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#26756 Changing of model's verbose_name does not change the names of the model's permissions assigned Roman Hudec Bug Migrations Normal
#26760 Delete nonexistent migrations from django_migrations table new nobody Cleanup/optimization Migrations Normal
#26780 Prefetch objects don't work with slices new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#26790 Move BaseUserManager.normalize_email() to AbstractUser assigned Huynh Thanh Tam Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth Normal
#26803 Add a statistics option to makemessages new nobody New feature Internationalization Normal
#26817 Document downsides and alternatives of Jinja2 context processors new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#26827 "ModelState.fields cannot refer to a model class ... Use a string reference instead." when using custom model field derived from ManyToMany assigned Zaheer Soebhan Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#26834 MinValueValidator/MaxValueValidator not forwarded to form field for ModelForm assigned Sagar Nilesh Shah Bug Forms Normal
#26836 Allow applications to register links in the admin interface new nobody New feature contrib.admin Normal
#26903 support date and timestamp containment within postgres range field new Bug contrib.postgres Normal
#26906 Factor out an AlterFooTogether operation from AlterUnique/IndexTogether assigned Akshesh Doshi Cleanup/optimization Migrations Normal
#26962 docs: Missing Information about Transaction in Operations (migrations) new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#26967 add support for GIS functions added in MySQL 5.7.5 (AsGeoJSON, GeoHash and IsValid) new nobody New feature GIS Normal
#26974 Support for Hash indexes assigned Akshesh Doshi New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#26993 Increase the length of the User model's last_name field to 100 characters assigned Damian Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth Normal
#27021 Add explicit support for Q object annotations new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#27025 Python 3.6 compatibility new nobody New feature Core (Other) Normal
#27029 Make EmailValidator accept non-ASCII characters new Ramin Farajpour Cami Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) Normal
#27053 Document django.contrib.auth.get_user() assigned Berker Peksag Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#27055 Model form with geometry widgets has invalid html assigned Antonis Christofides Bug GIS Normal
#27060 Take indexes into account in inspectdb command assigned Akshesh Doshi New feature Core (Management commands) Normal
#27064 Implement RenameIndex in a backwards compatible way new nobody New feature Migrations Normal
#27086 running servers.tests may hang in parallel mode on Mac OS X new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) Normal
#27095 Queries involving postgres Array fields can't include expressions as elements new Bug contrib.postgres Normal
#27109 Make Flatpage swappable new nobody New feature contrib.flatpages Normal
#27119 full_clean() called too many times during formset validation assigned DavidFozo Cleanup/optimization Forms Normal
#27130 Allow using the DjangoTemplates engine without configuring settings new nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system Normal
#27135 Standardise type value returned by introspection.get_constraints for indexes new nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#27138 timezone.localtime accepts naive datetimes on Python ≥ 3.6 new nobody Bug Utilities Normal
#27147 Add support for defining bounds in postgres range fields new New feature contrib.postgres Normal
#27161 TypedChoiceField fails to validate properly when used with ArrayField new nobody Bug Forms Normal
#27176 django.setup() should raise an exception instead of hanging on re-entrant calls new nobody Bug Core (Other) Normal
#27184 Test client crashes when uploading TemporaryFile on Unix assigned Thomas Scrace Bug Testing framework Normal
#27210 smtp EmailBackend doesn't honor fail_silently=True when receiving a socket level connection error assigned Vesteinn Snaebjarnarson Bug Core (Mail) Normal
#27218 Return LogEntry instances from log_addition, log_change, log_deletion new nobody New feature contrib.admin Normal
#27221 Document how to escape a percent symbol in ugettext new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#27229 Allow using aggregates in ModelAdmin.list_display assigned Dor New feature contrib.admin Normal
#27236 Deprecate Model.Meta.index_together in favour of Model.Meta.indexes new nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#27241 Annotate doesn't work with PostgreSQL views anymore new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#27244 Incorrect thousand separator for the Greek locale (el) new nobody Bug Internationalization Normal
#27250 Confusing <label> assignment with CheckboxSelectMultiple new nobody Bug Forms Normal
#27262 Delegate URL resolver checks to URL classes new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (URLs) Normal
#27263 Allow validators to short-circuit in form field validation new nobody New feature Forms Normal
#27266 assertFormError fails when trying to check a custom validation in an Admin form new nobody Bug contrib.admin Normal
#27268 Regression on error message for invalid related fields lookup in QuerySet.get() new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#27217 makemigrations crashes with "'SpatialRefSysMixin' has no attribute '_meta'" on PostGIS new nobody Bug GIS Release blocker
#2361 QuerySet.filter(m2mfield__isnull=False) may return duplicates new Adrian Holovaty Bug Database layer (models, ORM) normal
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