue with MySQL 5.6+ and MySQL Connector/Python nobody Bug Utilities 1.9 Normal
#26122 copy.copy() broken with SimpleLazyObject in 1.8.5 benjaminjkraft Bug Utilities 1.8 Release blocker
#26173 localize_input() shouldn't put thousands separator in boolean values mmarksnippety Bug Utilities Normal
#26193 urlize doesn't handle extra punctuation after the link properly nobody Bug Utilities 1.8 Normal
#26209 Hide lowercase sensitive setting francoisfreitag New feature Utilities master Normal
#26281 Improve utils.formats.date_format() error message when using time formatting with benxy Cleanup/optimization Utilities 1.9 Normal
#26317 django.utils.duration.duration_string() doesn't support negative durations nobody Bug Utilities 1.9 Normal
#26425 SubfieldBase deprecation warning may appear as coming from six nobody Cleanup/optimization Utilities 1.9 Normal
#26902 Add `secure` argument to `is_safe_url()` nobody New feature Utilities master Normal
#27082 Make timezone.localtime() default to when no value is given nobody New feature Utilities 1.10 Normal
#13168 inline-group css class in admin should have text-align:right when in rtl User Experience 1.2-beta
#13235 Better import django after importing settings User Experience master
#13607 Admin date_hierarchy drill-down should auto-initialise to appropriate level DrMeers User Experience master
#15745 Description of DEBUG setting in email is misleading if DEBUG == False. jMyles Bug User Experience 1.3 Normal
#15916 A special logging handler and namespace for runserver output nobody New feature User Experience 1.3 Normal
#2437 [patch] Quick Copy to pastebin ekarulf enhancement Uncategorized master normal
#3245 error on windows when installing from a second level directory nobody defect Uncategorized normal
#3338 build_rpm problems jacob Uncategorized master
#3347 wiki page DjangoPoweredSites needs reverted jacob Uncategorized master
#3348 Reopen #1961 jacob Uncategorized master
#3363 Please reopen a few tickets jacob Uncategorized master
#3365 Error in permission docs jacob Uncategorized master
#3381 [PATCH] make read PYTHONSTARTUP deryck Bug Uncategorized 1.2 Normal
#3385 "Template inheritance" from "design philosophies" jacob Uncategorized master
#3415 django allows invalid TIME_ZONE in nobody Uncategorized master
#3419 exception value not html-escaped in exception view nobody Uncategorized 0.95
#3428 [full-history] Small fixes to the code nobody Uncategorized other branch
#3477 Changeset 4485 broke django? jacob Uncategorized master
#3478 Installation Question jacob Uncategorized 0.95
#3524 Models: Sub String for a character field jacob Uncategorized master
#3536 is broken in (at least) r4549 on (at least) Win32 jacob Uncategorized master
#3551 Django scripts should have associated bash complete entries jacob Uncategorized master
#3552 Unable to connect with webdav/ dreamweaver 8 jacob Uncategorized master
#3572 We've Listed Django Code on jacob Uncategorized master
#3586 Only add the Vary: Cookie header when the request actually varies on the cookie jacob Uncategorized master
#3610 broken link in django-admin.txt jacob Uncategorized master
#3611 [multi-db] select_related stuck in recursive loop jacob Uncategorized master
#3612 [multi-db] select_related stuck in recursive loop jacob Uncategorized master
#3631 the built-in truncatewords filter can't deal with chinese jacob Uncategorized master
#3677 Installation tries to download setuptools but gets 404 jacob Uncategorized master
#3682 View/Page Caching jacob Uncategorized master
#3704 Localization stuff & humanize improvements jacob Uncategorized master
#3708 possible incompatibility with edit inline and python 2.5.1rc1 jacob Uncategorized master
#3710 django won't test a views-only app jacob Uncategorized master
#3767 get_object_or_404() -- Raise Http404 with reason jacob Uncategorized master
#3783 Small issue with tutorial jacob Uncategorized master
#3784 No (obvious) way to restrict an entire site to logged in users jacob Uncategorized 0.95
#3808 Typos in cache middleware and 'if' templatetag comments jacob Uncategorized master
#3820 DebugCursorWrapper not working on Oracle jacob Uncategorized other branch
#3834 dispatcher.connect and custom parameters jacob Uncategorized master
#3875 Addition of HttpResponseBadRequest (HTTP Status code 400) jacob Uncategorized master
#3942 Trim leading slash from request.path on debug 404 page jacob Uncategorized master
#3944 django.core.urlresolvers.reverse_helper doesn't support full regex syntax jacob Uncategorized master
#3949 Importing and displaying XML Feeds jacob Uncategorized master
#3964 SortedDict string representation not in order of keys jacob Uncategorized master
#3996 [unicode][patch] NodeList and smart_str prefer __str__ to __unicode__ mtredinnick Uncategorized other branch
#4021 [unicode][patch] initial sql with non-ascii strings not imported jacob Uncategorized other branch
#4022 Problem with select fields and foreign keys jacob Uncategorized 0.96
#4062 ffffffffffffffffffffffff anonymous Uncategorized master
#4077 databrowse templates not packed in jacob Uncategorized master
#4093 Oracle BooleanFields display 1/0 instead of True/False jacob Uncategorized other branch
#4109 [unicode][patch] Convert contrib models to use __unicode__ for representation jacob Uncategorized other branch
#4152 [unicode] Unicode-aware translation mtredinnick Uncategorized other branch
#4161 [unicode] Convert oldforms mtredinnick Uncategorized other branch
#4211 FloatFields are not actually Floats jacob Uncategorized master
#4215 Missing import in Oracle database jacob Uncategorized other branch
#4230 oi jacob Uncategorized master
#4249 [unicode] views/ did not read encoding (# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-) mtredinnick Uncategorized other branch
#4262 Translate Make App Names jacob Uncategorized master
#4263 Insert select item from a collection into templates jacob Uncategorized master
#4264 Images in flatpages jacob Uncategorized master
#4266 [unicode] str2smart_str mtredinnick Uncategorized master
#4274 Spaces for indentation jacob Uncategorized master
#4300 views/ exc_value might contain unkown encodings jacob Uncategorized master
#4310 strip_entities bug jacob Uncategorized master
#4329 image generation by ReportLab jacob Uncategorized master
#4332 IsRequired validation should strip whitespace nobody Uncategorized master
#4349 is_valid vs is_valid() in newforms.txt doc jacob Uncategorized master
#4352 How to distinguish hight quality Supplier jacob Uncategorized master
#4356 Problem with Template library django.template.loader_tag - SVN Version 5311 jacob Uncategorized Uncategorized 0.96 Normal
#4372 "Skipping validation" in missing newline jacob Uncategorized master
#4374 custom sql fails with triggers and sqlite jacob Uncategorized 0.96
#4376 login_required doesn't work with bound methods nobody Uncategorized master
#4419 Wrong link in 0.95 documentation overview jacob Uncategorized master
#4453 url pattern name can contain dots, but reverse('') will always fail jacob Uncategorized master
#4458 wep jacob Uncategorized master
#4484 traceback in django/middleware/ caused by empty old_url jacob Uncategorized
#4493 [unicode] django.contrib.redirects doesn't work with unicode branch mtredinnick Uncategorized other branch
#4514 0.97-pre raises error with DateTime when the field is set to UNIQUE nobody Uncategorized master
#4515 django.views.static.serve() redirects (HTTP code 302) to the wrong location when the path to the static file is "normalized" nobody Uncategorized master
#4550 Database protection: Table locking jacob Uncategorized master
#4575 Link not found jacob Uncategorized master
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