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#24662 Sum() returns True/False when used with BooleanField & MySQL Marco Santamaria Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#24964 Infinite migrations with empty help_text via ugettext_lazy Andriy Sokolovskiy Bug Migrations 1.8 Normal
#24991 Range types not properly converted to SQL in QuerySet.query.__str__() Dmitry Dygalo Bug contrib.postgres 1.8 Normal
#25251 Inconsistent availability of data migrations in TransactionTestCase when using --keepdb Romain Garrigues Bug Testing framework 1.8 Normal
#25287 Multiplying and dividing connectors for datetime expressions are not supported by sqlite backed. Caio Ariede New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#25298 Forbid QuerySet filtering by a related field that expects a single value when multiple values are returned Y3K Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#25467 Excluding an object with no ID excludes everything. Joakim Israelsson Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#25712 Template overview documentation is not very approachable Jacek Bzdak Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8 Normal
#25741 Make 'request' available to syndication.Feed methods Alex Morozov Cleanup/optimization contrib.syndication 1.8 Normal
#26099 Add a warning about import conflicts when auto-generating migrations Alexey Kotlyarov Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.8 Normal
#26329 StaticFilesStorage permits leading slash, CachedStaticFilesStorage doesn't Matt Deacalion Stevens Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.8 Normal
#27359 Make it possible to specify a default template engine Carlton Gibson New feature Template system 1.8 Normal
#27360 Make it easier to track down the offending models for AlreadyRegistered exceptions Quentin Fulsher Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#27964 Raise an error if a MySQL geometry with an unsupported SRID is saved to the database Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS 1.8 Normal
#25504 Django test teardown fails when there is no default database mihaicc Bug Testing framework 1.9 Normal
#25873 GEOSGEometry handles srid parameter differently for EWKB and EWKT input Sergey Fedoseev Bug GIS 1.9 Normal
#25937 Failure when using expressions.DateTime on NULL values and aggregating Cheryl Yang Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#26007 SingleObjectTemplateResponseMixin.get_template_names does not return names stack properly. Chris Cogdon Bug Generic views 1.9 Normal
#26028 Improve instructions for overriding Django templates Philip James New feature Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26149 Invalid migration generated when using order_with_respect_to and a unique_together constraint anabelensc Bug Migrations 1.9 Normal
#26180 Altering unique_together still sometimes missing deleted fields Akshesh Doshi Bug Migrations 1.9 Normal
#26220 Allow SingleObjectTemplateResponseMixin to get a template_name from form_class if it's a ModelForm Guilhem Saurel New feature Generic views 1.9 Normal
#26251 SimpleArrayField missing clean method which leads to unexpected validation error. Scott Allen Bug contrib.postgres 1.9 Normal
#26291 loaddata cannot deserialize fixtures with forward references and natural foreign keys Peter Inglesby New feature Core (Serialization) 1.9 Normal
#26355 Add support for PostgreSQL's array_append to ArrayField khorne New feature contrib.postgres 1.9 Normal
#26369 Allow override of hardcoded defaults in model Field.formfield() James Pic New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#26608 Add a window function expression Mads Jensen New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#26761 Add 'help_text' property to methods in ModelAdmin.list_display ducdetronquito New feature contrib.admin 1.9 Normal
#26763 Control rendering of add/change/delete_related admin buttons Chris Clark New feature contrib.admin 1.9 Normal
#26788 update of geometry field from the another one crashes Sergey Fedoseev Bug GIS 1.9 Normal
#26813 ModelForm RadioSelect widget for foreign keys should not present a blank option if blank=False on the model Dmitry Homenok Bug Forms 1.9 Normal
#26819 Using a ArrayField on Meta.unique_together throws "unhashable type: 'list'" on validate_unique method PREMANAND Bug Forms 1.9 Normal
#26936 Stale content type deletion stops working if all models in an app are deleted Pavel Bug contrib.contenttypes 1.9 Normal
#27417 Migration to change model field case crashes on Oracle Zach Zundel Bug Migrations 1.9 Normal
#27573 Distance function returns Distance object instead of raw value on MySQL Sergey Fedoseev Bug GIS 1.9 Normal
#27848 EmailMessage.attach_file() with .eml file crashes Dariush Azimi Bug Core (Mail) 1.9 Normal
#27074 connection.is_usable() raises AttributeError after the connection is closed Chris Jerdonek Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#27079 Refactor LiveServerPort.test_port_bind() not to call setUpClass() twice Chris Jerdonek Bug Testing framework 1.10 Normal
#27106 Document which template filters can be used in Python code (and how) Burhan Khalid Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10 Normal
#27225 Cache-Control's max-age doesn't match Expires for responses taken from cache Rinat Khabibiev Bug HTTP handling 1.10 Normal
#27318 Return failed values from memcached.set_many() Olivier Tabone Cleanup/optimization Core (Cache system) 1.10 Normal
#27397 Querying with an integer larger than SQLite supports crashes with OverflowError Ramin Farajpour Cami Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#27398 Make SimpleTestCase.assertRedirects() URL comparison ignore ordering of query parameters favll Cleanup/optimization Testing framework 1.10 Normal
#27430 ` test` does not support unittest `-b` buffer option Eyad Toma New feature Testing framework 1.10 Normal
#27449 Make django.utils.translation.trans_real.get_supported_language_variant public API Iacopo Spalletti New feature Internationalization 1.10 Normal
#27452 Add Postgres serial field to contrib.postgres Johannes Hoppe New feature contrib.postgres 1.10 Normal
#27460 Allow declaring a GenericRelation from an abstract model to another abstract model Alex Hill New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#27466 Use a datepicker widget for Date[Time]RangeField in admin prabod manuranga rathnayaka New feature contrib.admin 1.10 Normal
#27471 Make admin's list_filter choices collapsable Shiv K Sah New feature contrib.admin 1.10 Normal
#27480 Add a Cache.touch(key, timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT) method Nicolas Noé New feature Core (Cache system) 1.10 Normal
#27487 ModelAdmin.formfield_overrides on ManyToManyField isn't compatible with CheckboxSelectMultiple Adonys Alea Boffill Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.10 Normal
#27515 Make AuthenticationForm use the username length from the user model Andrey Kuzminov Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth 1.10 Normal
#27533 inspectdb crashes on unsupported unique_together constraints in PostgreSQL Michael Sinov Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#27539 assertNumQueries fails if debug cursor wrapper fills reficul31 Bug Testing framework 1.10 Normal
#27554 Queryset evaluation fails with mix of nested and flattened prefetches (AttributeError on RelatedManager) François Freitag Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#27575 Make host validation run on all requests Ketan Bhatt Cleanup/optimization HTTP handling 1.10 Normal
#27595 ForeignKey to model subclass using UUID as primary key isn't populated in form's <select> Sarthak Mehrish Bug Forms 1.10 Normal
#27624 Optimize ORM by using more immutable data structures Adam (Chainz) Johnson Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#27670 Genuine ImportError masked by exception handling code when loading shell Peter Inglesby Bug Core (Management commands) 1.10 Normal
#27697 JSONField with blank=True is rendered as non-required field in a ModelForm Andrew Nester Bug contrib.postgres 1.10 Normal
#27726 Template default_if_none filter is inconsistent between printed value and boolean context Tim Martin Bug Template system 1.10 Normal
#27796 Middlewares load twice due to StaticFilesHandler(WSGIHandler) Chandrakant Kumar Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.10 Normal
#27824 Cannot chain unaccent transform with key lookup in Postgres JSON field Simon Charette New feature contrib.postgres 1.10 Normal
#27830 Use distutils.version.LooseVersion instead of custom version parsing ChillarAnand Bug Core (Other) 1.10 Normal
#27854 Make `collectstatic` warn (rather than blow up) on missing directories Mahesh Kumar Jurel Cleanup/optimization contrib.staticfiles 1.10 Normal
#27858 Stop read-only management commands from attempting to create a django_migrations table Marti Raudsepp Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.10 Normal
#27860 Changing a CharField to a ForeignKey crashes when migrating in PostgreSQL felixxm Bug Migrations 1.10 Normal
#27888 Add a button to clear all admin filters Md. Al-Amin Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.10 Normal
#27928 Gratuitous ALTER COLUMN statements generated for adding blank=True Christophe Pettus Bug Migrations 1.10 Normal
#27931 Clarify the meaning of "django catch-all logger" Vedran Karačić Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10 Normal
#27954 Prevent PostgreSQL dbshell from exiting on CTRL-C nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) 1.10 Normal
#27967 The autogenerated OneToOneField on multi table inheritance breaks the InlineAdminForm given UUID pk Vedran Karačić Bug contrib.admin 1.10 Normal
#27972 BaseSpatialField.geodetic should return SpatialReference.geographic Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS 1.10 Normal
#27973 LinearRing.json gives invalid GeoJSON Sergey Fedoseev Bug GIS 1.10 Normal
#373 Add support for multiple-column primary keys Michal Petrucha New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3461 DatabaseWrapper should pass through args and kwargs to underlying database adapter Asif Saifuddin Auvi Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#4282 startproject should honor umask merb New feature Core (Management commands) master Normal
#5711 Allow non-field attributes to be serialized senko Bug Core (Serialization) master Normal
#6363 Login page is redisplayed without any message if AdminSite.has_permission() returns False Iacopo Spalletti Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#6376 Please don't force the usage of the 'django' gettext domain Krzysztof Gutkowski New feature Internationalization master Normal
#7556 inspectdb fails in MySql if a table references a table outside the current schema brockweaver Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#8472 Add "Recent Actions" panel to app_index template Dario Ocles New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#8760 forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField should use "invalid_list" as error message key hassam Cleanup/optimization Forms master Normal
#8851 Add a default option to list_filter in the admin interface Harro New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#8936 Add view (read-only) permission to admin Petr Dlouhý New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#9061 formsets with can_delete=True shouldn't add delete field to extra forms Daniel Ward New feature Forms master Normal
#9388 Year navigation in admin's date widgets' calendar Javier de la Rosa New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#9602 Add manipulation methods anonymous New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#10609 Permissions on admin actions leitjohn New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#10686 Add class name interpolation in Meta.permissions codenames Sergei Maertens New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#11854 Add support of PostGIS's Azimuth function Sergey Fedoseev New feature GIS master Normal
#11927 Allow dumpdata to dump YAML in block style Xiao Hanyu New feature Core (Serialization) master Normal
#11964 Add the ability to use database-level CHECK CONSTRAINTS Ian Foote New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#12075 Add wsgiorg.routing args support Gustavo Narea New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#12090 Show admin actions on the edit pages too jgmize New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#12410 add support for St_Line_Locate_Point to geodjango postgis backend Sergey Fedoseev New feature GIS master Normal
#12416 Improve KML Serialization jbronn New feature GIS master Normal
#13559 Need a contextprocessor for current site chrismedrela New feature contrib.sites master Normal
#13659 Make the request accessible in callables used in ModelAdmin.list_display Paulo New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#13841 Allow context processors access to current version of context Colin Copeland New feature Template system master Normal
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