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#3291 [patch] get_absolute_url cannot be encanced with optional parameters, because it gets curried for settings.ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES (used for {% link_to ... %} implementation) nobody enhancement Core (Other) master trivial
#3292 [patch] newforms: allow models to override default widget nobody enhancement Forms master normal
#3293 [patch] newforms: IntegerField should return None on empty adrian defect Forms master normal
#3294 Add as_dict() method to models nobody enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#3297 newforms: Implement FileField and ImageField russellm defect Forms master normal
#3300 newforms Select widget only renders choices once when using generator adrian defect Forms master normal
#3304 [patch] Support "httponly"-attribute in session cookie. nobody enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#3305 Multiple ForeignKeys in same model seems to break inline edits. adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#3309 prepopulate_from JS helper script passes some non latin-1/ascii chars adrian defect contrib.admin master minor
#3310 test does not work if there is not a in the application nobody defect Testing framework master normal
#3315 add german date format to DEFAULT_DATE_INPUT_FORMATS adrian enhancement Forms master normal
#3316 Adding `crypt' to list of password hashes for legacy apps. adrian enhancement Contrib apps master normal
#3317 Typoes in testing.txt jacob Documentation master
#3318 Out of date info on contributing.txt jacob Documentation master
#3319 [patch] documentation missing a couple options jacob Documentation master
#3320 [patch] update simplejson to the 1.5 version jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3321 One more typo in docs/testing.txt jacob Documentation master
#3322 [patch] UnicodeCursorWrapper does not accept dict-style format objects adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3323 Unhelpful error message in case of unresolved string relation ('str' object has no attribute '_meta') nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3324 FloatFields are converted to decimal and simplejson cannot serialize jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3325 Include distribution specific notes jacob Documentation master
#3326 Timeline RSS feed broken nobody * master
#3328 null=True should imply blank=True nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3329 [patch] Catalan translation anonymous Internationalization master
#3330 importing newforms in shell throws AttributeError on URL_VALIDATOR_USER_AGENT adrian Forms master
#3331 Client.login() fails when URL contains character requiring urlencoding adrian Testing framework master
#3332 field.attname should be used rather than using field.column adrian contrib.admin master
#3333 Documentation should use relative links, not hard-coded links jacob Documentation master
#3334 Dynamic Creation of newforms Persists field data adrian Forms master
#3335 Flatpages with DEBUG=False requires 404.html adrian Contrib apps master
#3337 [patch] newforms-fields better calls super(CLASS,self) instead class-method Field adrian Forms master
#3338 build_rpm problems jacob Uncategorized master
#3339 RSS on doesn't work after upgrade jacob * master
#3341 Man pages for executable scripts in django/bin/ jacob Documentation master
#3342 ForeignKey relation doesn't work with newforms form_for_model() save adrian Forms master
#3343 Doctest find() doesn't work for model subpackage (models/ nobody Bug Testing framework master Normal
#3344 newforms UnicodeEncodeError in EmailField on non-successful validation adrian Forms master
#3346 Document that Admin search_fields can be from related models jacob Documentation master
#3347 wiki page DjangoPoweredSites needs reverted jacob Uncategorized master
#3348 Reopen #1961 jacob Uncategorized master
#3349 If an ImportError occurs within some loaders a rather confusing exception is raised. nobody Template system master
#3350 Django should call time.tzset after setting TZ environment variable. anonymous Core (Other) master
#3351 Add block name to endblock (feature request) adrian Template system master
#3352 failing sqlite3 query with error "database or disk is full" adrian Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3353 NullBooleanField is not translated hugo Translations master
#3354 Tutorial pages on website should direct users to django-users with problems jacob Documentation master
#3355 filter() with related table stomps on extra(tables) adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3356 Ability to turn off new message in the Message framework when using create/edit/delete generic view nobody Generic views master
#3357 Make Django's server optionally multithreaded adrian Uncategorized runserver master Normal
#3360 One Django badge on community page is cut off. jezdez * master
#3361 Create Database Views from the Model nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3362 Add HttpResponseNoContent response type nobody Core (Other) master
#3363 Please reopen a few tickets jacob Uncategorized master
#3364 install.txt states psycopg2 is in beta and recommends psycopg1 jacob Documentation master
#3365 Error in permission docs jacob Uncategorized master
#3366 Replace datatuple with object in send_mass_mail parameters adrian Core (Mail) master
#3367 Overloading save_<fieldname>_file for Filefields and ImageFields broken adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3368 Add USStateField and PhoneNumberfield to django.newforms.fields adrian Forms master
#3369 reverse caching of foreign keys nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3370 [patch] newforms: raises UnicodeEncodeError when form contains any non latin characters adrian Forms master
#3371 Filter to get dict's value by key name (for the purpose of enabling variable lookups in the template) nobody New feature Template system master Normal
#3372 django.contrib.auth.views.password_change is tied to the URL /accounts/login/ adrian Contrib apps master
#3373 verbose_name_plural and internationalization hugo Internationalization master
#3374 Errors on "Save as new" preclude saving a new record adrian contrib.admin master
#3375 [patch] swedish translation update hugo Translations master
#3376 newforms.Form.clean_data is not read-only adrian Forms master
#3377 [patch] Infinite loop in LazyDate adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3378 new template filter to convert datetime from utc to other timezone nobody Uncategorized Template system master Normal
#3379 last_login not updated adrian Core (Other) master
#3380 Add restore/backup action to the admin interface adrian contrib.admin master
#3382 FloatField values get rounded on save() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3383 Images Won't Include adrian Template system master
#3384 Images Won't Include adrian Template system master
#3385 "Template inheritance" from "design philosophies" jacob Uncategorized master
#3386 add PYTHONSTARTUP capability to shell adrian Core (Other) master
#3387 UnicodeEncodeError on contains and icontains adrian Core (Other) master
#3388 [patch] newforms: fails with DoesNotExist exception when form contains ForeignKey field adrian Forms master
#3389 Allow m2m sets to be assigned by primary key value adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3390 Deserializer cannot handle circular and forward references to object instances jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3391 [patch] django.views.generic.list_detail.object_list - add context variables on pagination jacob Generic views master
#3393 login view assumes 'set_test_cookie' has been called jacob Contrib apps master
#3394 min_num_in_admin is ignored for new parent objects adrian contrib.admin master
#3395 UnicodeError with newforms and non-english error messages adrian Forms master
#3396 test_client unittest fails under python 2.3 adrian Testing framework master
#3397 Add tests for 'Allow DB-level ordering by non-fields in changelist view' admin functionality nobody contrib.admin master
#3398 send_mass_mail confused by non-ascii characters adrian Core (Mail) master
#3399 Reports tab isn't highlighted in Trac jacob * master
#3401 [patch] newforms: models.CharField with choices should be displayed as forms.ChoiceField according to oldforms behavior adrian Forms master
#3402 Enable the 'stem' part of the matched URL to be passed to the view adrian Core (Other) master
#3403 smart_unicode unaware of charset setting adrian Forms master
#3404 raw_id_admin does not work when modifying admin interface using 'fields' nobody contrib.admin master
#3405 [patch] newforms: choices checking should unicode choices list before comparing to a value adrian Forms master
#3406 [patch] newforms: choices checking should unicode choices list before comparing to a value adrian Forms master
#3407 [patch] added 'default_next' parameter to django.core.auth.views.login nobody contrib.admin master
#3408 DateField, TimeField, and DateTimeField to_python() handles null values incorrectly adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3409 PasswordInput that doesn't render value in newforms adrian Forms master
#3410 make-messages has warnings while running xgettext on, /contrib/admin/views/, and /utils/ hugo Internationalization master
#3412 Search unicode string in DB adrian Forms master
#3413 You can't use AnonymousUser in the database API adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3414 middleware/ and SCGI bug - string index out of range (caused by missing PATH_INFO) nobody Core (Other) master
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