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#1 fixed Create architecture for anonymous sessions Jacob Adrian Holovaty

We need an architecture for anonymous sessions. Right now we have django.models.auth.sessions, but that only handles registered users' sessions. We need a system that automatically creates and manages sessions for anonymous users.

Here's one idea for this:

  • In the settings file, you define a SESSION_MODULE string, like the AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE, which points to the model to use for sessions.
  • Using this, httpwrappers automatically creates a request.session object which is persistant across requests based on cookies, etc.
#2 fixed Calendar popup - next/previous month links close the popup in Safari Jacob anonymous

In Safari 2.0 on Tiger, the next/previous month links close the popup. There's no way to get to a different month.

#3 fixed Convert OneToOne to be like ForeignKey and ManyToManyField Adrian Holovaty Adrian Holovaty

Remove the boilerplate from OneToOne.

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