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#28407 duplicate Allow inspectdb to introspect db column comments nobody 007gzs

when use inspectdb make model from db. the db column is created by dba, not developer . so db column comments set to models Field is helpful for developer. like

field = models.IntegerField(blank=True, null=True) #comments in db

#10003 invalid if and extends in template nobody 0ptr
{% if mobile %}
{% extends 'base_mobile.html' %}
{% else %}
{% extends 'base_normal.html' %}
{% endif %}

Throws following exception:

Exception Type:	TemplateSyntaxError
Exception Value:	
Invalid block tag: 'else'
Exception Location:	/home/dsduser/django-synble/django/template/ in invalid_block_tag, line 333

I think this should be supported. Second option is to write include correctly so that include does not broke inheritance. E.g.:

basbase.html: has block

base.html: include "basebase.html"

logic.html: extends "base.html", inheritance of basbase.html block does not work here anymore.

#13180 worksforme html template links broken nobody 114fc69b8e6e93c0447be8de

the problem isn't with the python code, it's with the html templates. I have a site that checks if someone is logged in and if not provides the following link: "/accounts/login". Everything is works until I press the login link. nothing happens. The url at the top of the screen changes and even if you try to refresh after the url has changed nothing happens. The source is fine: I checked it. I would think this problem was my fault, but when you type in "/accounts/login" yourself it works fine. Because of this I assume he problem is rooted in the HTML and template system.

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