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#28974 fixed Model.refresh_from_db() should pass the refreshed instance as a database hint nobody Simon Charette

While reviewing the patch for #28918 and reflecting about #28939 I noticed that the refresh_from_db() method was duplicating the work the routers do when an instance hint is provided.

I figured out that we we're better of using db_manager(using, hints={'instance': self}) in this case which would also have the benefit of passing down instance as an hint to possibly defined custom routers.

#28971 fixed EmailMessage.message() does not override Cc header from extra_headers dict (unlike From, To, and Reply-To) nobody Jon Dufresne

Compare how CC is built:

To how the other headers are built:

Notice, unlike the others, Cc does not first use the .extra_headers dict. Like the other headers, should be able to use the .extra_headers to override Cc.


#28970 wontfix Option to suppress signals on save to avoid loop nobody Gustavo Henrique de Almeida Gonçalves

Calling inside a post_save signal receiver causes a loop and max recursion error. This problem is very easy to fall into and the best solution at the moment is call the QuerySet update() method, so that the post_save signal is not called in this case.

This is a very ugly workaround. I think Django should give the option to call save() and explicitly suppress signal emitting. For example:

In the above method call, post_save signal would not be sent, and the loop problem would not occurs.

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