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#29417 fixed Admin title still says "Change [model]" when user has view-only permission Ramiro Morales Matthew Frazier

When the admin user has the "view" permission for a model but doesn't have the "change" permission, the title of the change view still says "Change [model]", and the title of the change list view still says "Select [model] to change." Since the admin index page displays "View" instead of "Change" on the link to the changelist when the user only has the view permission, it would make sense to change the title of the changelist and change views as well.

#29414 fixed Inlines with no edit permission should still allow users to add new objects Paulo Paulo

I think a regression was introduced in where it overrides self.readonly_fields with all fields if the inline has no edit permission.

This results in a strange form:

#29411 duplicate Pickling of a form fails after a form was used in a template nobody Torsten Bronger

The following view function fails from its second invocation on:

def main(request):
    import django.forms as forms
    import pickle
    pickle.dump(forms.Form(), open("/dev/null", "wb"))  # This fails, but not at the very first invocation.
    return render(request, "main.html", {"example_form": ExampleForm()})

Steps to reproduce:

  1. django-admin startproject pickle_problem
  2. cd pickle_problem
  3. Apply the attached patch with -p1.
  4. Apply migrations, start testserver.
  5. Open the URL “/” on the testserver. You should see a bogus form with one boolean field.
  6. Reload the page.

What happens:

The pickling of form.Form() fails. See the attached traceback.

I observe this problem since Django 1.11. Up to Django 1.10, it has worked fine for me.

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