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#29007 fixed DecimalValidator crashes on NaN, SNan, Inf, and Infinity values nobody Fabio Bonelli

DecimalValidator crashes if it receives a value like NaN, SNan, Inf, and Infinity.

>>> DecimalValidator(decimal_places=2, max_digits=10)(Decimal('NaN'))
  File "django/tests/validators/", line 322, in test_func
  File "django/django/core/", line 417, in __call__
    if exponent >= 0:
TypeError: unorderable types: str() >= int()


#29006 fixed DecimalField.clean() crashes on sNaN values Tim Graham Tim Graham
>>> from django.forms import DecimalField
>>> DecimalField(max_digits=4, decimal_places=2)
>>> f.clean('sNan')
  File "django/django/forms/", line 148, in clean
  File "django/django/forms/", line 354, in validate
    if not math.isfinite(value):
ValueError: cannot convert signaling NaN to float
#29005 wontfix django object builder nobody Sergey Glazyrin

Hello guys!

I faced a situation where I need to patch django.contrib,auth.get_user function because the "openstack auth backend" should be aware of django request. Let me describe the situation.

We use django-websocket-redis python package for websocket stuff. We do subscribe to user's channels, so, uwsgi_websocket process should be aware of currently signed in user.

For example, here, django websocket redis requires a recognized user in request object

BUT, the backend we use in our project requires "request object" inside to recognize if user signed in.

And as it suggests, it requires some monkey-patching

This required monkey-patching the contrib.auth middleware to make the request object available to the auth backend class.

Instead I propose to add a simple way to do monkey patching directly in django

For such purpose I added simple changes based on "Builder" design pattern, so we may build Django object in iterative way and avoid monkey patches at all in different python packages.

Such change will simplify django object adaptation in another python packages.

What do you think ?

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