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#22536 Exceptions using date-based generic views with MySQL, USE_TZ=True and bad data new acdha Bug Generic views Normal
#20372 using registration/logged_out.html template overrides admin logout assigned alexisbellido Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin Normal
#20347 Add an absolute_max parameter to formset_factory assigned ethurgood New feature Forms Normal
#20620 CachedFileMixin.post_process breaks when cache size is exceeded assigned jcatalan Bug contrib.staticfiles Normal
#20629 Admonitions in custom User model documentation may be scaring off users assigned kedmiston Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#14317 numberformat.format produces wrong results assigned lukenio Bug Internationalization Normal
#20023 Admin Inline form validation must go in Model.clean() if AdminInline.form is not specified new nobody Bug Documentation Normal
#20057 Reverse related manager should be a manager INSTANCE, not CLASS new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#20147 Provide an alternative to request.META for accessing HTTP headers new nobody New feature HTTP handling Normal
#20151 get_deleted_objects does not check permissions on proxy model objects without ModelAdmin new nobody Bug contrib.admin Normal
#20218 Default authorization backend returns False when queried for object level permissions new nobody Bug contrib.auth Normal
#20226 Django problematic when Oracle when column/table names are mixed case new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#20562 Docs: How to use django ORM with multiprocessing new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#20572 Localized PostgreSQL error messages break loaddata new nobody Bug Core (Management commands) Normal
#20589 contrib.auth.handlers.modwsgi fails for some backends new nobody Bug contrib.auth Normal
#20671 Custom backend get_user function is assumed to search by primary key new nobody New feature contrib.auth Normal
#20775 Clarify the operator each database backend uses for text lookups (startswith, istartswith, contains, icontains, endswith and iendswith) new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation Normal
#20892 add maximum item size configuration to memcached cache backend new nobody New feature Core (Cache system) Normal
#20942 modelformset wrongly assumes foreign keys can't point to proxy models. new nobody Bug Forms Normal
#21046 always creates files with Unix line endings new nobody Bug Core (Management commands) Normal
#21080 collectstatic post-processing fails for references inside comments new nobody Bug contrib.staticfiles Normal
#21171 Skip transaction creation for single statement operations new nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#21278 Using dumpdata to create unit test fixtures causes duplicate foreign keys for auth permissions. Excluding auth causes other referenced auth models to be missing. new nobody New feature contrib.auth Normal
#21379 class AbstractUser: validators should compile re with Unicode new nobody Bug contrib.auth Normal
#22296 m2m_changed pk_set value inconsistent between post_add and post_remove new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#24028 Related instance caching causes abstraction leaks from Field.get_db_prep_save new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#20487 oracle: case mixup causes ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined error assigned shai Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#18296 Make creating apps inside project folder more intuitive with startapp command new vanessagomes Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) Normal
#20601 intcomma and floatformat internationalization error new New feature Template system Normal
#20888 Index ordering in index_together and unique_together new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#21742 Unable to prevent creation of a database during test runs new New feature Testing framework Normal
#21906 dumpdata should not use router.allow_migrate new Bug Core (Management commands) Normal
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