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#9293 Admin scripts test currently fail Alex Testing framework 1.0
#8268 admin_scripts test doesn't take into account the JYTHONPATH environment variable leosoto Testing framework master
#8235 admin_scripts tests deprecation warning on Linux/Python 2.6b2 nobody Testing framework master
#8047 admin_scripts tests doesn't work on Jython jacob Testing framework master
#18318 admin_scripts.tests.expected_query_re missing mssql quote characters nobody Bug Testing framework master Normal
#21416 admin_scripts.tests.ManageValidate.test_app_with_import() fails with enabled warnings nobody Uncategorized Testing framework 1.6 Normal
#7906 admin_scripts/ uses python as executable instead of current executable nobody Testing framework master
#7745 admin_scripts tests use assertTrue, not there in Python 2.3 nobody Testing framework master
#1749 Admin's datehierarchy does not translate month titles. adrian enhancement contrib.admin master normal
#17831 Admin's date list filter's "This month/year" and "Today" are incorrect when USE_TZ is set (with the postgres backend). nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4-beta-1 Release blocker
#21734 admin's delete_selected action doesn't catch ProtectedError akki Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#10516 Admin search doesn't work when having multiple search_fields to the same base model. zain contrib.admin 1.0
#16609 Admin searches produce duplicate results if search_fields contains M2M traversals nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#23351 Admin Search Field error for related lookup nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 Normal
#15517 Admin search_field prefixes conflict with db.models.get_field_by_name nobody contrib.admin 1.3-beta
#26279 Admin search_fields doesn't support nested lookup from JSONField nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.9 Normal
#3345 Admin Search Fields From Related Models adrian contrib.admin
#15203 admin search_fields splitting query nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#2389 admin: searching in change list causes traceback when you use column sorting adrian defect contrib.admin master normal
#15961 Admin search should be pluggable anonymous New feature contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#26575 Admin SelectFilter Buttons Not Disabled When Inactive nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#17138 Admin sets the "summary" attribute on table, which is obsolete teraom Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#13278 Admin: short_description for get_absolute_url don't work nobody Contrib apps 1.1
#15755 Admin should allow for configurable login handling support nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#666 Admin should get 404 and 500 templates adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#16845 Admin should hide password hash field by default PaulM Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth 1.3 Release blocker
#17828 Admin should not handle IncorrectLookupParameters if settings.DEBUG is set acdha Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.4-beta-1 Release blocker
#14372 Admin shouldn't render label tags on hidden fields nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin master Normal
#12077 admin should remember filter and sorting settings in session nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#20339 Admin shows all users as staff and super user nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.5 Normal
#22038 Admin shows selected rows as "<amount> of undefined selected" bpeschier Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#22387 admin.SimpleListFilter No exception message supplied nobody Cleanup/optimization Uncategorized 1.6 Normal
#21361 admin.SimpleListFilter should fill used_parameters before doing lookups akaariai Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#15115 AdminSite and templates hard-code the "admin" namespace in places nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#21063 AdminSite app_index does work it doesn't need to nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#21056 AdminSite app_list may be reverse()'d into an invalid URL endpoint Tim Graham <timograham@…> Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#19309 Admin site authentication problem nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#21132 AdminSite cannot handle different namespace timgraham Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#2111 Admin site can't deal with broken ForeignKeys adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#22733 adminsite change_list save bug nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.6 Normal
#10292 AdminSite docs are incorrect nobody Documentation 1.0
#13780 Admin site documentation should specify ordering directions nobody Documentation master
#10451 Admin site dropdown ordering for ForeignKey doesn't work as expected nobody contrib.admin master
#18511 Admin Site: Error Message displays different for Changeforms and the Password Change screen. serge_spaolonzi Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#8360 Admin site filtering on fields of boolean type produces for "No(False)" option the same results as for "Yes(True)" option. nobody Uncategorized master
#10051 Admin site forms enforce arbitrary requirements on usernames that aren't required by the User model nobody contrib.auth 1.0
#16637 Admin site gives DoesNoteExist at /admin/ nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#3978 Admin site : hide a ForeignKey field adrian contrib.admin new-admin
#15571 AdminSite index and app_index methods could include the model_admin in the model_dict nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#8049 AdminSite login has_permission inconsistency brosner contrib.admin 1.0
#6656 AdminSite.login() uses inexisting function purdeaandrei Uncategorized newforms-admin
#25208 Admin site NoReverseMatch nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#18871 admin.Site not exists nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#18755 admin site overlapping dloewenherz Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#14639 does not check if the model is abstract (gives weird error) nobody contrib.admin master
#17307 upgrade belegnar New feature contrib.admin Normal
#9311 AdminSite should allow for override the "logged out" template similar to the other templates nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#7849 Admin site should authenticate before 404ing, to prevent detection of valid pages nobody contrib.admin master
#14434 AdminSite should rely on self.has_permission for all permission checks nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#24740 AdminSite site title nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#11880 Admin site URL Conf docs missing raw string notation nobody Documentation 1.1
#10394 AdminSite.urls should replace AdminSite.root in the documentation kkubasik Documentation master
#18006 admin small design change nobody Cleanup/optimization Uncategorized 1.4 Normal
#21846 Admin's NestedObjects doesn't support related_name with %(app_label)s or %(class)s. nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#24491 Admin's "no" icon is incorrect and should be replaced nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.7 Normal
#2051 Admin sometimes uses default manager instead of custom admin manager adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#17290 Admin's "save as" does not work on records with unique constraints nobody New feature contrib.admin Normal
#8262 ADMINS setting referred to as ADMIN in settings.txt jacob Documentation master
#19318 Admin's SimpleListFilter option not being displayed as selected if the lookup's first element is not a string nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#25586 Admin's tabular inline fields may be misaligned if the first form field is hidden nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#17809 Admin static files not loading with dev server nobody Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.4-beta-1 Normal
#22939 admin_static templatetag is not using the staticfiles' storage aaugustin Bug Core (Other) 1.7-rc-1 Release blocker
#19850 admin_static templatetag is not using the staticfiles' storage backend url jezdez Bug contrib.admin 1.5-rc-1 Release blocker
#25374 Admin system check prevents dynamic ModelAdmin attributes nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#23497 Admin System Checks do not run for custom AdminSite sites amosson Bug Core (System checks) 1.7 Normal
#8903 admin.TabularInline creates duplicate pk input boxes Spads contrib.admin 1.0
#24976 admin.TabularInline custom form field header displaying as None on admin page matiasb Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#22905 admin template 404.html and 500.html not found nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#21709 Admin template bug if there is no username field (custom user) nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.6 Normal
#12792 admin templates get wrong perms on installation in 1.1.1 tarball nobody Uncategorized Template system 1.1 Normal
#10990 Admin templates that extend base_site.html and override extrahead or extrastyle should include block.super last nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#21371 Admin templates use a `bodyclass` block without ever calling super. resry Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#19219 Admin Templatetag - context[self.user] is not an object nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#1834 Admin templatetags should have docstrings for admin documentation Rupe enhancement Documentation master normal
#12076 Admin template view using change_list.html doesn't provide "request" variable nobody Uncategorized master
#7715 admin_tests failures when running Django tests in one natural fashion nobody Testing framework master
#11191 Admin throws 500 instead of 404 error when passing a string as the PK argument for a model with an integer PK field. SmileyChris contrib.admin master
#11601 admin-title "Select app-name to change" is confusing nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#8320 Admin Transaction Management Error aaugustin Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#7897 admin.txt: small spelling mistake near "InlineModelAdmin objects" nobody Documentation master
#2423 Admin uploads go to admin media folder, not MEDIA_ROOT adrian defect contrib.admin master normal
#16485 Admin URL bug with CharField primary keys nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#951 admin_url is without /admin/ path in bookmarklets adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#19661 admin_urlname does not work as advertised nobody Bug Uncategorized master Normal
#21131 Admin URL patterns are not aware of the app_namespace apollo13 Bug contrib.admin 1.5 Normal
#10726 Admin url reversing docs are incomplete Alex Documentation master
#6470 Admin urls should use urlpatterns Alex contrib.admin master
#11918 Admin URLs troubles nobody Contrib apps 1.1
#11093 admin user-tools don't works nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#18205 Admin validate() method suggests erroneous invocation? nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
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