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#4254 [gis] patch adding method get_%s_convex_hull to class jbronn other branch
#4322 [gis] Lazy-instantiated geometry objects jbronn master
#4397 [gis] GeoDjango Documentation for Windows jbronn gis
#4740 [gis] Template broken for Polygon-lists jbronn other branch
#4797 Dimensioned units of measure for Distance and Area Jeremy Dunck master
#5072 [geodjango] 3D LineString jbronn other branch
#5351 [gis] orderfield2column referenced but not imported in nobody other branch
#5433 Make GDAL an optional requirement jbronn gis
#5434 Add preserve_topology option to GEOSGeometry.simplify jbronn gis
#5435 Remove requirement for a db user to be set for GeoDB creation jbronn gis
#5436 Fix GIS test runner under python2.4 jbronn gis
#5437 Make GDAL optional for GIS test runner Vishal Lal Bug master Normal
#5438 GeometryProxy: evaluate empty string to None jbronn gis
#5440 GEOSGeometry: Add WKB support jbronn gis
#5472 Implement Individual Map Widgets for Geometry Fields Claude Paroz New feature master Normal
#5498 GeoDjango not compatible with PostGIS 1.1.0 jbronn gis
#5629 Missing import in gis query jbronn master
#5630 Can't initialise empty geometries jbronn master
#5679 Can't assign GEOS geometries to a general GeometryField jbronn master
#5779 If the layer.srs does not have a srid it should return None jbronn gis
#6196 gis: typo in django/contrib/gis/utils/ which affects darwin (Mac OS X) systems jbronn gis
#6246 gis: ogrinspect: AttributeError when the spatial reference system is undefined in the data source jbronn gis
#6289 Allow passing extra context to google-map.js jbronn gis
#6357 'unicode' object has no attribute 'wkt' jbronn gis
#6414 Add support for geodetic coordinate systems in GeoDjango distance API. jbronn gis
#6440 Issues with Distance conversion from meters to degrees jbronn Uncategorized gis Normal
#6547 Support GeoRSS in syndication of Geographic Models jbronn gis
#6576 lxml.etree.tostring crashes after importing django.contrib.gis.db.models nobody master
#6715 Use `ST_distance_sphere` as default instead of `ST_distance_spheroid` for geodetic distance calculations. jbronn gis
#6746 `GoogleMap` does not use `mark_safe`. jbronn gis
#6747 geometry field does not work in Admin list_display jbronn gis
#7126 select_related(field) doesn't correctly SELECT GIS fields on MySQL/Oracle jbronn gis
#7218 GIS: ogrinspect sometimes gets field types wrong nobody gis
#7322 objects = GeoManager() in abstract class fails in subclasses nobody gis
#7434 Add an option to disable GDAL jbronn gis
#7540 Minus signs cause OGRGeometry JSON parsing to fail jbronn gis
#7579 Saving into SRID=-1 field causes st_transform error jbronn gis
#7618 Multiple ForeignKeys to the same model produces wrong SQL statements (the same as in trunk) nobody gis
#7619 GIS/GoogleMaps: Support for point geometries in map creation jbronn gis
#7705 GDAL datasource bug jbronn gis
#7764 [gis] Segfault on django.contrib.gis.geos.prototypes.errcheck.check_string jbronn gis
#7873 GEOSGeometry equality operator fails on None jbronn gis
#7934 adding "nearest_to" search to geodjango gis
#7977 add geo support to admindocs Karen Tracey master
#8113 Google zoom fails when geom envelope is a single point nobody master
#8141 Cannot import gis with Python 2.3 nobody master
#8207 Tests fail without ctypes on Python 2.4 jbronn master
#8465 template gis/kml/base.kml is not correct jbronn master
#8563 [gis] Current locale considered when converting a geometry to WKT jbronn master
#8680 gis may break Python help() modules command nobody master
#8881 LayerMapping Error with more than two fields geometry jbronn 1.0-beta
#8904 GeoDjango should raise a more informative exception when doing distance queries on MySQL jbronn 1.0
#9008 'lib_name' is not defined error on Windows when `GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH` is set jbronn 1.0
#9204 Google Maps Marker to change the Icon jbronn 1.0
#9210 zoom does not effected, when use GoogleMap(zoom=x, ...) with zoom params.. jbronn 1.0
#9244 fails for large polygon record jbronn 1.0
#9278 Geographic Admin doesn't show vector overlay when LANGUAGE_BIDI is set jbronn 1.0
#9295 Better error handling and/or error reporting when Proj.4 datum shifting files are not found jbronn New feature 1.0 Normal
#9299 Using pointfield in the admin, openlayers zooms too close nobody master
#9361 typo in gis/gdal/ jbronn 1.0
#9364 Spatial queries don't work on inherited geometry fields jbronn 1.0
#9391 Expose more admin objects in `django.contrib.gis.admin` for API consistency jbronn 1.0
#9437 OperationalError under fastcgi when maxrequests=1 is set Matt Bartolome master
#9440 GMarker icon personalization feature in nobody 1.0
#9448 segfault: django.contrib.gis.gdal.DataSource sub-objects not holding references to parents jbronn 1.0
#9557 no error message when using old GDAL and trying to get GEOJSON jbronn 1.0
#9566 GeoJSON regexes doesn't accept leading and trailing whitespace or GeometryCollections jbronn 1.0
#9620 Spatial database tables don't work right with AppCache routines jbronn master
#9664 Enable LayerMapping to work with MySQL spatial backend nobody master
#9686 GeoDjango should support the sqlite3 back end via SpatiaLite jbronn 1.0
#9694 Geographic Admin raises 'Invalid SRS type "wkt"' TypeError on Ubuntu 8.10 (Apache 2.2.9) jbronn master
#9726 GeoDjango documentation should mention binutils jbronn 1.0
#9742 GIS render_to_kml has incorrect mime type jbronn 1.0
#9745 Add support of PostGIS's SnapToGrid function jbronn master
#9747 Explicitly set the response type of GEOS C functions that return strings to fix unpredictable behavior on 64-bit systems jbronn 1.0
#9752 select_related on query on model with GeoManager as default manager breaks nobody 1.0
#9794 GeoDjango Distance Test Failures on Oracle 11g jbronn 1.0
#9806 GeometryField crashes contrib.gis.admin jbronn Bug 1.0 Normal
#9807 GeometryField crashes contrib.gis.admin nobody 1.0
#9855 SetFromUserInput is not available to SpatialReference jbronn 1.0
#9858 Add POSTGIS_TEMPLATE setting for GIS Test Runner jbronn 1.0
#9871 MyModel.object.values('mygeometryfield') doesn't work nobody 1.0
#9877 More Pythonic mutations of geometry objects jbronn 1.0
#9892 Support KyngChaos OSX Frameworks jbronn 1.0
#9955 GoogleMap support for multiple maps nobody 1.0
#10040 GeoDjango: 'Save As' on spatial record (OSMGeoAdmin) creates broken copy *AND* corrupts the original record nobody 1.0
#10072 Added draggable option for Gmarker objects jbronn 1.0
#10159 Fix F() expressions to work on geographic fields. jbronn master
#10172 TEST_DATABASE_USER mentioned in GIS TEST_RUNNER docstring does not exist nobody 1.0
#10173 Add a setting to set up pg binaries for test_runner nobody 1.0
#10221 Admin Documentation Generator throws KeyError on models containing Point fields nobody master
#10222 [patch] Add line_merge to GEOS geometries under django.contrib.gis jbronn 1.0
#10364 Incorrect error message given when role does not have create database privilege jbronn master
#10368 Add expand_to_include method to gdal Envelope nobody 1.0
#10380 gdal Envelope should allow min_x == max_x and/or min_y == max_y jbronn 1.0
#10395 GeoIP broken with [9945] nobody master
#10397 Add support for DATABASE_SUPPORTS_TRANSACTIONS to django.contrib.gis.tests.run_tests jbronn 1.0
#10411 Updates do not work with GeometryFields Malcolm Tredinnick 1.0
#10420 Running gis tests via runtests doesn't work. jbronn master
#10452 geodjango test runner database creation error handling nobody master
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