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#20415 broken SRID in gis.admin javascript when "USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR = True" timgraham Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#24615 ordering by expression not part of SELECT is broken nobody Bug 1.8 Release blocker fixed
#24724 GeoDjango with Django 1.8 - 'GDALAllRegister' Attribute Error nobody Bug 1.8 Release blocker fixed
#24750 Doc url in __init__ geos niconoe Cleanup/optimization 1.8 Normal fixed
#24795 Migrations fail to apply with postgis 2.0 on remote database nobody Bug 1.8 Normal duplicate
#24802 gis_tests.geoadmin.tests fails nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8 Normal fixed
#24840 Add Warp and Transform functionality for GDALRasters nobody New feature 1.8 Normal fixed
#25183 Non-deterministic GeoIP test: GeoIPTest.test03_country nobody Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#25225 Unnecessary/Redundant __iter__ method with ListMixin class ( nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8 Normal fixed
#25310 GeoManager's distance() method doesn't work with lookups that span multiple relationships nobody New feature 1.8 Normal wontfix
#25440 Fix failing tests on Oracle GIS jtiai Uncategorized 1.8 Release blocker duplicate
#25449 django.contrib.gis.admin is missing @register nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.8 Normal fixed
#25580 GEOSGeometry.srid cannot be set to None nobody Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#25592 Typo in name for strictly_above PostGISOperator claudep Bug 1.8 Release blocker fixed
#25651 `GEOSException` during operations on some GeometryCollections sir-sigurd Uncategorized 1.8 Normal wontfix
#25654 add support for `GEOSUnaryUnion` that was added to geos 3.3 sir-sigurd New feature 1.8 Normal fixed
#25661 LinearRing doesn't check number of points during list assignment sir-sigurd Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#25662 allow creation of empty GEOSGeometries sir-sigurd New feature 1.8 Normal fixed
#25664 `Point.dims` raises `GEOSException` during access sir-sigurd Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#25734 Nodata value not excluded when computing GDALBand min/max values nobody Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#25797 error when using GeoManager.distance on fields with SRID 32140 with no GDAL sir-sigurd Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#26333 GIS geometries classes should be deconstructibles. niconoe Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#26336 GIS queries with distance and extra select fields generate a SQL exception in pagination nobody Bug 1.8 Normal wontfix
#26736 SpatialReference crashes when initialized with WKT containining unicode characters sir-sigurd Bug 1.8 Normal fixed
#26893 Database creation failed using PostGis and Django nobody Bug 1.8 Normal worksforme
#25657 gevent-monkeypatching with GIS PointField causes intermittent traceback on shutdown nobody Bug 1.9 Normal fixed
#25865 OSMGeoAdmin should require GDAL only if model has fields with SRID that differs from map srid sir-sigurd Cleanup/optimization 1.9 Normal fixed
#26138 GeoJSON Serializer doesn't include geometry_field if it's not in fields claudep Cleanup/optimization 1.9 Normal fixed
#26417 Allow setting GDALBand data with replicated input. yellowcap New feature 1.9 Normal fixed
#26432 Bug: X/Y inverted when using numpy.reshape() on a GDALRaster's GDALBand Opa- Bug 1.9 Normal fixed
#26435 GeoIP2 return raw exception from geoip2 package nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.9 Normal wontfix
#26442 Get rid of nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.9 Normal invalid
#26455 Add lookups and database functions to check for valid geometries and repairing them. yellowcap New feature 1.9 Normal fixed
#26569 OSM.Mapnik is an obsolete constructor claudep Cleanup/optimization 1.9 Normal fixed
#26657 MySQL 5.7 GIS test failures: InterfaceError: (-1, 'error totally whack') sir-sigurd Bug 1.9 Normal fixed
#26663 libgeos in django makes a gevent gunicorn worker crash nobody Bug 1.9 Normal needsinfo
#26775 Geography PointField ignores dim=3 nobody Bug 1.9 Normal fixed
#26785 Oracle backend returns empty string instead of None for empty geometries sir-sigurd Bug 1.9 Normal fixed
#27014 Raster support for spatial lookup breaks filtering by annotations nobody Bug 1.10 Release blocker fixed
#27072 AddGeometryColumn: “duplicate column name: xxx” error running migrations on SpatiaLite nobody Bug 1.10 Normal fixed
#27103 GDAL driver ensure_registered should check counts separately nobody Bug 1.10 Normal fixed
#4322 [gis] Lazy-instantiated geometry objects jbronn master fixed
#4797 Dimensioned units of measure for Distance and Area jdunck master fixed
#5437 Make GDAL optional for GIS test runner vlal Bug master Normal wontfix
#5472 Implement Individual Map Widgets for Geometry Fields claudep New feature master Normal fixed
#5629 Missing import in gis query jbronn master fixed
#5630 Can't initialise empty geometries jbronn master fixed
#5679 Can't assign GEOS geometries to a general GeometryField jbronn master fixed
#6576 lxml.etree.tostring crashes after importing django.contrib.gis.db.models nobody master invalid
#7977 add geo support to admindocs kmtracey master fixed
#8113 Google zoom fails when geom envelope is a single point nobody master fixed
#8141 Cannot import gis with Python 2.3 nobody master fixed
#8207 Tests fail without ctypes on Python 2.4 jbronn master fixed
#8465 template gis/kml/base.kml is not correct jbronn master fixed
#8563 [gis] Current locale considered when converting a geometry to WKT jbronn master invalid
#8680 gis may break Python help() modules command nobody master fixed
#9299 Using pointfield in the admin, openlayers zooms too close nobody master fixed
#9437 OperationalError under fastcgi when maxrequests=1 is set mattxbart master fixed
#9620 Spatial database tables don't work right with AppCache routines jbronn master fixed
#9664 Enable LayerMapping to work with MySQL spatial backend nobody master fixed
#9694 Geographic Admin raises 'Invalid SRS type "wkt"' TypeError on Ubuntu 8.10 (Apache 2.2.9) jbronn master fixed
#9745 Add support of PostGIS's SnapToGrid function jbronn master fixed
#10159 Fix F() expressions to work on geographic fields. jbronn master fixed
#10221 Admin Documentation Generator throws KeyError on models containing Point fields nobody master duplicate
#10364 Incorrect error message given when role does not have create database privilege jbronn master fixed
#10395 GeoIP broken with [9945] nobody master fixed
#10420 Running gis tests via runtests doesn't work. jbronn master fixed
#10452 geodjango test runner database creation error handling nobody master duplicate
#10480 GMap only determines what icons its markers contain at instantiation nobody master fixed
#10594 GeoQuerySet methods should filter out NULL values by default jbronn master fixed
#10598 Recent GIS changes break tests for python 2.3 nobody master fixed
#10625 Ewkt regexp incorrectly escaped in GeoDjango admin javascript springmeyer Bug master Normal fixed
#10757 GeoManager.values does not properly select primary keys across relations nobody master fixed
#10791 gis test runner doesn't respect --noinput (which should result in test db being autoclobbered) nobody master fixed
#10832 GIS test runner (run_tests) should reorder test suite like django.test.simple.run_tests jbronn master fixed
#10836 FieldDoesNotExist import in gis.db.models.sql.query should be in gis.db.models.sql.where nobody master fixed
#10839 Pickling queryset.query doesn't work for gis models on Oracle jbronn master fixed
#10854 geos required in nobody Bug master Normal duplicate
#10872 Support of 'list_editable' in admin when using GeoDjango geometry fields nobody master fixed
#10888 Inserting model with GeometryField as None crashes on Oracle jbronn master fixed
#10923 Use thread-safe GEOS API if available jbronn master fixed
#11002 Databrowse does not have map widgets for GIS fields. jbronn New feature master Normal wontfix
#11038 django tests using postgis nobody Bug master Normal invalid
#11087 Filtering by Count aggregate does not work when using GeoManager jbronn master fixed
#11200 repeated icons in gmap javascript jbronn master fixed
#11210 Add GMarkerOptions: clickable, bouncy, dragCrossMove, bounceGravity, autoPan and hide nobody master duplicate
#11216 typo: forgot to rename an occurrence nobody master fixed
#11249 blocks in the google-map.js template can not be overriden anymore jbronn master fixed
#11261 Use Google Maps API's setUIToDefault() for default controls jbronn master fixed
#11433 Complete support for 3D Geometries jbronn master fixed
#11488 ValueError: too many values to unpack when POSTGIS_VERSION in settings nobody master fixed
#11489 annotate fails when values is used via a GeoManager jamesturk master fixed
#11624 `render_to_kmz` can't handle non-ascii data jbronn master fixed
#11635 testserver doesn't work with GeoDjango nobody master fixed
#11741 PostgreSQL/PostGIS backend table quoting bug in nested queries jbronn master fixed
#11810 [gis] Typo in OpenLayers Admin JS jbronn master fixed
#11948 Linear referencing for Django nobody New feature master Normal fixed
#11969 Syncdb doesn't honor managed=False setting with Geodjango nobody master fixed
#12307 GeoDjango test suite fails for SpatialRefSys model objects nobody Bug master Normal worksforme
#12312 MultiLineString OGRGeometry dimensions change on transform jbronn master fixed
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