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#12275 small naming fix for django's sphinx documentation nobody Documentation 1.1
#12278 Doc bug: django.utils.translation.string_concat does not take list as argument nobody Documentation 1.1
#12279 prepare_database_save in add_update_fields makes some custom fields be impossible. nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12280 working with forms example should include editing an existing instance ecabuk Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.1 Normal
#12283 Inclusion tags should handle arguments not present in the context gracefully nobody Template system 1.1
#12284 Inclusion tags should handle arguments not present in the context gracefully nobody Template system 1.1
#12285 Confusing error message when ModelForm does not have model set kmtracey Forms 1.1
#12286 Table for Model that has been proxied may not be created nobody Uncategorized Core (Management commands) 1.1 Normal
#12290 Give an example for a default ordering of built-in Django middleware nobody Documentation 1.1
#12294 Exception info caught in django/template/ should be propagated nobody Template system 1.1
#12295 A formset with no forms does not call self.clean() when self.is_valid() is called. nobody Forms 1.1
#12296 optional reverse model relation nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12297 Faulty example in DB query documentation (Making queries) nobody Documentation 1.1
#12298 documentation flaw, many to many inline nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12299 Inconsistency in Tutorial, part 3. nobody Documentation 1.1
#12301 Template adds extra characters when using utf8 file encoding nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12302 Exception with utf8 message leads to DjangoUnicodeDecodeError nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12303 SplitDateTimeWidget disregards required=False nobody Forms 1.1
#12304 modelForm/unique_together error 'Foo bar with this None and None already exists.' ramiro Forms 1.1
#12305 order_by problem nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12306 Checkbox (label, field) ordering nobody New feature Forms 1.1 Normal
#12310 Error in "cycle" template tag example nobody Documentation 1.1
#12313 Mention some cautions in section overriding delete() nobody Documentation 1.1
#12314 DateField was incorrectly handled nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12315 DateField incorrectly handled by administration site nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12320 Translations hints in HTML are lost in PO file nobody Internationalization 1.1
#12322 Improve FastCGI documentation nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.1 Normal
#12325 Allow value of zero for moderate_after and close_after gabrielhurley contrib.comments 1.1
#12326 Spelling, /en/dev/intro/tutorial04 nobody Documentation 1.1
#12327 Internationalization documentation specifies common middleware after session middleware nobody Documentation 1.1
#12328 subqueries in django 1.1 behave oddly marcosmoyano Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12329 "template" view decorator, allows to completely isolate views from templates nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12330 Tutorials Page 2 missing 'from django.contrib import admin' in nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12334 GeoQuerySet creates invalid SQL on calls to `__nonzero__` or `__len__` nobody GIS 1.1
#12339 ContentType update could cascade deletes to generic foreign keys, causing data loss nobody Contrib apps 1.1
#12341 unique_error_message() assumes field has label attribute, generates bad error message if not nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12342 Memcached documentation lists deprecated client. nobody Documentation 1.1
#12343 dbshell fails to launch mysql for unix socket nobody Core (Management commands) 1.1
#12346 Docs should cover validaton of model inline formsets nobody Bug Documentation 1.1 Normal
#12347 Adds support to urllist.txt in django.contrib.sitemaps jezdez New feature contrib.sitemaps 1.1 Normal
#12348 ForeignKeyRawIdWidget doesn't catch ObjectDoesNotExist when raw_id is illegal nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12349 object_id is not unquoted in history view nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12350 Typo on /en/dev/intro/tutorial04 nobody Documentation 1.1
#12351 GenericRelatedObjectManager get() and get_or_create() should behave like create() nobody Contrib apps 1.1
#12357 Bosnian base translation: including minimal base .po file in django Options nobody Translations 1.1
#12359 db/models/fields/ hardcodes m2m help_text for select widget nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12360 Improve db.models.loading.load_app ImportError handling nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12366 AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE='' nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12369 cStringIO portability niall Documentation 1.1
#12370 Test management command accepts a parameter extra_tests, which defaults to [] kmtracey Testing framework 1.1
#12374 QuerySet .iterator() loads everything into memory anyway nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#12375 updating QueryDict in another dict gives unexpected results. oinopion Bug HTTP handling 1.1 Normal
#12376 Nested blocks don't work inside an ifnotequal tag nobody Template system 1.1
#12381 Shouldn't the pluralize filter consider 0 to be singular? nobody Contrib apps 1.1
#12387 TransactionRollbackError when there are more ForeignKey's to one table nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12394 PDF problems nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12397 FileSystemStorage(location='/') does not work: SuspiciousOperation nobody Bug File uploads/storage 1.1 Normal
#12401 DateField/DateTimeField is not instantiated with Python object until after retrieving from the database nobody Bug Core (Other) 1.1 Normal
#12403 Syndication feeds as class-based views bfirsh contrib.syndication 1.1
#12406 Model Meta ordering bug with manytomany field nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12411 MultiPartParserError: Invalid content length: 0 nobody Core (Other) 1.1
#12412 testing docs could be more helpful regarding posting files gabrielhurley Documentation 1.1
#12414 csrf_token in Part 4 of Tutorial for Version 1.1.1 nobody Documentation 1.1
#12415 wrong parsing of SQL comments in initial SQL data nobody Core (Management commands) 1.1
#12423 Trac fix for the viewing [11952] nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12424 Trac fix for the viewing [11952] nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12425 Typo in the Ukrainian translation jezdez Translations 1.1
#12426 Syntax error in Django Multi-db documentation page nobody Documentation 1.1
#12430 Error mentioned in Understanding the ManagementForm section should link to solution nobody Documentation 1.1
#12431 grammar nobody Documentation 1.1
#12438 use GEOSFree instead of in geos binding. nobody GIS 1.1
#12439 geos and gdal libraries need to be prefixed by 'cyg' under cygwin nobody GIS 1.1
#12440 show_hidden_initial needs to "remember" initial hidden_initial when rendering form from POST data nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12441 Delegate module permissions check to AdminSite nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.1 Normal
#12442 PasswordResetForm ignores TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS nobody Contrib apps 1.1
#12446 multipart/mixed in multipart/form-data New feature File uploads/storage 1.1 Normal
#12447 MutliDB Documentation Errata ('BACKEND' vs 'ENGINE') nobody Documentation 1.1
#12448 UnicodeDecodeError at /admin/jsi18n/ ('ascii', 'j F Y \xd0\xb3.', 6, 7, 'ordinal not in range(128)') jezdez Internationalization 1.1
#12449 Typo in the I18N documentation: when your need you nobody Documentation 1.1
#12451 limit_choices_to with ajax support nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12454 Admin calendar widgets don't work jezdez Internationalization 1.1
#12461 Mistranslation of Polish error message nobody Translations 1.1
#12463 user_passes_test should transfer view_func parameters to test_func nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12465 ’ in title nobody Documentation 1.1
#12469 get_urls docs in ModelAdmin can be extended nobody Documentation 1.1
#12470 django.contrib.messages CookieStorage failing silently in safari when comma is used in message nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12471 Wrong assertion in resolve_aggregate in django.db.models.sql.query nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1 Normal
#12473 i found a bug on blocktrans nobody Template system 1.1
#12475 Confusion between list_display and list_display_links for 'id' field nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#12480 Wrong variable used in databrowse calendar template jezdez contrib.databrowse 1.1
#12483 Error message when Model.__unicode__() returns None nobody New feature Core (Other) 1.1 Normal
#12484 Document that cmemcache is definetly not thread safe nobody Documentation 1.1
#12486 Accessing dict values via a value of a variable as key nobody Template system 1.1
#12487 authenticated user alwayse fetch from database for each request nobody contrib.auth 1.1
#12490 Error in documentation for direct_to_template nobody Documentation 1.1
#12491 help_text for checkbox badly aligned if not on its own line ramiro Bug contrib.admin 1.1 Normal
#12493 settings.configure silently allows TEMPLATE_DIRS configuration error gwilson Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) 1.1 Normal
#12494 'module' object has no attribute when accessing settings nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#12495 Wrong URL for pytextile in contrib.markup docstring nobody Documentation 1.1
#12496 Add code examples to built-in filter docs nobody Documentation 1.1
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