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#4374 custom sql fails with triggers and sqlite jacob Uncategorized 0.96
#4375 generic view archive_year is querying all objects, unexplained. jacob Generic views 0.96
#4376 login_required doesn't work with bound methods nobody Uncategorized master
#4377 Spelling errors in database error description mtredinnick Translations master
#4378 error in /usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/django/template/ line 482 adrian Core (Other) master
#4379 AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE missing from settings documentation jacob Documentation master
#4380 Rename DEFAULT_CHARSET to OUTPUT_CHARSET (or similar) ctrochalakis Core (Other) master
#4381 Using caps in column/table names in postgresql requires those fields to be quoted in initial sql files jacob Documentation master
#4382 specify in '{# ... #}' template doc section that this is only for single-line comments jacob Documentation master
#4383 Updated catalan translation mtredinnick Translations master
#4384 Defining newforms fields at runtime adrian Forms master
#4385 cleaned_data gets set twice even when no clean_<field> method adrian Forms master
#4386 docs/newforms.txt: Explain custom cleaning/validation jacob Documentation master
#4387 newforms: ErrorDict.as_ul() needs to handle a list of errors adrian Forms master
#4388 [patch] db-api shortcuts sections doesn't explicitly mention module jacob Documentation master
#4389 BIDI language detection not smart enough jezdez Internationalization master
#4390 cleaned_data can contain non-clean data adrian Forms master
#4391 data should not be stored in cleaned_data until it is fully cleaned adrian Forms master
#4392 DjangoProject web site download section makes a semi false claim jacob * master
#4393 DjangoProject web site download section makes a semi false claim jacob * master
#4394 Common fractions in humanize nobody Contrib apps master
#4395 Error in the online documentation of newforms jacob Documentation master
#4396 dumping database into XML is not non-ascii aware adrian Core (Management commands) master
#4397 [gis] GeoDjango Documentation for Windows jbronn GIS gis
#4398 [newforms-admin] js variable in models.Admin class adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4399 Add __nonzero__ to allow querysets to efficiently test for emptiness adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4400 as_tr in newforms adrian Forms master
#4401 direct_to_template docs do not mention mimetype jacob Documentation master
#4402 Test Client cannot send multiple values for a given HTTP GET key adrian Testing framework master
#4403 [unicode] Form._html_output() crashed if errors_on_separate_row is True and form has errors mtredinnick Forms other branch
#4404 LatestCommentsFeed causing AssertionError due to slicing adrian contrib.comments master
#4405 MultiValueField does not allow sub-fields to be blank beiske Forms master
#4406 URLField outdated documentation jacob Documentation master
#4407 Sitemaps documentation should mention dispatchers nobody Documentation master
#4408 Updated Galician (gl) translation mtredinnick Translations master
#4409 Tutorial part 4 jacob Documentation master
#4410 Clarification needed with the generic views in Tutorial 4 jacob Documentation 0.96
#4411 Databrowse show all flatpages itens of all sites [contrib.sites] adrian contrib.databrowse master
#4413 [Patch] Admin should remember last listing page adrian contrib.admin master
#4414 I18N Javascript interpolate function mtredinnick Internationalization master
#4415 PositiveIntegerField in does not get validation in form_for_model oggie_rob Forms master
#4416 HttpResponseServiceUnavailable patch adrian Core (Other) master
#4417 Add media descriptions to newforms widgets adrian Forms master
#4418 Add media descriptions to newforms widgets russellm Forms master
#4419 Wrong link in 0.95 documentation overview jacob Uncategorized master
#4420 Broken link from page "testing" to file "settings" jacob Documentation master
#4421 Caching documentation reports that cache_page takes two arguments. jacob Documentation master
#4422 django tries to rollback transactions on exceptions when using the dummy engine adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4423 Python Templates Documentation Typo jacob Documentation master
#4424 Documentation typo on new media context processor jacob Documentation master
#4425 ylilhfzo adrian Forms new-admin
#4426 Clean up duplicated doctest module, and document differences russellm Testing framework master
#4427 should use database API adrian Tools master
#4428 DateTimeField's clean() does not support millisecond resolution mtredinnick Forms master
#4429 500 pages don't work unless you have configured Django database settings adrian Core (Other) master
#4430 [unicode] Syndication framework cannot handle unicode description mtredinnick contrib.syndication other branch
#4431 loaddata should have better error reporting dakrauth Tools master
#4432 get_sql_sequence_reset doesn't work on tables that have no records. adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4433 typo in django/db/models/fields/ adrian Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4434 The tutorial is not begginner friendly. jacob Documentation 0.96
#4435 [unicode] get_FIELD_display() does not work for None values mtredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) other branch
#4436 ./ overwrites DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE EnvVar nobody Core (Management commands) 0.96
#4437 Apache auth recipe does not work in Apache 2.2 nobody Documentation 0.96
#4438 Middleware for contrib.sites to get the site matching the current host name adrian Contrib apps master
#4439 typo on testing docs "given your modules" jacob Documentation master
#4440 [oracle] Error when creating a new record using Admin interface adrian contrib.admin other branch
#4441 minor regroup optimization adrian Template system master
#4442 [unicode] Error when going to add page in admin adrian contrib.admin other branch
#4443 Django should support Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk mtredinnick Translations master
#4445 DecimalField does not work in Python 2.3 due to bad import adrian Core (Other) master
#4446 spaceless fails under specific condition of subtemplate nobody Template system master
#4447 [unicode] Admin crash when draw list of objects if field return None adrian contrib.admin other branch
#4448 OpenCalendar should get its current value from the date field it edits anonymous contrib.admin master
#4449 NoReverseMatch in your tutorial example jacob Documentation master
#4450 [newforms-admin] Change password form in edit form for user causes ProgrammingError adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4451 [newforms-admin] UnicodeDecodeError at getext string in widgets adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4452 Unicode error in the syndication system adrian contrib.syndication master
#4454 Tuorial code error ? jacob Documentation master
#4455 MEDIA_ROOT_URL does not exist jacob Documentation master
#4456 hacked jacob Documentation master
#4457 Using a custom test suite, django.test.TestCase-based tests either fail silently (DEBUG = True) or fail with a generic error message (DEBUG = False) russellm Testing framework master
#4458 wep jacob Uncategorized master
#4459 loaddata failure if model has overridden save() method russellm Core (Serialization) master
#4460 can't easily control which tests to run adrian Testing framework master
#4461 minor ForNode.render reversed optimization adrian Template system master
#4462 minor ForNode.render reversed optimization adrian Template system master
#4463 Admin crashed if None returned by __unicode__ and list_display not defined adrian contrib.admin other branch
#4464 Chaining filters on ManyToManyFields broken? nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#4465 Invalid sql string formatting (TypeError) if sql contains '%' signs in /django/db/backends/ adrian Database layer (models, ORM) 0.96
#4466 Writing your first Django app, part2: you should tell the reader to restart the server jacob Documentation master
#4468 More information in field length validation error (oldforms) adrian Validators master
#4469 More information in field length validation error (newforms) adrian Forms master
#4472 [unicode] Cannot coerce AnonymousUser to unicode mtredinnick Contrib apps other branch
#4473 [PATCH] Update to newforms docs to include custom validation information jacob Documentation master
#4474 Add 'else' support for 'ifchanged' adrian Template system 0.96
#4475 typo in serializers_regress tests means that fieldsTest is run twice and streamTest not at all. adrian Testing framework master
#4476 Modify test client to follow redirect chains telenieko Testing framework master
#4477 [newforms-admin] Models on index.html aren't grouped by app_label adrian contrib.admin other branch
#4478 [patch] PIL Bug Causes Django 0.96 Image Validator to Break if OLE Document Uploaded nobody Validators 0.96
#4479 [unicode] isValidFloat is using gettext in unicode-branch mtredinnick Validators master
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