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#13129 A CSS fix for Actions in admin with filtered nobody contrib.admin master
#13130 Delete selected in admin seems broken nobody contrib.admin master
#13131 CheckboxSelectMultiple falls apart when used in admin app nobody contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13133 The "Add another [inline object]" breaks alternating rows' colors in tabular template nobody contrib.admin master
#13146 Remove hardcoded stuff in contrib.admin utku New feature contrib.admin 1.1 Normal
#13149 ForeignKeyRawIdWidget doesn't handle invalid values Chris Adams contrib.admin 1.2
#13157 Action's select from admin site to "delete selected items" doesn't work nobody contrib.admin master
#13163 Display link to change-form on inlines where model is registered in admin site Simon Meers New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13165 Display edit link beside add button for ForeignKey fields in admin Simon Charette New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13166 Admin change view: ambiguity between action and list_editable form submission Paul Smith contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13174 readonly_fields in StackedInline forms in the admin are missing the field label. Gary Wilson contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13175 "+ Add another [...]" bug with final_attrs['id'] Simon Meers contrib.admin master
#13177 Unescaped user input in the Admin interface nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#13192 ModelAdmin.queryset() internal documentation nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#13196 Display values using DATE_FORMAT Aymeric Augustin New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13221 Enhanced version of RawId related fields for admin nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#13223 ValueError with inline and save as new Igor Sobreira Bug contrib.admin 1.1 Normal
#13225 new object with readonly m2m field through an error in the admin nobody contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13232 Whitespace Bug in URL Tag for password_reset_email.html nobody contrib.admin master
#13233 readonly_fields doesn't work with fields not part of the model nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.2-beta Normal
#13254 TemplateSyntaxError at /password_reset/ nobody contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13257 label_tag syntax check should also check for blank fields and show no syntax nobody contrib.admin master
#13298 Test admin_views.ReadonlyTest.test_readonly_get is broken nobody contrib.admin master
#13300 Collapsable fieldsets broken in StackedInline nobody contrib.admin master
#13301 Wrong capitalization in result_headers' texts nobody contrib.admin master
#13321 Drop reference to 'quality time' in admin logout message nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin master Normal
#13325 admin RelatedFieldWidgetWrapper bugfix nobody contrib.admin master
#13331 Strange behavior of lists of objects with overriden changelist_view in admin after re-login. nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#13361 If admin actions are disabled, admin jQuery is not included (thus e.g. prepopulated_fields breaks) Carl Meyer contrib.admin master
#13362 bug8245 test fails on 1.1.X/Python2.3 after r12957 Brian Rosner contrib.admin master
#13381 admin:login doesn't work nobody contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13386 Change name of ```ModelAdmin.prepopulated_fields``` to ```prepopulated_slug_fields``` to better reflect the actual purpose nobody contrib.admin master
#13407 admin "add another" inline JS fails for M2M inlines nobody contrib.admin master
#13412 Exposing multiple db in admin interface is limited nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.2-beta Normal
#13424 option to remove the "add another" button on admin.TabularInline nobody contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13443 No required field indication in TabularInline nobody contrib.admin
#13445 Problem with DateTimeShortcuts.admin_media_prefix nobody contrib.admin master
#13459 nonzero extra inlines and "add another" create duplicate <tr> ids nobody contrib.admin master
#13472 initial "x of y selected" contains wrong total item count nobody contrib.admin master
#13506 admin does not allow saving of blank inline objects nobody contrib.admin master
#13510 Row level errors on ModelForms in the admin mess up colspans nobody contrib.admin master
#13519 wrong capitalization in verbose_name(_plural) nobody contrib.admin master
#13521 admin inline max_num option doesn't work as intended nobody contrib.admin master
#13537 changing password in admin with TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID is broken. nobody contrib.admin master
#13555 Removing CSRF protection from subclassed django admin sites nobody contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13556 admin.exclude thinks that a m2m field that is missing from a modelform. nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#13576 Found a bug of checking permission rules in django.contrib.admin.actions.delete_selected nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13588 removing admin.root as per deprecation policy nobody contrib.admin master
#13594 error when trying to change password on a user extended class nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13599 Incorrect HTML in change_list when list_editable is used nobody contrib.admin master
#13601 Django Admin Page not found nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#13606 admin raw_id_fields fail to check against non-numerical input nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13609 Using a non existent template in admin.Inlines produce error when posting the form Jonas Obrist contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#13614 selectfilter2 many to many widget data loss when using the back button Julien Phalip Bug contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#13618 prepopulated_fields crashes with get_readonly_fields Tobias McNulty Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#13629 Admin Changelist: add app-model_name class to <body> tag tcsorrel New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13643 Admin changelist page very slow with postgresql and a huge table nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13644 "Add another" link doesn't appear in Inlines with many-to-many nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13649 Disabled buttons in admin [PATCH] nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13652 Support error user messages [PATCH] nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13674 Javascript for adding inline fields doesn't update "for" attribute in label Tay Ray Chuan contrib.admin 1.2
#13681 Add admindocs to INSTALLED_APPS in project template nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13683 Don't instantiate empty inline form when max_num is 0 dalorin Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#13690 django admin use 102 SQL querys when i set the permission of a user! nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13696 Admin Edit Inline templates don' t output hidden field for PK when it isn't an autoField and has editable=False Alexander Herrmann Bug contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#13708 Improve ModelAdmin.save_model() [PATCH] nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#13709 Delete action is visble if no delete permission given [PATCH] nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13717 unique_for_* errors out when date field is left empty Satoru Logic contrib.admin 1.2
#13720 response_change does not consider _popup=1 when saving nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13723 Links in error lists looks bad [PATCH] nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13735 Broken table layout if content is too large nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#13737 Hide the extra column added by #11791 nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13749 Link from admin-site to site joelklabo New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13782 Missing css on textarea & errors marking is too broad for multiple fields on same line nobody contrib.admin master
#13806 ModelAdmin.save_as does not work nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13823 Regression from 1.2.1: is None and it breaks admin links jacmkno Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#13825 Primary key is not displayed properly on an editable changelist view under the admin nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13856 missing float:right in change_list, toplinks when using RTL(BIDI) nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13862 InlineModelAdmin does not respect ordering Greg Turner contrib.admin master
#13872 "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'day_abbr'" when using Admin to add instance of model with DateField, TimeField, or DateTimeField nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13875 submit_row templatetag should pass whole context Alexander Herrmann New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13900 New admin feature: Delete and replace with existing object nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13902 When using a ManyToMany in list_filter, results may apper more than once rasca contrib.admin master
#13928 Admin login should no longer give an error on '@' character (email addresses). User login already supports email address entry. nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13948 The sort arrows on the UI for the admin list display are backwards nobody contrib.admin master
#13950 Add "post save" hook to ModelAdmin class pandres Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#13955 capitalization of ForeignKey nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#13963 Admin: 'RelatedObject' object has no attribute 'verbose_name' nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#14012 Adding an User object in a popup fails nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#14014 Admin Add user view: Clicking 'Save and add another' button still shows extended user detail form nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#14017 Wrong comment in django.contrib.admin.options log_deletion nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#14036 foreignKey doesn't work properly in admin - last current svn revision (1.3 pre alpha) nobody contrib.admin master
#14071 Row duplicated when modifying PK nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#14095 Objects not saved when readonly_fields is set for inline admin nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#14114 Opera 10.61 - admin, collapse don't work dario contrib.admin 1.2
#14193 prepopulated_fields should concatenate fields in given order bmihelac contrib.admin master
#14206 contrib:admin dynamic list_display support cyrus New feature contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#14238 admin-interface and formsets: ordered_forms are not returned in case of errors nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#14251 app-labels (still) not translated nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#14253 TIME_ZONE not respected by Today and Now widgets in admin nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
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