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#8904 GeoDjango should raise a more informative exception when doing distance queries on MySQL jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9008 'lib_name' is not defined error on Windows when `GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH` is set jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9204 Google Maps Marker to change the Icon jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9210 zoom does not effected, when use GoogleMap(zoom=x, ...) with zoom params.. jbronn 1.0 invalid
#9244 fails for large polygon record jbronn 1.0 invalid
#9278 Geographic Admin doesn't show vector overlay when LANGUAGE_BIDI is set jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9361 typo in gis/gdal/ jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9364 Spatial queries don't work on inherited geometry fields jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9391 Expose more admin objects in `django.contrib.gis.admin` for API consistency jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9440 GMarker icon personalization feature in nobody 1.0 duplicate
#9448 segfault: django.contrib.gis.gdal.DataSource sub-objects not holding references to parents jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9557 no error message when using old GDAL and trying to get GEOJSON jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9566 GeoJSON regexes doesn't accept leading and trailing whitespace or GeometryCollections jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9686 GeoDjango should support the sqlite3 back end via SpatiaLite jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9726 GeoDjango documentation should mention binutils jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9742 GIS render_to_kml has incorrect mime type jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9747 Explicitly set the response type of GEOS C functions that return strings to fix unpredictable behavior on 64-bit systems jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9752 select_related on query on model with GeoManager as default manager breaks nobody 1.0 fixed
#9794 GeoDjango Distance Test Failures on Oracle 11g jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9806 GeometryField crashes contrib.gis.admin jbronn Bug 1.0 Normal fixed
#9807 GeometryField crashes contrib.gis.admin nobody 1.0 duplicate
#9855 SetFromUserInput is not available to SpatialReference jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9858 Add POSTGIS_TEMPLATE setting for GIS Test Runner jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9871 MyModel.object.values('mygeometryfield') doesn't work nobody 1.0 fixed
#9877 More Pythonic mutations of geometry objects jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9892 Support KyngChaos OSX Frameworks jbronn 1.0 fixed
#9955 GoogleMap support for multiple maps nobody 1.0 fixed
#10040 GeoDjango: 'Save As' on spatial record (OSMGeoAdmin) creates broken copy *AND* corrupts the original record nobody 1.0 invalid
#10072 Added draggable option for Gmarker objects jbronn 1.0 fixed
#10172 TEST_DATABASE_USER mentioned in GIS TEST_RUNNER docstring does not exist nobody 1.0 invalid
#10173 Add a setting to set up pg binaries for test_runner nobody 1.0 wontfix
#10222 [patch] Add line_merge to GEOS geometries under django.contrib.gis jbronn 1.0 fixed
#10368 Add expand_to_include method to gdal Envelope nobody 1.0 fixed
#10380 gdal Envelope should allow min_x == max_x and/or min_y == max_y jbronn 1.0 fixed
#10397 Add support for DATABASE_SUPPORTS_TRANSACTIONS to django.contrib.gis.tests.run_tests jbronn 1.0 fixed
#10411 Updates do not work with GeometryFields mtredinnick 1.0 fixed
#10660 GeometryField doesn't honor "required" attribute framos 1.0 fixed
#11168 postgis geometry alternatively seen as linestring then multilinestring nobody 1.0 invalid
#11245 contrib.gis.utils.GeoIP._check_query does not check for NULL pointer to _city or _country GeoIP libraries jbronn 1.0 fixed
#11246 contrib/gis/utils/ GeoIP leaks file handles jbronn 1.0 fixed
#11353 use sphinx autodoc directives on geodjango application nobody 1.0 worksforme
#11370 GeoQuery works fine in 1.0.2, but chokes on latest SVN nobody 1.0 invalid
#11401 OSM Admin broken after OpenLayers updated to version 2.8 nobody 1.0 fixed
#11446 Adding dynamic label to GIcon nobody New feature 1.0 Normal wontfix
#11538 Documentation links wrong jbronn 1.0 fixed
#11677 PostGIS DB creation SQL not found on Fedora-based installs. jbronn 1.1 wontfix
#11785 Invalid error reporting when importing MapInfo layer with Unknown type nobody 1.1 fixed
#11827 GeoQuerySet extent() method fails if contains only one object with point geometry nobody Uncategorized 1.1 Normal fixed
#11867 if spatialite is installed and pysqlite2.5 is installed without `enable_load_extension` tests won't run nobody 1.1 fixed
#11963 Provide global configuration variable for default SRID nobody 1.1 wontfix
#12010 Add `ewkb` and `hexewkb` properties and document the GEOS IO Classes jbronn 1.1 fixed
#12035 admin docs field dictionary miss GIS type informations nobody 1.1 duplicate
#12036 GIS layermapping utility fails to import linestrings nobody 1.1 fixed
#12081 My project is not detecting the geodjango application nobody 1.1 invalid
#12093 LayerMapping disregards model inheritance jbronn 1.1 fixed
#12101 django.contrib.gis.gdal.OGRGeometry leaking memory jbronn 1.1 fixed
#12111 contrib.gis - postgis adaptor spurious warnings about geometry escaping in SQL nobody 1.1 fixed
#12334 GeoQuerySet creates invalid SQL on calls to `__nonzero__` or `__len__` nobody 1.1 invalid
#12438 use GEOSFree instead of in geos binding. nobody 1.1 fixed
#12439 geos and gdal libraries need to be prefixed by 'cyg' under cygwin nobody 1.1 wontfix
#12637 GeoDjango's `inspectdb` command is broken jbronn 1.1 fixed
#12828 Invalid SQL in GIS DB nobody 1.1 fixed
#13256 OGRGeometry equals throws exception when compared to None nobody 1.1 fixed
#13581 improve naming of default coordinates for GeoModelAdmin¶ nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.1 Normal wontfix
#14183 Geodjango models broken with pydoc dariog Bug 1.1 Normal worksforme
#13488 Exceptions in GEOS I/O object destructor at process exit jbronn Uncategorized 1.2 Normal fixed
#13670 postgis adapter fails to compare against empty string nobody Bug 1.2 Normal fixed
#13671 POSTGIS_SQL_PATH drop postgis-1.4 nobody 1.2 fixed
#13715 Creating GeoDjango model in shell does not work nobody 1.2 invalid
#13826 Impossible to create indexes on PostGIS fields jbronn 1.2 duplicate
#13868 Inability to create superuser during syncdb when using GIS fields in AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE jbronn 1.2 duplicate
#13899 Geolocation Support for GeoDjango admin nobody New feature 1.2 Normal wontfix
#13934 GeoSQLCompiler.get_default_columns() is missing local_only parameter jbronn 1.2 fixed
#13967 GeoDjango always creates SPATIAL INDEXES when using MySQL jbronn 1.2 fixed
#14008 GeoDjango subquery fails with bad quoting nobody 1.2 duplicate
#14060 PostGISAdapter needs to properly cast input for comparisons on geography columns. jbronn 1.2 fixed
#14133 update GeoDjango windows installer jbronn 1.2 fixed
#14161 GeoDjango autofield makes transaction fail nobody 1.2 fixed
#14316 GeoModelAdmin forms have error on GeometryField nobody 1.2 duplicate
#14439 Improve documentation on how to run the GIS test suite nobody 1.2 fixed
#14483 Implement subqueries in geodjango spatial lookup nobody New feature 1.2 Normal fixed
#14604 Ubuntu documentation for geospatial/Postgres is out of date nobody 1.2 fixed
#14643 Readonly fields in GeoDjango admins nobody New feature 1.2 Normal duplicate
#14648 Annotated date querysets fail if spatial backend is used jbronn Bug 1.2 Normal fixed
#14653 GeoDjango utils shouldn't include a Popen shortcut nobody 1.2 fixed
#14886 GeoModelAdmin forms cannot be used with WMS in formats other than image/jpeg nobody New feature 1.2 Normal fixed
#14922 Failure with spatial queries spanning a foreign key join nobody 1.2 invalid
#15101 GeoQuerySet extent() method fails to limit nobody Bug 1.2 Normal fixed
#15169 With gis.mysql backend BooleanField convert to Python as 1|0 instead of True|False carljm Bug 1.2 Release blocker fixed
#15194 Need 'geos_c' as library name for Windows jbronn 1.2 fixed
#15277 TypeError in ogrinspect geodjango gis willi Bug 1.2 Normal fixed
#15378 geodjango layermapping save method missed an except jbronn 1.2 fixed
#15529 GeoJSON regexes doesn't accept some characters within a quoted string jbronn Bug 1.2 Normal fixed
#15533 OSMGeoAdmin fails on Fedora 14 jbronn 1.2 fixed
#16553 GeoIP unicode problem jbronn Bug 1.2 Normal fixed
#13843 'destroy_geom' filling up the apache error logs. nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3 Normal fixed
#15706 Django GIS Feeds should use the new syndication.views.Feed nobody 1.3 duplicate
#15707 Upgrade GIS feeds to use class-based (non-deprecated) APIs jbronn Cleanup/optimization 1.3 Normal fixed
#15747 django.contrib.gis.db.backend should've been removed in 1.3 nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3 Normal fixed
#15858 ImportError: cannot import name add_postgis_srs nobody Bug 1.3 Normal invalid
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