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#29223 needsinfo Dummy database backend's is_usable() method should return False nobody Wagner Macedo

As far as I understood, the dummy database backend in django.db.backends.dummy is used when we set an empty dictionary in DATABASES setting, depicting a not usable database.

So, maybe it's a mistake this backend returns (always) that is usable:

    def is_usable(self):
        return True

This code can be seen in the repository here.

#29221 fixed No space added before admin-autocomplete CSS class nobody Artem Tabolin

When Django adds admin-autocomplete CSS class to the select widget, it doesn't add a space before resulting in two concatenated CSS class names.

One of the consequences: autocomplete doesn't work if initial class attribute wasn't empty.

The operation is performed here:

#29220 invalid Auth: change user_passes_test func, new arg arg_position add nobody Oscar Lopez

I had problems Add my decorations user_passes_test functions, because decorator _wrapped_view assume, the first arg is the request var parameter, when i call user_passes_test from a view into a class, that not work, it take the arg self look like a arg request

example: @user_passes_test(role_client_check)

def index(self, request):

Fatal error: Class don't have attribute user.

The next new change work for Django 1.11 but i see that Django 2.X file, doesn't change a lot

Now i can call the auth: @user_passes_test(role_client_check, arg_position=0)

def index(self, request):

arg_position can be specific when the first argument isn't "request" arg_position is a integer with the position of request on view function

I created my own user_passes_test function to solve this feature.

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