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#373 Add support for multiple-column primary keys assigned Michal Petrucha Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#4282 startproject should honor umask assigned merb Core (Management commands) master Normal
#5899 Allow admin fieldsets to be collapsible but not initially collapsed assigned Alexander Herrmann contrib.admin newforms-admin Normal
#6376 Please don't force the usage of the 'django' gettext domain assigned Krzysztof Gutkowski Internationalization master Normal
#8472 Add "Recent Actions" panel to app_index template assigned Dario Ocles contrib.admin master Normal
#8972 Add ability to delete selected vector features within the Geodjango/OpenLayers Admin map interface assigned jbronn GIS 1.0 Normal
#9061 formsets with can_delete=True shouldn't add delete field to extra forms assigned Daniel Ward Forms master Normal
#9249 Google Analytics' Cookies break CacheMiddleware when SessionMiddleware turns on Vary: Cookie assigned Łukasz Langa HTTP handling 1.0 Normal
#9388 Year navigation in admin's date widgets' calendar assigned Javier de la Rosa contrib.admin master Normal
#9602 Add manipulation methods assigned anonymous contrib.admin master Normal
#10609 Permissions on admin actions assigned leitjohn contrib.admin master Normal
#10686 Add class name interpolation in Meta.permissions codenames assigned Sergei Maertens Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#10944 Site app should be able to make absolute URLs. assigned Christopher Medrela contrib.sites 1.0 Normal
#11927 Allow dumpdata to dump YAML in block style assigned Xiao Hanyu Core (Serialization) master Normal
#11964 Add the ability to use database-level CHECK CONSTRAINTS assigned Ian Foote Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#12075 Add wsgiorg.routing args support assigned Gustavo Narea HTTP handling master Normal
#12090 Show admin actions on the edit pages too assigned jgmize contrib.admin master Normal
#12416 Improve KML Serialization assigned jbronn GIS master Normal
#12498 Add multi-field validators assigned jkocherhans Forms Normal
#12772 Allow loading template tags by fully qualified python module path assigned Patryk Zawadzki Template system 1.2-beta Normal
#13009 provide django.forms field type info for use in templates assigned rameshugar Forms master Normal
#13559 Need a contextprocessor for current site assigned chrismedrela contrib.sites master Normal
#13564 Provide class attributes for form fields assigned Robert Lujo Forms 1.2-beta Normal
#13659 Make the request accessible in callables used in ModelAdmin.list_display assigned Paulo contrib.admin master Normal
#13841 Allow context processors access to current version of context assigned Colin Copeland Template system master Normal
#13896 Change language to dynamic attribute in syndication feed generator assigned Jason Kotenko contrib.syndication master Normal
#13910 Add generator version of Template.render(Context) assigned Gagaro Template system master Normal
#14094 Cannot define CharField with unlimited length assigned Aron Podrigal Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#14336 list_display should be able to contain sortable references to annotated fields assigned Jon Culver contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#14761 URL resolving / reversing design doesn't allow alternate specs assigned Marten Kenbeek Core (URLs) master Normal
#15727 Add support for Content-Security-Policy (CSP) to core assigned Rudolph Froger HTTP handling master Normal
#16149 Allow disabling choices in a <select> assigned Jody McIntyre Forms 1.3 Normal
#16260 Ability to change dismissRelatedLookupPopup on custom callback function assigned Alex Kamedov contrib.admin master Normal
#16521 Provide keyboard shortcuts in admin assigned anonymous contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#16872 Add touch support to the geographic admin assigned jbronn GIS Normal
#17498 Add a way to register a model with the admin but prevent it from appearing on the app index page assigned heba1108 contrib.admin Normal
#17508 DateDetailView should accept less specific dates, ie Year/Month or just Year assigned Moon Limb Generic views master Normal
#17905 Admin documentation lists all models, even for users without access to certain applications assigned Grzegorz Szczepańczyk contrib.admindocs 1.4-alpha-1 Normal
#18763 Shortcut to get users by permission assigned Berker Peksag contrib.auth master Normal
#18855 persist a socket across reloads of the dev server assigned Dan LaMotte HTTP handling master Normal
#19755 Incremental filter assigned Przemysław Suliga contrib.admin master Normal
#19898 Document why/when of class-based views assigned Steven Cummings Documentation master Normal
#20081 Minimize the risk of SECRET_KEY leaks assigned aj7may Core (Other) master Normal
#20147 Provide an alternative to request.META for accessing HTTP headers assigned santiagobasulto HTTP handling master Normal
#20313 AnonymousUser should follow custom User implementation assigned thinkingpotato contrib.auth Normal
#20347 Add an absolute_max parameter to formset_factory assigned ethurgood Forms 1.5 Normal
#20434 Have a template tag grammar instead of handling token/parser for every tag, and make it possible to introspect the grammar. assigned jonathanslenders Template system Normal
#20712 staticfiles and serving post-processed files through development server assigned Jannis Leidel contrib.staticfiles 1.4 Normal
#20749 Add validation for type of Field.choices arguments assigned ellisd23 Core (System checks) master Normal
#20757 A more Object-Oriented URLResolver assigned Marten Kenbeek Core (URLs) master Normal
#20824 User Auth: A Complete Solution for Email Login Handling assigned Tim Anderegg contrib.auth master Normal
#20917 Change the password hashers when testing assigned Ash Christopher Testing framework master Normal
#20960 DEFAULT_TABLESPACE should be part of DATABASES assigned Ivan Kolodyazhny Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#20995 {% include %} uses get_template where it could select_template assigned amberdoctor Template system master Normal
#21076 Offer the ability to store a hash of session IDs rather than the ID itself assigned Chris Griffin contrib.sessions master Normal
#21181 collation specific query results ordering assigned Alan Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#21183 Filter block on the right covers information in admin assigned Wiktor contrib.admin master Normal
#21381 Remove contrib.redirects dependency on contrib.sites assigned Dmitry Pechnikov contrib.redirects master Normal
#21392 changepassword option to read from stdin assigned AeroNotix contrib.auth master Normal
#21429 BaseCommand should use logging instead of custom output wrappers assigned John Kang Core (Management commands) master Normal
#21442 Configurable request parsing. assigned Tom Christie HTTP handling master Normal
#21454 Ignoring certain fields on INSERT and UPDATE queries assigned Joachim Jablon Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#21461 Add pre_update and post_update signals assigned loic84 Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#21961 Add support for database-level cascading options assigned Nick Stefan Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#21978 Add optional gunicorn support to runserver assigned Berker Peksag Core (Management commands) master Normal
#22274 better tutorial for geodjango assigned Sylvain Fankhauser GIS 1.6 Normal
#22449 Colorize output of test results assigned Yuri Shikanov Testing framework master Normal
#22479 Support byte range requests in django.views.static.serve assigned Nick Sandford HTTP handling master Normal
#22492 provide a way to prevent database queries on model objects assigned Raúl Cumplido Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#22633 LANGUAGE_CODE should be automatically set based on system locale assigned Håkan W Internationalization master Normal
#22841 ModelChoiceField does not make it easy to reuse querysets assigned Michael Vasiliou Forms master Normal
#23004 Cleanse entries from request.META in debug views assigned Ryan Castner Error reporting master Normal
#23034 Add migrations support for adding ManyToMany "through" model assigned Marten Kenbeek Migrations master Normal
#23318 Management command dbshell does not use DATABASE[...]['OPTIONS'] to set env PGOPTIONS assigned Flavio Curella Core (Management commands) master Normal
#23646 query set sql update to change different values by different keys (include django-bulk-update in core) assigned Tom Forbes Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#23681 Document how to customize NullBooleanSelect choice names assigned benjaoming Documentation master Normal
#23759 Storage.get_available_name should preserve all file extensions, not just the first one assigned thenewguy File uploads/storage master Normal
#23816 Ability to defer model field by default assigned Denis.Tarykin Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24018 Support journal_mode=WAL for sqlite assigned Curtis Maloney Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24363 Combine ALTER TABLE .. MODIFY statements for multiple columns into one statement. assigned ambivalentno Migrations 1.7 Normal
#24475 Add a new testconnections management command assigned Alex Morozov Core (Management commands) master Normal
#24481 Improve sqlmigrate to be more flexible and allow bypassing migrations on disk assigned Andrew Godwin Core (Management commands) master Normal
#24561 Allow model field choices to accept callables. assigned Sergey Fedoseev Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24778 Data Migration from Fixture assigned Victor Migrations master Normal
#24782 Add TestCase.assertFormValid assigned Joseph Victor Zammit Testing framework master Normal
#24800 Add logging of applied/unapplied migrations assigned Markus Holtermann Migrations master Normal
#24858 Add support for get_foo_display() with ArrayField assigned Artur Smęt contrib.postgres master Normal
#24928 Add UUIDField, RangeField, JSONField, etc to database introspection assigned Claude Paroz Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24989 Introduce contributor facing documentation for django.db.migrations assigned Markus Holtermann Documentation master Normal
#25197 Add a more friendly widget for HStoreField assigned Curtis Maloney contrib.postgres master Normal
#25287 Multiplying and dividing connectors for datetime expressions are not supported by sqlite backed. assigned Caio Ariede Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#25409 Allow url and groups of urls to be easily tagged and selected assigned atul-bhouraskar Core (URLs) master Normal
#25513 Refactor the admin paginator customizations to make them reuseable assigned Sasha Gaevsky Core (Other) master Normal
#25701 Add warning to an admin list_view if too many queries are being used assigned Jacinda Shelly contrib.admin master Normal
#25704 Response time in WSGIRequestHandler.log_request assigned Andrei Fokau HTTP handling master Normal
#25872 Add a trans/blocktrans option to force HTML escaping assigned Sasha Gaevsky Template system master Normal
#25916 Add lastmod support to sitemapindex assigned Matthew Downey contrib.sitemaps master Normal
#26067 Orderable ArrayAgg and StringAgg assigned Floris den Hengst contrib.postgres master Normal
#26142 Provide a way for model formsets to disallow new object creation assigned Mathias Rav Forms master Normal
#26167 Support for Functional Indexes (aka Indexes on Expressions) assigned Markus Holtermann Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
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