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#29147 invalid Postgres JSONField missing to_python Williams Mendez Javier Buzzi

Every other field implements a to_python except for JSONField:

JSONField defaults to the value, meaning if you pass '{"object": "value"}' you get back '{"object": "value"}'. The same example in HStoreField, you pass in '{"object": "value"}' you get back {"object": "value"} -- makes the world of difference.

#29146 fixed re_path() examples are missing ^ and $ in regexes nobody Seohong Park

An example about the usage of re_path() in 'URL dispatcher' document is misleading.

Since re_path() does not insert '$' at the end of URL parameter (on the contrast, path() inserts '^' and '$' at the beginning and the end of URL parameter),

re_path('articles/(?P<year>[0-9]{4})/(?P<month>[0-9]{2})/', views.month_archive) would not be mapped to any URL, because re_path('articles/(?P<year>[0-9]{4})/', views.year_archive) shades it.

(i.e. '' invokes views.year_archive, not views.month_archive)

This is misleading, because readers might think re_path also automatically inserts '^' and '$' to the parameter like path does.

I think it would be better to insert '$' at the end of each parameter of re_path() in the document.

Additionally, mentioning about the fact that path() automatically inserts '^' and '$' to the parameter also would be helpful.

#29143 invalid IntConverter does not accept negative integers Ashish Nitin Patil

Paths like


do not accept negative integers, i.e.


fails with a 404, which it should not (since -2 is an integer).

PS - Attributed to this StackOverflow question for discovery and potential fix :

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