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#10480 GMap only determines what icons its markers contain at instantiation nobody master
#10594 GeoQuerySet methods should filter out NULL values by default jbronn master
#10598 Recent GIS changes break tests for python 2.3 nobody master
#10620 All .py files have LF line endings except nobody 1.1-beta
#10625 Ewkt regexp incorrectly escaped in GeoDjango admin javascript springmeyer Bug master Normal
#10660 GeometryField doesn't honor "required" attribute Fidel Ramos 1.0
#10757 GeoManager.values does not properly select primary keys across relations nobody master
#10791 gis test runner doesn't respect --noinput (which should result in test db being autoclobbered) nobody master
#10807 'Constraint' object has no attribute 'relabel_aliases' when using | with GeoQueryset 1.1-beta
#10832 GIS test runner (run_tests) should reorder test suite like django.test.simple.run_tests jbronn master
#10836 FieldDoesNotExist import in gis.db.models.sql.query should be in gis.db.models.sql.where nobody master
#10839 Pickling queryset.query doesn't work for gis models on Oracle jbronn master
#10854 geos required in nobody Bug master Normal
#10872 Support of 'list_editable' in admin when using GeoDjango geometry fields nobody master
#10888 Inserting model with GeometryField as None crashes on Oracle jbronn master
#10923 Use thread-safe GEOS API if available jbronn master
#11002 Databrowse does not have map widgets for GIS fields. jbronn New feature master Normal
#11038 django tests using postgis nobody Bug master Normal
#11072 Add Info Window Html to GMarker jbronn New feature master Normal
#11087 Filtering by Count aggregate does not work when using GeoManager jbronn master
#11168 postgis geometry alternatively seen as linestring then multilinestring nobody 1.0
#11200 repeated icons in gmap javascript jbronn master
#11210 Add GMarkerOptions: clickable, bouncy, dragCrossMove, bounceGravity, autoPan and hide nobody master
#11211 Add GMarkerOptions: clickable, bouncy, dragCrossMove, bounceGravity, autoPan and hide nobody New feature master Normal
#11216 typo: forgot to rename an occurrence nobody master
#11245 contrib.gis.utils.GeoIP._check_query does not check for NULL pointer to _city or _country GeoIP libraries jbronn 1.0
#11246 contrib/gis/utils/ GeoIP leaks file handles jbronn 1.0
#11249 blocks in the google-map.js template can not be overriden anymore jbronn master
#11261 Use Google Maps API's setUIToDefault() for default controls jbronn master
#11353 use sphinx autodoc directives on geodjango application nobody 1.0
#11370 GeoQuery works fine in 1.0.2, but chokes on latest SVN nobody 1.0
#11381 select_related over nullable ForeignKey using GeoQuerySet and GeoManager gives blank object rather than None nobody 1.1-beta
#11401 OSM Admin broken after OpenLayers updated to version 2.8 nobody 1.0
#11433 Complete support for 3D Geometries jbronn master
#11446 Adding dynamic label to GIcon nobody New feature 1.0 Normal
#11458 Add GPolylineOptions and GPolygonOptions to nobody New feature master Normal
#11482 Add Google map events handling nobody New feature master Normal
#11488 ValueError: too many values to unpack when POSTGIS_VERSION in settings nobody master
#11489 annotate fails when values is used via a GeoManager James Turk master
#11538 Documentation links wrong jbronn 1.0
#11609 Allow for long pointer format in django.contrib.gis.gdal.base nobody 1.1-beta
#11624 `render_to_kmz` can't handle non-ascii data jbronn master
#11635 testserver doesn't work with GeoDjango nobody master
#11677 PostGIS DB creation SQL not found on Fedora-based installs. jbronn 1.1
#11741 PostgreSQL/PostGIS backend table quoting bug in nested queries jbronn master
#11785 Invalid error reporting when importing MapInfo layer with Unknown type nobody 1.1
#11810 [gis] Typo in OpenLayers Admin JS jbronn master
#11814 GIS with mysql doesnt work together with multidb raises argument exception on make_atom() nobody soc2009/multidb
#11827 GeoQuerySet extent() method fails if contains only one object with point geometry nobody Uncategorized 1.1 Normal
#11854 Add support of PostGIS's Azimuth function Sergey Fedoseev New feature master Normal
#11867 if spatialite is installed and pysqlite2.5 is installed without `enable_load_extension` tests won't run nobody 1.1
#11948 Linear referencing for Django nobody New feature master Normal
#11963 Provide global configuration variable for default SRID nobody 1.1
#11969 Syncdb doesn't honor managed=False setting with Geodjango nobody master
#11999 Support for Google Maps encoded geometries Robert Coup New feature Normal
#12010 Add `ewkb` and `hexewkb` properties and document the GEOS IO Classes jbronn 1.1
#12035 admin docs field dictionary miss GIS type informations nobody 1.1
#12036 GIS layermapping utility fails to import linestrings nobody 1.1
#12081 My project is not detecting the geodjango application nobody 1.1
#12093 LayerMapping disregards model inheritance jbronn 1.1
#12101 django.contrib.gis.gdal.OGRGeometry leaking memory jbronn 1.1
#12111 contrib.gis - postgis adaptor spurious warnings about geometry escaping in SQL nobody 1.1
#12307 GeoDjango test suite fails for SpatialRefSys model objects nobody Bug master Normal
#12312 MultiLineString OGRGeometry dimensions change on transform jbronn master
#12334 GeoQuerySet creates invalid SQL on calls to `__nonzero__` or `__len__` nobody 1.1
#12361 GIS DB query generates invalid SQL on two joins with the same table nobody master
#12390 distance query doesn't support * operand type nobody master
#12400 column "X" named in key does not exist error when models.PointField used in unique_together Claude Paroz Bug master Normal
#12410 add support for St_Line_Locate_Point to geodjango postgis backend Sergey Fedoseev New feature master Normal
#12438 use GEOSFree instead of in geos binding. nobody 1.1
#12439 geos and gdal libraries need to be prefixed by 'cyg' under cygwin nobody 1.1
#12450 GEOSFree not available in GEOS 3.1.0 nobody master
#12458 try-except-finally block in django/contrib/gis/db/backends/postgis/ breaks on Python 2.4 nobody master
#12459 try-except-finally block in django/contrib/gis/db/backends/spatialite/ breaks on Python 2.4 nobody master
#12468 postgis backend has dummy return_insert_id(), making INSERTs fail. nobody master
#12479 Missing non-keyword argument in as_sql method call nobody master
#12504 django.contrib.gis.admin.GeoModelAdmin ignores ModelAdmin.readonly_fields Krzysztof Żuraw Bug master Normal
#12591 django.contrib.gis.utils.srs is out of date nobody master
#12605 ImproperlyConfigured improperly imported in Spatialite base wrapper jbronn master
#12637 GeoDjango's `inspectdb` command is broken jbronn 1.1
#12690 Oracle related lookup query fails in geodjango nobody master
#12706 GeoQuerySet.__init__ doesn't make use of "using" kwarg nobody 1.2-alpha
#12727 Error while doing syncdb with a GIS app nobody 1.2-alpha
#12828 Invalid SQL in GIS DB nobody 1.1
#12832 Docs out of date perhaps in several places. Skylar Saveland master
#12930 Merge contrib.gis docs into Django docs tree adamfast master
#13070 Wrong exception on django.contrib.gis from SVN nobody master
#13112 Customize map type in nobody New feature 1.1 Normal
#13247 GIS google-map.js maxHeight, dragCrossSize options nobody New feature 1.1 Normal
#13256 OGRGeometry equals throws exception when compared to None nobody 1.1
#13315 Backwards-incompatible changes for GeoDjango not documented (e.g., PostGISAdaptor -> PostGISAdapter) jbronn 1.2-beta
#13429 GeoDjango tutorial model should be WorldBorder(singular) instead of WorldBorders(plural) jbronn Bug master Normal
#13462 GoogleMaps object should default to version 2 of google maps Daniele Procida Bug master Normal
#13488 Exceptions in GEOS I/O object destructor at process exit jbronn Uncategorized 1.2 Normal
#13581 improve naming of default coordinates for GeoModelAdmin¶ nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.1 Normal
#13670 postgis adapter fails to compare against empty string nobody Bug 1.2 Normal
#13671 POSTGIS_SQL_PATH drop postgis-1.4 nobody 1.2
#13715 Creating GeoDjango model in shell does not work nobody 1.2
#13779 GeoDjango doesn't find libgdal 1.7.0 jbronn master
#13788 GEOSGeometry.transform() silently no-ops when GDAL isn't available or srid is None Robert Coup master
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