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#28057 Admin inlines very slow to render nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.11 Normal
#11709 Admin Inline with Exclude fails if two fkeys to same parent are present, despite fk_name being used Brian Rosner contrib.admin 1.1
#2852 Admin Inner Class Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#27393 Admin: input boxes on password reset forms are not aligned nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#3737 Admin Interface Add forms should use the filtering from the changelist to set default values for fields nobody contrib.admin master
#14238 admin-interface and formsets: ordered_forms are not returned in case of errors nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#4204 Admin interface attempts to save null to fields not in 'fields': list nobody contrib.admin master
#6127 Admin interface bugs when a ForeignKey is in list_display nobody contrib.admin master
#8483 Admin interface does not check for incompatible generic relations Ramiro Morales contrib.admin master
#6588 Admin interface doesn't allow to use dots in usernames nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#10493 admin interface doesn't list members of a group nobody contrib.auth 1.0
#20228 Admin interface doesn't prevent duplicates with unique_for_date Deepak Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#8473 Admin interface fieldset fields do not have a url property nobody contrib.admin master
#1567 Admin interface fields should be customizable Adrian Holovaty enhancement contrib.admin normal
#8450 Admin interface fills the harddrive on uploading files of roughly 2.5MBs in size nobody contrib.admin master
#11434 AdminInterface filter_horizontal add/remove buttons have big focus borders nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#4074 admin interface filter.html does not encode url attributes properly nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#1124 admin interface FloatField validator raise "TypeError" when exceeding decimal_places Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#24784 Admin interface ForeignKey field select widget partially hidden in Firefox nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Release blocker
#7042 Admin Interface generates malformed SQL with many-to-many fields Charlie La Mothe Database layer (models, ORM) master
#6929 admin interface ignores multi-column ordering if it is set by default in the model nobody contrib.admin master
#11763 Admin Interface - Login - Security Concern nobody contrib.auth 1.1
#8110 Admin interface: 'long' object has no attribute 'isdigit' nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#9360 Admin interface method get_form does not call get_fieldsets to get fieldsets nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#1706 Admin interface munging overquoted data Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#8588 Admin interface +'s are still displayed next to FK even if you dont have permission to add objects of that type. nobody contrib.admin master
#6352 Admin interface should provide option for allowing the admin to specify the location of the file using a relative path. Currently it only allows the admin to upload a file. nobody contrib.admin master
#3873 Admin interface showing empty values nobody contrib.admin master
#480 Admin interface table detail showing incorrect number of entries Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#3417 Admin interface template tags expect ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX to be a complete URL. nobody contrib.admin 0.95
#442 Admin interface throws errors that aren't displayed Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin normal
#23874 Admin Interface: Unique constraint in gis.db.models raises Integrity Error instead of the unique error message nobody Uncategorized GIS 1.7 Normal
#1174 admin is flaky - it should work even with errors. Adrian Holovaty enhancement Template system 0.90 trivial
#4198 admin javascript calendar spacing problem xian Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#10783 admin JS error: "currentContext[h] is null" nobody contrib.admin master
#10794 admin JS error 'document.getElementById("") is null' on adding new user nobody contrib.admin master
#10782 admin JS error: "obj is undefined" nobody contrib.admin master
#8324 admin list display is broken Brian Rosner contrib.admin master
#10036 admin list_display with broken foreignkey fails nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#26213 Admin list_editable and ForeignKeys: Applying widget attributes with specific forms lead to strange off-by-one effects nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.9 Normal
#17690 admin list_editable broken nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin master Normal
#12867 admin::list_editable causes failure of reverse one to many lookup nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#20464 admin list_editable displays wrong error messages Baptiste Mispelon Bug Forms master Normal
#13126 admin list_editable with unique_together error indication nobody contrib.admin master
#8528 Admin list_filter doesn't respect null=True Julien Phalip contrib.admin 1.3-alpha
#512 Admin list_filter doesn't work for BooleanField with MySQL Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#4085 Admin list_filter not working with foreignkey field nobody Core (Management commands) 0.96
#17984 admin list_filter security fix doesn't allow 'pk' lookups in query string nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#7625 admin.list_filter should accept methods with boolean property nobody contrib.admin master
#16380 admin_list_filter should pass the spec to the template nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#10705 - Items_for_result() hardcoding field type formating is ugly nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#8398 Admin lists aren't showing non-field columns in table header Manuel Saelices contrib.admin master
#26115 Admin list sort using callable, latest, and admin_order_field causes duplicates. nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.9 Normal
#21534 Admin List Widgets Need To Be Paginated nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.6 Normal
#162 admin log accesses __repr__ too late (w/patch) Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin minor
#24990 Admin Log change message display changed fields names (not label text nor fields' verbose names ) nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#19114 admin LogEntry __unicode__() returns a proxy in some cases EmilStenstrom Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#21911 Admin login can cause data loss nobody Bug contrib.admin master Release blocker
#13381 admin:login doesn't work nobody contrib.admin 1.2-beta
#85 Admin login doesn't work with Konqueror Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#335 Admin login form should check for cookies Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#9568 admin/login.html should contain empty nav-global block nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#1701 Admin login screen can break with translated languages Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin magic-removal normal
#13928 Admin login should no longer give an error on '@' character (email addresses). User login already supports email address entry. nobody contrib.admin 1.2
#5705 Admin login window CSS bug when using application/xhtml+xml nobody contrib.admin master
#27405 AdminLogNode render TypeError exception while calling get_admin_log with no user (1.8.x) Ihor Polyakov Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#10217 admin logout problem nobody contrib.admin master
#8589 admin logout url broken nobody contrib.admin master
#27356 admin lookup_allowed incorrectly returns False for a nested reverse OneToOneField Tim Graham <timograham@…> Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#368 Admin / Main interfaces mix settings after a while under mod_python Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) major
#6104 admin ManyToMany widget: js broken for 'add another' popup nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#1805 'adminmedia' is not a valid tag library Adrian Holovaty defect Documentation master critical
#10717 {% admin_media_prefix %} needs escaping Chris Beaven contrib.admin 1.0
#2891 ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX set to /admin_media/ in settings template nobody enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#17117 ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX should still be visible in docs nobody Bug Documentation master Normal
#9267 Admin media setup should be referenced from the contrib admin docs. Jacob Documentation 1.0
#14271 Admin media tests assume absolute path from module.__file__ nobody Testing framework 1.2
#17013 Admin media URL wrong in the mod-wsgi docs nobody Bug Documentation 1.3 Normal
#20111 Admin message levels are too ambigious Kaspars Sprogis Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.5 Normal
#16973 Admin messages need capfirst for translations nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#16350 Admin messages should be capitalized to work well in other languages nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#24187 admin.ModelAdmin base-class Cross referencing fields nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.7 Release blocker
#11470 admin.ModelAdmin.message_user only documented in a code sample. nobody Documentation master
#7362 Admin model editor executes thousands of SQL commands when foreign key referenced in __str__ nobody contrib.admin master
#4754 Admin model manager Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#11126 Admin model.ManyToManyField doesn't support legacy db tables and custom model.ForeignKey fields nobody contrib.admin master
#12689 admin model's exclude with single member tuple and no comma does not produce an error nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#8282 admin models not properly unregistered when having exceptions in (using django development server) nobody contrib.admin 1.0-alpha
#4213 admin modifies values of pickled fields in db Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin 0.96
#19439 admin_modify in change_password.html nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#13783 Admin module. Password change fails if TEMPLATE_STRING_IF_INVALID set in nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#9775 admin multi-table inheritance broken since rev 9602 Malcolm Tredinnick contrib.admin master
#14065 Admin: non-AutoField primary_key in child model breaks admin inlines (MultiValueDictKeyError) nobody Contrib apps 1.2
#25242 Admin not redirecting to login for custom AdminSite nobody Bug contrib.admin master Release blocker
#17702 Admin not working properly in Django 1.4 (trunk) under Mac OS X Lion nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4-beta-1 Normal
#20663 Admin Now and Today buttons use confusing time / timezone Aymeric Augustin Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#9114 admin of comments depends on table django_site nobody contrib.comments 1.0
#22954 Admin OneToOneField not shown on other side nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.6 Normal
#9285 Admin options in nobody Contrib apps master
#607 Admin option to show/hide fields nobody enhancement contrib.admin normal
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