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#28995 wontfix Reuse django admin list view for model as a many to many selector nobody Dev Aggarwal

Hello, I have some models defined like so

class Question(models.Model):
    question_image = models.ImageField(default='')

class Exam(models.Model):
    questions = models.ManyToManyField(Question)

Now, I am looking for a way to make it more sensible to select questions in the Exam Admin

Here is what I think should be pretty manageable

1. Have a link to open a separate question selection page in Exam change Admin

2. Reuse this list view from Question's Admin

Since it already has checkbox and the images are displayed too, All i need is a Submit button and some JS after i have stripped it down to fit my needs.

Can you please guide me on how i should properly reuse that question list view?

#28994 wontfix Create possibility to merge several fields into one line with fieldset option nobody Rovshan Musayev

Currently with fields or fieldsets option it's possible to show admin fields into one line,

fields=(('Field1','Field2'), ('Field3','Field4'))

Field1 | Field2 Field3 | Field4

But if I would like to merge Field 2 and Field 4 into one field and have one big field, it's impossible.

Field1 | Field2 | Field4 Field3 |

Field4 is one big field here

It's very useful for example if I want to show one big picture(avatar) on the right(or left) side of the form. I hope it's clear what I mean

#28993 wontfix Make admin's many to many picker widget available in django.forms nobody Rick Graves


This is a request for code reuse.

The many to many picker widget is available via the admin interface, but I need to put it on a form that users access. I asked on stackoverflow, but no one has answered.

I upload a picture of the widget I have in mind.

Is there a way to reuse the code for this widget?


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