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#13826 Impossible to create indexes on PostGIS fields jbronn 1.2
#13843 'destroy_geom' filling up the apache error logs. nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3 Normal
#13868 Inability to create superuser during syncdb when using GIS fields in AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE jbronn 1.2
#13899 Geolocation Support for GeoDjango admin nobody New feature 1.2 Normal
#13934 GeoSQLCompiler.get_default_columns() is missing local_only parameter jbronn 1.2
#13967 GeoDjango always creates SPATIAL INDEXES when using MySQL jbronn 1.2
#14008 GeoDjango subquery fails with bad quoting nobody 1.2
#14060 PostGISAdapter needs to properly cast input for comparisons on geography columns. jbronn 1.2
#14133 update GeoDjango windows installer jbronn 1.2
#14161 GeoDjango autofield makes transaction fail nobody 1.2
#14183 Geodjango models broken with pydoc dario Bug 1.1 Normal
#14186 Adding GDirections wrapper to Miguel Araujo New feature master Normal
#14284 Support for Google Maps version 3 New feature master Normal
#14316 GeoModelAdmin forms have error on GeometryField nobody 1.2
#14318 Add GEOSGeometry.valid_reason jbronn master
#14439 Improve documentation on how to run the GIS test suite nobody 1.2
#14483 Implement subqueries in geodjango spatial lookup nobody New feature 1.2 Normal
#14604 Ubuntu documentation for geospatial/Postgres is out of date nobody 1.2
#14643 Readonly fields in GeoDjango admins nobody New feature 1.2 Normal
#14648 Annotated date querysets fail if spatial backend is used jbronn Bug 1.2 Normal
#14653 GeoDjango utils shouldn't include a Popen shortcut nobody 1.2
#14886 GeoModelAdmin forms cannot be used with WMS in formats other than image/jpeg nobody New feature 1.2 Normal
#14893 TypeError when accessing deferred (defer(..)) geometry field when using proxy geographic model nobody Bug master Normal
#14922 Failure with spatial queries spanning a foreign key join nobody 1.2
#15101 GeoQuerySet extent() method fails to limit nobody Bug 1.2 Normal
#15165 GeoQuerySet.perimeter returns invalid results on geometry fields with geodetic coordinate systems Tim Graham <timograham@…> Bug 1.2 Normal
#15169 With gis.mysql backend BooleanField convert to Python as 1|0 instead of True|False Carl Meyer Bug 1.2 Release blocker
#15194 Need 'geos_c' as library name for Windows jbronn 1.2
#15271 django.contrib.gis.forms.fields.GeometryField should call to_python before cleaning nobody Bug master Normal
#15277 TypeError in ogrinspect geodjango gis willi Bug 1.2 Normal
#15295 GeoDjango model creation fails for MySQL during tests nobody Bug master Normal
#15305 GeoQuerySet with values() and aggregates raises exception jbronn Bug master Normal
#15358 Test GeoModelTest.test29_force_rhr redeclared nobody master
#15378 geodjango layermapping save method missed an except jbronn 1.2
#15529 GeoJSON regexes doesn't accept some characters within a quoted string jbronn Bug 1.2 Normal
#15533 OSMGeoAdmin fails on Fedora 14 jbronn 1.2
#15706 Django GIS Feeds should use the new syndication.views.Feed nobody 1.3
#15707 Upgrade GIS feeds to use class-based (non-deprecated) APIs jbronn Cleanup/optimization 1.3 Normal
#15747 django.contrib.gis.db.backend should've been removed in 1.3 nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3 Normal
#15772 geodjango mysql connection wrapper not working Ramiro Morales Bug master Normal
#15858 ImportError: cannot import name add_postgis_srs nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16007 needs to include 1.8.0 jabr Bug master Normal
#16105 libgdal1-1.7.0 broke django.contrib.gis.gdal.libgdal nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16110 GeometryField does not allow setting blank=True and null=False nobody Bug master Normal
#16160 GeoDjango syncdb fails if using post_syncdb signal on postgis to access geometry columns nobody New feature 1.3 Normal
#16184 GeoDjango inspectdb fails for PostGIS nobody Bug master Normal
#16231 add support for AsGML() and AsKML() for the Spatialite backend Stefano Costa New feature 1.3 Normal
#16232 Modifiable attribues on GeoAdmin class documentation are exact opposite of true functionality nobody Bug master Normal
#16387 Localizing Fails nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16408 Query result types not being converted with Spatialite jbronn Bug 1.5-beta-1 Normal
#16409 `defer()` and `only()` don't play nice with `annotate()` nobody Bug master Normal
#16417 GeoAdmin support in StackedInline nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16455 Postgis 2.0 Compatibility jbronn New feature master Normal
#16537 layermapping spatial ref check not checking against alternate DB jbronn Bug 1.3 Release blocker
#16553 GeoIP unicode problem jbronn Bug 1.2 Normal
#16556 django.contrib.gis.utils.srs fails to preserve database when creating SpatialRefSys querysets jbronn Bug 1.3 Normal
#16577 Provide a block for custom map creation in openlayers.js nobody New feature 1.3 Normal
#16594 Missing altitude (z) on Point on admin interface for geodjango nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16620 django.contrib.gis.utils.srs.add_srs_entry doesn't use the database parameter nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16688 unionagg doesn't respect limits nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16757 GeoDjango SpatiaLite returns unicode for dates jbronn Bug 1.3 Normal
#16778 Bad geometry escape in postgis nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#16790 GeoDjango tutorial error (selecting WorldBorders via admin crashes) jdiego Bug master Normal
#16864 django.contrib.gis.geos.GEOSGeometry doesn't accept -1 as SRID value (or any negative number) in WKT format nobody Bug master Normal
#17059 GeoIP returns no results for unicode input nobody Bug master Normal
#17066 Exception TypeError when using GeoIP nobody Bug 1.4 Normal
#17107 Geodjango Tutorial: SRID problem when loading data from shapefile to PostGIS nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#17207 cant use UTF8 on PostgreSQL 8.4 nobody Bug master Normal
#17212 django.contrib.gis.geos.error.GEOSException: Could not parse version info string "3.4.0dev-CAPI-1.8.0" nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#17278 Unlike sqlite, spatialite requires NAME to be set to run the tests nobody Cleanup/optimization Normal
#17314 Error creating nested query with GeoDjango's spatial filters nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#17328 OpenLayersWidget needs _has_changed() method nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#17441 GeoDjango admin incompatible with USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR = True nobody Bug 1.3 Normal
#17448 Error reading PointField in objects.raw(sql) query David Eklund Bug 1.3 Normal
#17611 django.contrib.gis raises exception on ./ test nobody Bug master Normal
#17635 Missing ability to cast georaphy to geometry when using GeoDjango and PostgresSQL nobody New feature master Normal
#17687 LayerMapping ignores database routers nobody Bug 1.4-alpha-1 Normal
#17736 django.contrib.gis.geos.polygon from_bbox loss of floating-point accuracy David Eklund Bug 1.3 Normal
#17754 Django GIS Measure refactor nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#17756 GeoDjango missing pyspatialite support New feature master Normal
#17782 django.contrib.gis.feeds.Feed uses deprecated API nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3 Normal
#17884 Distance lookups using ST_Distance_Sphere fails with PostGis 1.5.3 nobody Bug master Normal
#17893 GIS installation docs do not cover Ubuntu 11.10 nobody Bug master Normal
#17894 fails on Ubuntu 11.10 nobody Bug master Normal
#17915 Switch default WMS service for GeoModelAdmin wms_url nobody Bug master Normal
#17959 Silence output during GIS tests nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#18039 transform() should raise a GEOSException when called on a geometry with no SRID value nobody Cleanup/optimization master Release blocker
#18209 Add GEOS functions supported by Shapely that GeoDjango lacks nobody New feature 1.3 Normal
#18349 Add ipv6 support to django.contrib.gis.geoip nobody New feature master Normal
#18367 LayerMapping.verify_ogr_field fails when trying to map OFTString to TextField nobody Bug 1.4 Normal
#18368 should be able to set attributes on created model instances nobody New feature 1.4 Normal
#18531 Remove obsolete geo sitemaps nobody Cleanup/optimization master Normal
#18565 Point object doesn't work in queyset.extra params argument nobody Bug 1.4 Normal
#18640 django.contrib.gis.gdal.DataSource fields give gibberish or segfault when accessed directly jbronn Bug 1.4 Release blocker
#18704 Distance lookups fail when used with LIMIT statements nobody Bug 1.4 Normal
#18795 Failing GeoDjango tests nobody Bug 1.4 Normal
#18831 Test failures with PostGIS nobody Bug master Release blocker
#18919 GEOSGeometry transform method is dropping Z attribute on 3D geometries nobody Bug master Normal
#18968 Spatialite GML test failure Brian Galey Bug master Normal
#19028 Support GeoJSON output with SpatiaLite backend Brian Galey New feature master Normal
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