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#27877 Management command exceptions should be logged John Kang New feature Core (Management commands) 1.11 Normal
#28009 Document and test Field.empty_value for CharField subclasses Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11 Normal
#28048 Allow generic date views to use related fields as date_field Lefteris Nikoltsios New feature Generic views 1.11 Normal
#28050 TemplateSyntaxError should contain template name Roger Masse New feature Template system 1.11 Normal
#28077 Allow specifying custom operator classes for PostgreSQL indexes Ian Foote New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 Normal
#28144 Add allow_overwrite kwarg to FileSystemStorage._save Jon Prindiville New feature File uploads/storage 1.11 Normal
#28154 Infinite loop in collectstatic with broken symlinks ChillarAnand Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.11 Normal
#28194 Add search rank cd function and normalization for Postgres full text search Andrii Soldatenko New feature contrib.postgres 1.11 Normal
#28200 Do not touch hash-designated files which already exist at the destination storage Michal Krupa Cleanup/optimization contrib.staticfiles 1.11 Normal
#28214 IndexError for JSONField queries containing percent character in key André Ericson Bug contrib.postgres 1.11 Normal
#28216 Add next_page to LoginView ThinkChaos New feature contrib.auth 1.11 Normal
#28223 Form not always picklable due to template renderer Gaurav Sehgal Bug Forms 1.11 Normal
#28236 Integrate dj-database-url into Django Tom Forbes New feature Core (Other) 1.11 Normal
#28290 Doc sections are missing target (labels) links Tony Narlock Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11 Normal
#28297 Same queryset result in two different queries on ORM Marcus Renno Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 Normal
#28337 fetch_redirect_response from assertRedirects doesn't honor HTTP_HOST setting in self.client.get Patrick Jenkins Cleanup/optimization Testing framework 1.11 Normal
#28342 Make PyLibMCCache backend catch exceptions when memcached server is down Julian Andrews Cleanup/optimization Core (Cache system) 1.11 Normal
#28358 LazyObject defines attribute that don't exist on wrapped object Sergey Fedoseev Bug Utilities 1.11 Normal
#28373 TIME_ZONE value in DATABASES settings is not used for date lookup messfish Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 Normal
#28384 ModelAdmin.lookup_allowed() incorrectly raises DisallowedModelAdminLookup lookup with foreign key as primary key Windson yang Bug contrib.admin 1.11 Normal
#28385 deserializers ignore natural keys when primary key has a default value Irindu Indeera Bug Core (Serialization) 1.11 Normal
#28439 When() crashes with ValidationError with models using UUID as primary key Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 Normal
#28507 Allow ValidationErrors to equal each other when created identically caleb logan New feature Core (Other) 1.11 Normal
#28535 Message on conflicting migrations is misleading for rebase workflows Masashi SHIBATA Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.11 Normal
#28539 REMOTE_USER auth docs (and middleware logging?) should mention that headers with underscores are stripped when using "runserver" command Israel Fermín Montilla New feature Documentation 1.11 Normal
#28582 Tutorial 01 and 02 cleanup suggestions ImmaSix Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11 Normal
#28588 User.has_perm() with superusers hides nonexistent permissions moshe nahmias Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth 1.11 Normal
#28592 Reorganize CSRF documentation and add to FAQs Daniele Procida Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11 Normal
#28598 BCC addresses are ignored in the console and file email backends Stefan Schneider Cleanup/optimization Core (Mail) 1.11 Normal
#28616 DISTINCT ON and update() does the wrong thing messfish Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 Normal
#28618 Add an easier to make templates substitutions raise an exception on error shreyas New feature Template system 1.11 Normal
#28667 Documentation for extending UserCreationForm doesn't work with UserAdmin Bhavesh Praveen Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth 1.11 Normal
#28785 Tracking migrations Sonu kumar New feature Migrations 1.11 Normal
#28808 Allow customizing the fallback language Claude Paroz New feature Internationalization 1.11 Normal
#28816 Silent data loss when decreasing the max_length of a CharField ChillarAnand Bug Migrations 1.11 Normal
#28889 Use JavaScript to prevent double submission of admin forms Karan Bedi Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.11 Normal
#28911 Add support for the Msft time zone required on Windows Subsystem for Linux running openSUSE Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization Utilities 1.11 Normal
#29074 makemessages duplicates .po file headers when fed with empty strings Manthan Sharma Bug Core (Management commands) 1.11 Normal
#29230 Incorrect behavior of QuerySet.prefetch_related() in some circumstances during multilevel data prefetching Paulo Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 Normal
#29452 makemessages command doesn't set .pot file charset properly Bartosz Grabski Bug Internationalization 1.11 Normal
#28687 Add a 'Not Empty' option to admin's related filter Jake Barber Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 2.0 Normal
#28766 Add route information to ResolverMatch Benjamin Wohlwend New feature Core (URLs) 2.0 Normal
#28917 Remove paginator's unordered queryset warning for a .none() queryset Junji Wei Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) 2.0 Normal
#28948 CookieStorage performance issues Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug contrib.messages 2.0 Normal
#28987 Migration changing ManyToManyField target to 'self' doesn't work correctly SShayashi Bug Migrations 2.0 Normal
#29000 RenameModel does not rename M2M column when run after AlterField/RenameField Jeff Bug Migrations 2.0 Normal
#29019 createsuperuser crashes if a ManyToManyField is in REQUIRED_FIELDS Williams Mendez Bug contrib.auth 2.0 Normal
#29030 Make construction of "View on site" and "View Site" URLs consistent ChiragMaliwal Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 2.0 Normal
#29078 Serializer handle_m2m_field() should honor any previous prefetch Zeeshan Khan Cleanup/optimization Core (Serialization) 2.0 Normal
#29087 Impossible to delete pending new inline in admin when invalid (delete button missing) Vitor Freitas Bug contrib.admin 2.0 Normal
#29128 makemigrations raises AppRegistryNotReady instead of ImproperlyConfigured in Django 2.0 ChillarAnand Bug Core (Management commands) 2.0 Normal
#29129 Child model updates parent model with empty fields making an extra query in multi-inheritance when parent model has custom PK Ashaba John Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 Normal
#29138 Add ModelAdmin.autocomplete_fields support for ForeignKeys that use to_field Basu Dubey Bug contrib.admin 2.0 Normal
#29226 @modify_settings append/remove/prepend is affected by dictionary order benjaoming Uncategorized Testing framework 2.0 Normal
#29268 Support passing None to test Client and RequestFactory request methods for default content_type Chris Jerdonek Cleanup/optimization Testing framework 2.0 Normal
#29329 Inconsistent datetime logging from runserver. Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) 2.0 Normal
#29336 No docs for circular inheritance Adrian Turjak Cleanup/optimization Documentation 2.0 Normal
#29413 QuerySet.get_or_create()/update_or_create() shouldn't evaluate lazy defaults unless they are needed Liuyang Qin Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 Normal
#29416 Undesired subquery added to the GROUP BY clause felixxm Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 Release blocker
#29426 UUID fields display poorly in the admin mackong Cleanup/optimization Forms 2.0 Normal
#29428 Add support to admin for expressions like (Lower('myfield'),) in model Meta.ordering Nicolas Noé Bug contrib.admin 2.0 Release blocker
#29430 django.core.mail.send_mail()'s fail_silently kwarg is documented confusingly Sub Cleanup/optimization Documentation 2.0 Normal
#29440 Document that RelatedManager.set() doesn't accept bulk keyword argument for many-to-many relations Jeremy Lainé Bug Documentation 2.0 Normal
#29448 Create management command management command Katie McLaughlin New feature Core (Management commands) 2.0 Normal
#29419 Document the change in permissions required to perform admin actions Hiroki Kiyohara Bug Documentation 2.1 Release blocker
#373 Add support for multiple-column primary keys Michal Petrucha New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#2259 Primary keys should be readonly by default in admin Pathangi Jatinshravan Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#2361 QuerySet.filter(m2mfield__isnull=False) may return duplicates Calvin DeBoer Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#3461 DatabaseWrapper should pass through args and kwargs to underlying database adapter Asif Saifuddin Auvi Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#4282 startproject should honor umask merb New feature Core (Management commands) master Normal
#5711 Allow non-field attributes to be serialized senko Bug Core (Serialization) master Normal
#6363 Login page is redisplayed without any message if AdminSite.has_permission() returns False Iacopo Spalletti Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#6376 Please don't force the usage of the 'django' gettext domain Krzysztof Gutkowski New feature Internationalization master Normal
#6517 MySQL: dbshell does not get charset from DATABASES setting Biswajit Sahu Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#6989 Inability to define DNS_NAME in django.core.mail results in e-mail messages being rejected or marked as spam heathervm Bug Core (Mail) master Normal
#7556 inspectdb fails in MySql if a table references a table outside the current schema brockweaver Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#8472 Add "Recent Actions" panel to app_index template Dario Ocles New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#9061 formsets with can_delete=True shouldn't add delete field to extra forms Daniel Ward New feature Forms master Normal
#9388 Year navigation in admin's date widgets' calendar Javier de la Rosa New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#9602 Add manipulation methods anonymous New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#10609 Permissions on admin actions leitjohn New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#10686 Add class name interpolation in Meta.permissions codenames Sergei Maertens New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#11927 Allow dumpdata to dump YAML in block style Xiao Hanyu New feature Core (Serialization) master Normal
#11964 Add the ability to use database-level CHECK CONSTRAINTS Ian Foote New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#12075 Add wsgiorg.routing args support Gustavo Narea New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#12090 Show admin actions on the edit pages too jgmize New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#12416 Improve KML Serialization jbronn New feature GIS master Normal
#13009 provide django.forms field type info for use in templates rameshugar New feature Forms master Normal
#13559 Need a contextprocessor for current site chrismedrela New feature contrib.sites master Normal
#13659 Make the request accessible in callables used in ModelAdmin.list_display Paulo New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13841 Allow context processors access to current version of context Colin Copeland New feature Template system master Normal
#13896 Change language to dynamic attribute in syndication feed generator Jason Kotenko New feature contrib.syndication master Normal
#13910 Add generator version of Template.render(Context) Gagaro New feature Template system master Normal
#14035 Cannot access POST after request.encoding was set to a custom value Piotr Czachur Bug HTTP handling master Normal
#14094 Cannot define CharField with unlimited length Aron Podrigal New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#14761 URL resolving / reversing design doesn't allow alternate specs Marten Kenbeek New feature Core (URLs) master Normal
#15279 Inheritance of fields from a single abstract base class through multiple abstract classes causes errors. Stephen Burrows Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#15619 Logout link should be protected Ramiro Morales Bug contrib.auth master Normal
#15727 Add support for Content-Security-Policy (CSP) to core Rudolph Froger New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#16027 Include app_label in ContentType.__unicode__ djangsters Cleanup/optimization contrib.contenttypes master Normal
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