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#3816 typo in Sessions docs jacob Documentation master
#3818 Expose chosen settings to default context processor. adrian Core (Other) master
#3819 Release notes 0.96 has a 404 jacob * master
#3821 [patch] newforms.fields ChoiceField & MultipleChoiceField should honor widget overrides in subclasses adrian Forms master
#3822 does not quote index names adrian Core (Management commands) master
#3823 Updated es_AR translations hugo Translations master
#3824 Update Japanese(ja) translation file for trunk hugo Translations master
#3825 crash on sorting on foreign key with default ordering desc adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3826 `{% with %}` template tag adrian Template system master
#3827 Correct Plural Form for words that end in "y". adrian Core (Management commands) master
#3828 request.path leads to confusion/errors inside templates and may open XSS attacks nobody Template system master
#3831 new behaviour for include - tag adrian Template system master
#3832 i18n of application names in admin adrian contrib.admin master
#3833 FastCGI apache setup should mention using Pass Through in case of a proxied media server jacob Documentation master
#3834 dispatcher.connect and custom parameters jacob Uncategorized master
#3837 add in markdown system adrian Template system master
#3838 stringformat filter allows trailing non-format characters but not leading characters nobody Template system master
#3840 "Settings file" is unclear in modpython docs. jacob Documentation master
#3841 ManyToMany field can be empty even if required=True adrian Forms master
#3842 Unclear wording in mod_python docs jacob Documentation master
#3843 setting up django with mod_python and apache. jacob Documentation master
#3845 Add db_index to FlatPages 'url' field adrian Contrib apps master
#3846 wrong names in variables. startapp rutine adrian Core (Management commands) master
#3847 Add Finnish localflavor adrian Contrib apps master
#3848 Image validator: fails to spot image truncation or corruption nobody Core (Other) master
#3849 Saving edit_inline OneToOneField is broken in admin nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3851 unique_together with an empty value for a ForeignKey nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3852 [patch] newforms SelectDateWidget fails to display saved values correctly, lacks 'blank' choices nobody Forms master
#3853 Add svn:ignore property to several directories adrian Tools master
#3854 DO_NOT_SAVE_LATER after data processing from one field sets related objects nobody contrib.admin master
#3855 Typo in docs/testing.txt jacob Documentation master
#3856 link to 0.95 version on installation document is broken jacob Documentation master
#3857 Table quick reference for FileField docs jacob Documentation master
#3860 AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'myapp' adrian Uncategorized Contrib apps master Normal
#3861 it localflavor adrian contrib.formtools master
#3862 it localflavor adrian contrib.formtools master
#3863 it localflavor adrian contrib.formtools master
#3864 it localflavor adrian contrib.formtools master
#3865 it localflavor adrian contrib.formtools master
#3866 it localflavor adrian contrib.localflavor master
#3868 traceback when trying to attach image file to ticket jacob * master
#3869 newforms form.errors.__all__ cannot render adrian Forms master
#3870 a couple widgets not passing along attrs to render() adrian Forms master
#3871 Use custom managers in reverse relations v1v3kn New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3872 Bug in SetRemoteAddrFromForwardedFor middleware gregorth Core (Other) master
#3873 Admin interface showing empty values nobody contrib.admin master
#3874 setting fk model field to editable=False produces error when using generic create adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3875 Addition of HttpResponseBadRequest (HTTP Status code 400) jacob Uncategorized master
#3876 Add Australian localflavor adrian Contrib apps master
#3877 Newforms and i18n bug hugo Internationalization master
#3879 Add Norwegian localflavor adrian Contrib apps master
#3880 django.db.connection does not implement DB-API jacob Documentation master
#3882 Add Brazilian localflavor adrian Contrib apps master
#3883 Add documentation for LocalFlavor nickefford Documentation master
#3884 humanize filter `intcomma` should be renamed to `numcomma` adrian Uncategorized Contrib apps master Normal
#3886 DB_API, Meta options -> unique_together: List of lists or tuple of tuples? jacob Documentation master
#3887 [patch] error in doku for with-tag adrian Core (Other) master
#3888 Allow {# comment #} tag to be multiline adrian Template system master
#3889 incorrect anchor on link jacob Documentation master
#3890 localflavor: Add US Social Security number field adrian Forms master
#3891 CursorDebugWrapper unicode problems adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3892 Django should implement PEP-87082 and become self-aware. jacob Core (Cache system) master
#3893 inspectdb correction(introspect) jacob Documentation master
#3894 ManyToMany breaks in admin on python 2.3 adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3895 archive_index should have template_object_name nobody Generic views master
#3896 pass value to field specific clean function nobody Forms master
#3897 Add German localflavor adrian Contrib apps master
#3898 reinstate the model field type css classes to form elements generated with newforms' as_* methods. nobody Forms master
#3900 ImportError: cannot import name templatize hugo Internationalization master
#3901 Translation pt_BR hugo Translations master
#3902 Add installation docs for Windows users nobody Documentation master
#3903 favicon.ico jacob * master
#3904 UnicodeDecodeError with RadioSelect and funky characters adrian Forms master
#3905 app name incorrectly reported in syncdb output adrian Core (Other) master
#3907 LocaleMiddleware allows locale from user browser that don't exists in nobody Internationalization master
#3908 Localflavor BR updated adrian Contrib apps master
#3909 Two little suggestions for the django-admin docs jacob Documentation master
#3911 Change wording on documentation overview (get old docs...) to reflect 0.96 release. jacob * master
#3912 Slovak (sk) translation update hugo Internationalization master
#3913 Error in FAQ jacob Documentation master
#3914 Self-referencing keys in the list_display kills development server with no error thrown nobody contrib.admin master
#3915 loaddata doesn't update table sequence numbers under Postgres russellm Core (Serialization) master
#3916 tutorial part 2 documentation for admin gives wrong guidance about content jacob Documentation master
#3917 Blurb at bottom of doc pages contains "documentmentation" jacob Documentation master
#3918 Incorrect date/time display in admin/change history when USE_I18N = False mtredinnick Internationalization master
#3919 Add DEIdentityCardNumberField to German localflavor adrian Contrib apps master
#3920 Description in Atom Feed not showing adrian Contrib apps master
#3922 formfield_callback in form_for_model also changes refering model PhiR Forms master
#3923 [unicode] does not work well with unicode strings mtredinnick Internationalization master
#3925 Slovak localflavor adrian contrib.localflavor master
#3926 [patch] typo in forms.css: colM .aligned .vXMLLargeTextField adrian contrib.admin master
#3927 FastCGI Unhandled Exception adrian runserver master
#3928 FastCGI Unhandled Exception adrian runserver master
#3929 newforms textarea widget produces invalid HTML by default adrian Forms master
#3930 LocalflavorBR updated adrian Contrib apps master
#3931 Very small and not important typo in forms tests adrian Testing framework master
#3932 Fixed translation errors for ES hugo Translations master
#3933 Update "How to read the documentation" page to reflect move from FreeComment to Trac jacob Documentation master
#3935 typo in jacob Documentation master
#3936 Setting database for testing jacob Documentation master
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