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#3386 add PYTHONSTARTUP capability to shell adrian Core (Other) master
#3387 UnicodeEncodeError on contains and icontains adrian Core (Other) master
#3388 [patch] newforms: fails with DoesNotExist exception when form contains ForeignKey field adrian Forms master
#3389 Allow m2m sets to be assigned by primary key value adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3390 Deserializer cannot handle circular and forward references to object instances jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3391 [patch] django.views.generic.list_detail.object_list - add context variables on pagination jacob Generic views master
#3393 login view assumes 'set_test_cookie' has been called jacob Contrib apps master
#3394 min_num_in_admin is ignored for new parent objects adrian contrib.admin master
#3395 UnicodeError with newforms and non-english error messages adrian Forms master
#3396 test_client unittest fails under python 2.3 adrian Testing framework master
#3397 Add tests for 'Allow DB-level ordering by non-fields in changelist view' admin functionality nobody contrib.admin master
#3398 send_mass_mail confused by non-ascii characters adrian Core (Mail) master
#3399 Reports tab isn't highlighted in Trac jacob * master
#3401 [patch] newforms: models.CharField with choices should be displayed as forms.ChoiceField according to oldforms behavior adrian Forms master
#3402 Enable the 'stem' part of the matched URL to be passed to the view adrian Core (Other) master
#3403 smart_unicode unaware of charset setting adrian Forms master
#3404 raw_id_admin does not work when modifying admin interface using 'fields' nobody contrib.admin master
#3405 [patch] newforms: choices checking should unicode choices list before comparing to a value adrian Forms master
#3406 [patch] newforms: choices checking should unicode choices list before comparing to a value adrian Forms master
#3407 [patch] added 'default_next' parameter to django.core.auth.views.login nobody contrib.admin master
#3408 DateField, TimeField, and DateTimeField to_python() handles null values incorrectly adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3409 PasswordInput that doesn't render value in newforms adrian Forms master
#3410 make-messages has warnings while running xgettext on, /contrib/admin/views/, and /utils/ hugo Internationalization master
#3412 Search unicode string in DB adrian Forms master
#3413 You can't use AnonymousUser in the database API adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3414 middleware/ and SCGI bug - string index out of range (caused by missing PATH_INFO) nobody Core (Other) master
#3415 django allows invalid TIME_ZONE in nobody Uncategorized master
#3416 Model API documentation section 'Modifying initial Manager QuerySets' misleads about Admin behaviour nobody contrib.admin master
#3418 MSSQL and OverflowError for django/utils/ nobody Tools master
#3420 validate [app] should display line numbers for syntax errors nobody Core (Management commands) master
#3421 URLField does not validate IP addresses, or localhost nobody Forms master
#3422 url configuration: include in combination with extra options messes up reverse resolving nobody New feature Core (Other) master Normal
#3425 admin with edit_inline deleting data nobody contrib.admin master
#3426 FileField / ImageField - old files left around adrian Core (Other) master
#3427 newforms: add readonly support to widgets adrian Forms master
#3429 [patch] update for german translations hugo Translations master
#3430 Label rendering in newforms adrian Forms master
#3431 Adding English plural 's' in Admin is offensive and weakens credibility adrian contrib.admin master
#3432 doesn't like unicode data adrian Core (Other) master
#3433 Use javascript to add more items when using edit_in_line on a ForeignKey adrian contrib.admin master
#3435 Can't serialize to file stream jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3436 Don't fetch Field's choices on form/manipulator creation nobody Core (Other) master
#3437 djang.http.HttpResponse logic for _is_string is invalid adrian Core (Other) master
#3438 django.db.models.base.__init__ refactoring adrian Core (Other) master
#3439 django.dispatch.* is grossly slow adrian Core (Other) master
#3441 django.template.VariableDoesNotExist.__init__ prototype forces work to be done up front that is typically thrown away adrian Template system master
#3442 [patch] ChoiceField should allow for nested choice sets thejaswi_puthraya Forms master
#3443 Please update my entry in Authors jacob Documentation master
#3444 Symmetrical Many-to-Many all() failing adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3445 all caching-related code should be collected into its own cache application nobody Core (Other) master
#3446 use a standard utililty function for importing a module from a string gregorth Core (Other) master
#3447 Attempt to add new inline-edited item in admin interface results in ProgrammingError ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "". Used to work in older SVN snapshot. adrian contrib.admin master
#3448 python help() parsing problem for django.core.mail jacob Documentation master
#3449 rev 4460 test failures adrian Testing framework master
#3450 Make IntegrityError available from django.db adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3451 [patch] Small fix to Finnish translation hugo Translations master
#3452 Need mechanism for disabling exception supression when running in test context adrian Testing framework master
#3453 resolve_variable usage leads to redundant work jacob Template system master
#3454 sqlite backend is using row_factory when it should be using text_factory adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3455 Documentation for "choices" should mention "get_FOO_display" jacob Documentation master
#3456 rendering help_text in newforms adrian Forms master
#3457 Allow overriding of error message for each newforms Field type nobody Forms master
#3459 SET TIME ZONE called too often for postgresql_psycopg2 backend adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3460 Allow configuration of postgresql_psycopg2 isolation level mtredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3462 model objects can fail during save nobody Generic views master
#3463 EmptyQuerySet's iterator() method does not return a generator adrian Core (Other) master
#3465 template variable list-index lookup on an unsubscriptable object raises TypeError adrian Template system master
#3466 'fields' and 'stream' options not working for json serializer jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3467 "Search docs via Google" should search only the documentation directory, not the entire site. jacob * master
#3468 Trivial - Typo in django/template/ (self.mgs instead of self.msg) adrian Template system master
#3469 Django.utils is not documented Rupe Documentation master
#3470 related data injection for related managers to reduce number of queries nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3471 Bad error message for misspelled query adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3472 Convince send_mail to not base64-encode the email adrian Core (Mail) master
#3473 Comments Karma creation broken adrian contrib.comments master
#3474 Allow regex flags to be specified in url dispatcher nobody Core (Other) master
#3475 Creating apps with certain names causes to stop working nobody Core (Management commands) master
#3476 QuerySet UserProfile.objects.all().order_by('user.last_name') adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3477 Changeset 4485 broke django? jacob Uncategorized master
#3479 Passing external data to Form objects in newforms adrian Forms master
#3480 sqlreset drops more tables than it should for GenericRelations to separate apps nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3482 MultipleChoiceField validation against a list with a single null element nobody Forms master
#3483 Document AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE nobody Documentation master
#3484 Poor error message (or functionality) when using unsaved models as foreign keys nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3485 Initial SQL fails when data contains a % in it when settings.DEBUG = True nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3486 Cryptic error message adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3487 docs/models/generic_relations is orphaned and "does-not-exist" jacob Documentation master
#3488 DateFormat should have a b() method adrian Tools master
#3489 Altering self.fields in Form.__init__() fails insin Forms master
#3490 [patch] Passing an iterable as choices to newforms. ChoiceField breaks. adrian Forms master
#3491 [newforms-admin] Admin templates use relative links rather than url tag nobody contrib.admin master
#3492 [patch] db.backends.postgres chokes on unicode extra adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3494 German djangojs.po missing two strings (Show/Hide) hugo Translations master
#3495 created_models doesn't match post_syncdb's app adrian Core (Other) master
#3496 WSGI handler dies on a form containing only empty checkboxes nobody Core (Other) master
#3497 Recent code changes RSS doesn't work jacob * master
#3498 Django tutorial lists wrong 'installed apps' entry jacob Documentation master
#3499 Add a "redirect_to" attribute (similar to status_code) to HttpResponseRedirect and HttpResponsePermanentRedirect to help with testing nobody Core (Other) master
#3500 Update Japanese(ja) translation file for trunk(r4525) hugo Translations master
#3501 [patch] sqlite selection on datetime members fail when datefield is null baumer1122 Database layer (models, ORM) master
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