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#10 Ordered objects should have API access to their order number adrian task Validators minor
#19 Automatically generate JavaScript form validation adrian enhancement Validators new-admin minor
#518 Need validators that aren't attached to a form field adrian enhancement Validators normal
#657 validator - characters without numbers adrian defect Validators normal
#721 isAlphaNumericURL validator should allow dashes. adrian defect Validators normal
#722 Allow for period '.' and hyphen '-' characters in usernames with an isUsername validator adrian defect Validators normal
#734 isValidIPAddress4 uses wrong ValidationError object adrian defect Validators normal
#737 validators.isValidIPAddress4 using only regexps adrian enhancement Validators normal
#753 ValidationError & CriticalValidationError raise assertion errors since translation update hugo defect Validators normal
#778 URL field incorrectly identifies a link as a broken link. adrian defect Validators normal
#934 ImageField's cause the admin UI to not allow modifications? adrian defect Validators normal
#1009 Small bug in HasAllowableSize Validator Anybody defect Validators 0.90 minor
#1021 [PATCH] unique_together should check the uniqueness in the validation phase nobody defect Validators master major
#1088 [patch] isValidFloat has logic errors adrian defect Validators normal
#1210 EmailField with List Support adrian enhancement Validators normal
#1249 [magic-removal][patch] manipulator_validator_unique adrian defect Validators normal
#1275 email validator does not accept single letter subdomains adrian defect Validators normal
#1288 E-mail validator regex is too slow adrian defect Validators normal
#1469 Move django.forms to django.form.fields adrian defect Validators magic-removal minor
#1536 [patch] FilePathField with recurive option loses subdirectory adrian defect Validators magic-removal normal
#1550 MatchesRegularExpression validator should use instead of re.match adrian defect Validators master normal
#1566 [patch] validator that validates if a specified number of validators pass adrian enhancement Validators master normal
#1625 unique_for_* don't work with auto_now* fields nobody defect Validators newforms-admin major
#1634 [patch] core.mail does not include a Date header in mails adrian task Validators new-admin blocker
#1690 Validators which check other fields don't work with edit_inline adrian defect Validators normal
#1767 [patch] validator_list silently deleted for BooleanFields adrian defect Validators normal
#2002 Automatically remove smart-quotes ( cp1252 ) adrian enhancement Validators normal
#2014 [patch] Error messages of RequiredIfOtherField* validators are not userfriendly jacob enhancement Validators master normal
#2045 TypeError: string indices must be integers adrian defect Validators normal
#2049 [patch] isValidEmail is too narrow adrian defect Validators master normal
#2103 DateField and DateTimefield do not really validate adrian defect Validators master normal
#2129 the validate() method shouldn't ignore maxlength adrian defect Validators master normal
#2190 [patch] make the forms.NullBooleanField handle None value as forms.NullSelectField do adrian enhancement Validators master normal
#2213 when an AddManipulator returns with errors, the foreign key field chosen is not shown nobody defect Validators major
#2307 [patch] Some shortcomings of the PhoneNumberField nobody defect Validators trivial
#2426 validators.isValidANSIDate("2006-02-31",_) does not rise ValidationError adrian defect Validators normal
#2472 forms get_validation_errors() somebody defect Validators normal
#2475 [INVALID] ImageField allows exploit. It does not catch commands. rm -rf * succeeds adrian defect Validators trivial
#2535 [patch] Manipulator-aware admin validators are impossible adrian defect Validators normal
#2555 [patch] Validators in BooleanField validator_list are called only when the field is set to True adrian defect Validators normal
#2577 [patch] isSlug(): user message without gettext adrian defect Validators master minor
#2638 [patch] default ForeignKey field results in terrible scaling perfomance mtredinnick defect Validators master critical
#2640 [patch] django.forms.CheckboxField should be able to use is_required adrian defect Validators master normal
#2678 [patch] Move the list of profanities for the hasNoProfanities validator to the settings file adrian defect Validators master normal
#2685 [patch] Blank USStateField data with blank=True becomes None, breaks INSERTs/UPDATEs adrian defect Validators master normal
#2727 [patch] is not JSON serializable adrian defect Validators master normal
#2746 [patch] new Validator for Mac Addresses adrian enhancement Validators minor
#2789 Typo in Changeset 3788 (validation of negative float amounts in forms) adrian defect Validators normal
#2807 allow overriding default "This field is required." text adrian defect Validators normal
#2815 problem with custom validator and boolean fields adrian defect Validators 0.95 normal
#2841 Validator documentation is contradictory regarding required fields mtredinnick defect Validators master normal
#2842 AlwaysMatchesOtherField validator fails if other field not present nobody defect Validators master normal
#2909 Invalid utf-8 decode errors handling adrian defect Validators 0.91 critical
#2934 [patch] validators.isExistingURL is frequently wrong adrian enhancement Validators 0.95 normal
#2997 [patch] Changeset [4037] broke URLField adrian defect Validators master normal
#3092 not a logic english error message in validator adrian enhancement Validators master minor
#3138 isValidEmail accepts non-wellformed e-mail address. SMTP 'VRFY' and MX/A DNS lookup provides better validation. adrian enhancement Validators normal
#3183 doesn't like international keyboard input adrian defect Validators master normal
#3250 [patch] Add RequiredIfOtherFieldsNotGiven, RequiredIfAllOtherFieldsNotGiven, and AllValidators adrian enhancement Validators master normal
#3458 Blankable, non-nullable CharFields have a strange default behavior nobody Validators 0.95
#3989 Django seems to parse only the addr-spec production of RFC 2822 nobody Validators master
#4009 Model validator does not allow parent fields for Admin list_filter adrian Validators master
#4216 FileField validator bug in django0.95 adrian Validators 0.95
#4468 More information in field length validation error (oldforms) adrian Validators master
#4478 [patch] PIL Bug Causes Django 0.96 Image Validator to Break if OLE Document Uploaded nobody Validators 0.96
#4479 [unicode] isValidFloat is using gettext in unicode-branch mtredinnick Validators master
#4733 Allowing blank inserts in models.Charfield adrian Validators master
#4807 Decimal regex doesn't support a case where no leading numbers are used adrian Validators master
#4812 typo in email validator adrian Validators master
#4833 auth superuser setup rejects valid @localhost e-mail address Claude Paroz <claude@…> Bug Validators master Normal
#4974 model validator list completely ignored adrian Validators 0.96
#5011 validators hasNoProfanities improperly uses ungettext adrian Validators master
#5071 global name 'ugettext' is not defined in django.core.validators adrian Validators master
#5232 DecimalField max_digits counts negative sign as a digit. adrian Validators master
#5703 allow RNV as a fallback in XML validation nobody Validators master
#6054 PIL import error nobody Validators master
#6955 Unicode XML breaks RelaxNGCompact validator jdunck Validators master
#7064 Decimal validation doesn't correctly handle max_digits == decimal_places kmtracey Validators master
#7152 Insufficient validation of db_column and db_table when declaring models nobody Validators master
#7238 Feature Request: Validation for Uploaded Images/Files nobody Validators master
#7334 URLField validator does not allow non-ASCII-Domains nobody Validators master
#7479 Improve dictionary (dict()) support in QuerySets nobody Validators master
#7608 ImageField Validation Fails with Deprecation Warning nobody Validators master
#7726 DecimalField: Semantics of max_digits in combination with decimal_places confusing and perhaps wrong elbarto Validators master
#8233 Decimal Field can accept float value nobody Validators master
#8290 DecimalField does not handle validation of large decimal_places gwilson Validators master
#6668 Optimise utils.text wrap giuliettamasina Cleanup/optimization Utilities master Normal
#9699 Shouldn't entries be associated with many enclosures? nobody New feature Utilities 1.0 Normal
#10107 Allow mark_safe() to be used as a decorator svvitale New feature Utilities master Normal
#13603 module_has_submodule fails when package is of type module nobody Bug Utilities master Normal
#15812 SortedDict.update() should accept tuples or generators ryankask New feature Utilities master Normal
#17052 dictConfig does not correctly handle absolute imports nobody Bug Utilities master Normal
#17262 Refactor the implementations of tzinfo classes aaugustin Cleanup/optimization Utilities 1.4 Normal
#17576 Enclosing quotation marks for urlize. (Or make urlize easier to override) tomchristie Bug Utilities 1.3 Normal
#18447 LazyObject doesn't unwrap on dict access zsiciarz New feature Utilities master Normal
#18719 django.utils.encoding.smart_unicode/smart_str handle strings_only inconsistently aaugustin Cleanup/optimization Utilities master Normal
#19210 django.utils.timesince() does not account for leap years raphaelm Bug Utilities master Normal
#19237 The use of > in single or double quoted attributes in strip_tags khoomeister Bug Utilities master Release blocker
#19456 SimpleLazyObject raises RuntimeError if __class__ accessed while tracing execution nobody Bug Utilities master Normal
#20068 calling QueryDict.update with self causes an infinite loop nobody Bug Utilities master Normal
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