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#19891 Travis CI support assigned gcc Cleanup/optimization Testing framework Normal
#19898 Document why/when of class-based views assigned estebistec New feature Documentation Normal
#19973 Management commands migration to argparse assigned jose Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) Normal
#20122 Pluralize filter sometimes returns singular form instead of an empty string for invalid inputs assigned littlepig Cleanup/optimization Template system Normal
#20205 PositiveIntegerfield does not handle empty values well assigned AmiZya Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#20221 `conditional_escape` does not work with lazy strings assigned bmispelon Bug Utilities Normal
#20222 Some functions are wrapped into allow_lazy incorrectly assigned bmispelon Bug Utilities Normal
#20223 Allow allow_lazy to be used as a decorator assigned bmispelon New feature Utilities Normal
#20287 BaseContext (and it's subclasses) lack emulation of dictionary items() assigned cannona New feature Template system Normal
#20401 get_for_model queries the wrong database assigned aptiko Bug contrib.contenttypes Normal
#20423 Template renderer does not parse numeric variables assigned iapain Bug Template system Normal
#20435 Reorder template tag documentation. assigned danielquinn Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#20436 Cleanup/Optimization of javascript code with JSLint in admin assigned galuszkak Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin Normal
#20456 Easier unit testing for class-based views assigned mjtamlyn New feature Testing framework Normal
#20461 Support for running Django tests in parallel assigned senko Cleanup/optimization Testing framework Normal
#20477 Allow list of modules for FORMAT_MODULE_PATH assigned mbrochh New feature Internationalization Normal
#20550 Add an option to preserve the database between test runs assigned gchp New feature Testing framework Normal
#20597 Replace admin icons images by an icon font. assigned anonymous Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin Normal
#20749 Add validation for type of Field.choices arguments assigned ellisd23 New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#20752 Error signals are not reliable, especially when dealing with database errors assigned schacki Bug HTTP handling Normal
#20755 Certain cookie flags don't get unpickled properly assigned julien Bug Core (Serialization) Normal
#20824 User Auth: A Complete Solution for Email Login Handling assigned tanderegg New feature contrib.auth Normal
#20916 Provide a "simple_login" feature for the test client assigned alasdair New feature Testing framework Normal
#20917 Change the password hashers when testing assigned ashchristopher New feature Testing framework Normal
#20936 When logging out/ending a session, don't create a new, empty session assigned mattrobenolt Cleanup/optimization contrib.sessions Normal
#20995 {% include %} uses get_template where it could select_template assigned amberdoctor New feature Template system Normal
#21022 Ensure URL naming is always preferred everywhere in the docs assigned anonymous Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#21132 AdminSite cannot handle different namespace assigned vajrasky Bug contrib.admin Normal
#21157 Problems with ResolverMatch assigned marfire Bug Core (URLs) Normal
#21158 Set an implicit wait for selenium. assigned bsilverberg Cleanup/optimization Testing framework Normal
#21183 Filter block on the right covers information in admin assigned viciu New feature contrib.admin Normal
#21201 Let ClearableFileInput work with other fields assigned vzima New feature Forms Normal
#21230 Remove usage of direct settings manipulation in Django's tests assigned whoshuu Cleanup/optimization Testing framework Normal
#21238 `ImageFieldFile.url` raises an AttributeError exception after retrieving it from cache assigned vajrasky Bug Core (Cache system) Normal
#21392 changepassword option to read from stdin assigned AeroNotix New feature contrib.auth Normal
#21454 Ignoring certain fields on INSERT and UPDATE queries assigned mpessas New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#21461 Add pre_update and post_update signals assigned loic84 New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#21483 [RFE] Add WSGI environ to request_started signal emission assigned anonymous New feature Core (Other) Normal
#21498 Changing locale causes migrations autodetector to make unnecesary changes assigned MarkusH Bug Migrations Normal
#21548 Add the ability to limit file extensions for ImageField and FileField assigned jfilipe New feature Forms Normal
#21549 Fixture loading should fail with a BIG LOUD EXCEPTION when the file is not found assigned bugZPDX Bug Core (Management commands) Normal
#21592 formset.ordered_forms should try to return ordered forms if is_valid() is false assigned pjrharley New feature Forms Normal
#21598 Cleanup template loader overrides in tests assigned unaizalakain Cleanup/optimization Template system Normal
#21685 admin_doc/model_index.html should use application names assigned mrshu Cleanup/optimization contrib.admindocs Normal
#21687 Document the abstract models testing assigned JocelynD Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#21798 Model validation should complain if both `add_now` and `auto_add_now` are specified. assigned anonymous Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#21799 loaddata ignorenonexistent should ignore missing models too assigned esauro Cleanup/optimization Core (Serialization) Normal
#21936 Add delete message mixin assigned CarolineSimpson New feature contrib.messages Normal
#21987 Allow Media objects to have their own MEDIA_TYPES assigned Osmose Cleanup/optimization Forms Normal
#22058 Consider a more general method to replace handlerXXX assigned anubhav9042 New feature Core (URLs) Normal
#22064 Invalid related_name passes silently assigned elhippie Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#22106 catalogs of django.views.i18n.javascript_catalog overwrite each other assigned moritzs Bug Internationalization Normal
#22248 Model renaming doesn't work backwards assigned andrewgodwin Bug Migrations Normal
#22267 django.utils.html.smart_urlquote() is incorrectly unquoting the url assigned ienzam Bug Utilities Normal
#22268 values_list() on a ManyToManyField returns extra None's when iterated over. assigned anubhav9042 Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#22310 Document exact usage of and consequences of rotating SECRET_KEY assigned Zulu Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#22316 TimeFIeld lacks hour/minute filters assigned mjtamlyn New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#22328 Add --exclude option to compilemessages assigned infraredgirl New feature Core (Management commands) Normal
#22336 Impossible to exclude specific subdirectories with makemessages assigned justhamade Bug Core (Management commands) Normal
#22352 GeoQuerySet methods: support lookups on reversed o2o relationships as field_name assigned anonymous Bug GIS Normal
#22383 Add the required tag to the input fields which are required for database entry assigned anubhav9042 New feature Forms Normal
#22394 Several built in Lookups should actually be Transforms assigned mjtamlyn Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#22397 Issues removing M2M field with explicit through model assigned andrewsg Bug Migrations Release blocker
#22429 Wrong SQL generated when using ~Q and F assigned superemily Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#22449 Colorize output of test results assigned jrothenbuhler New feature Core (Management commands) Normal
#22463 Inconsistent code style in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files assigned treyhunner Cleanup/optimization Uncategorized Normal
#56 Primary key columns should be UNSIGNED new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#494 Collapse in admin interface for inline related objects new aptiko New feature contrib.admin Normal
#901 Reload method for models new adrian New feature Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#2259 Primary keys should be readonly by default in admin new Bug contrib.admin Normal
#2443 Add IntervalField to database models new Adys New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#2495 db.models.TextField cannot be marked unique when using mysql backend new Honza_Kral Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#2594 Template system should handle whitespace better new jshedd Bug Template system Normal
#2651 Adding to admin nice selector for editing ForeignKey fields in case of relatively large number of items (adopted from SelectFilter2.js) new nobody New feature contrib.admin Normal
#3006 generic relations do not act as expected in a filter/get new rmyers New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#3214 [patch] raw sql file doesn't recognize quotes correctly new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Release blocker
#3461 DatabaseWrapper should pass through args and kwargs to underlying database adapter new cgrady Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#3569 extend Atom feed support for other fields new nobody New feature contrib.syndication Normal
#3570 implement Atom Publishing Protocol new nobody New feature contrib.syndication Normal
#4065 Ability to disable admin pagination new nobody New feature contrib.admin Normal
#4070 unique_for_date and friends should create database indexes where possible new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#4140 [boulder-oracle]: syncdb fails with ORA-06552 when a fieldname is a keyword new Bug Core (Management commands) Normal
#4147 Add some i18n hooks to DateFormat new garcia_marc New feature Internationalization Normal
#4363 Formpreview doesn't support newform's dynamic initial values new nobody New feature contrib.formtools Normal
#4991 contrib.admin does not escape help_text new adrian Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#5147 Translation inconsistency for Hungarian language (entry - entries) new Bug Internationalization Normal
#5253 serializer for csv format for loaddata and dumpdata new erob New feature Core (Serialization) Normal
#5349 Shouldn't the item_enclosure_url automatically prefixed with the current site? new nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.syndication Normal
#5419 Add a model fuzz testing method to the test framework new kkubasik New feature Testing framework Normal
#5619 FileField and ImageField return the wrong path/url before calling save_FOO_file() new leahculver Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#5685 [patch] Add ability to perform pre-runtime setup before executing code new New feature Core (Other) Normal
#5726 inspectdb should recognize default values new nobody New feature Core (Management commands) Normal
#5745 MySQL Collations/Charsets and Engines new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#5793 Allow custom attributes in Meta classes new nobody New feature Metasystem Normal
#5815 Adds per-view cache refreshing (clearing) new nobody New feature Core (Cache system) Normal
#5851 SplitDateTimeWidget (or MultiWidget) doesn't allow different attrs for different fields new nobody New feature Forms Normal
#5865 cycle template tag should accept a single argument new munhitsu New feature Template system Normal
#5904 reverse should be more lenient on non-existent views in the urlconf new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) Normal
#5908 Cycle tag should reset after it steps out of scope(?) new nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system Normal
#5929 Allow Fields to use multiple db columns (complex datatypes) new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
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