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#25866 Django migrations not picking up max_length change on FileField new nobody Migrations 1.7
#25880 Forms created by formset_factory's extra parameter don't have instance set new nobody Forms 1.8
#25887 Clarify support for ForeignKey and form fields other than ModelChoiceField new nobody Documentation master
#25889 Organize tests in tests/queries new nobody Testing framework master
#25927 document django.contrib.gis.utils.ogrinfo new nobody Documentation 1.9
#25938 deduplicate GEOSBase and GDALBase assigned Sergey Fedoseev GIS master
#25941 Improve the error message for when Django isn't on the path new nobody Testing framework master
#25961 remove handling of thread-non-safe GEOS functions new Sergey Fedoseev GIS master
#25978 Deprecate shortcuts.render_to_response() new Core (Other) master
#25996 Revise the Performance section in topics/http/urls assigned j-shu Documentation master
#26001 Make ModelAdmin.search_fields do an integer lookup for IntegerFields new contrib.admin master
#26066 Admin listview could handle a table wider than the screen more elegantly new nobody contrib.admin 1.9
#26083 Python 2 deprecation warnings for classes that define __eq__() but not __hash__() new nobody Core (Other) master
#26099 Add a warning about import conflicts when auto-generating migrations new nobody Migrations 1.8
#26168 BooleanField is forced to be blank=True assigned Shivangi Database layer (models, ORM) master
#26300 Convert contrib.flatpages views to class-based views new Tom Carrick contrib.flatpages master
#26322 Rewrite the lazy model reference section of related fields docs assigned Alex Hill Documentation master
#26347 Saving ManyToMany field under race condition causes data loss on MySQL new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8
#26357 'related-lookup' and 'add-another' popups don't work for admin fields added via ajax new nobody contrib.admin master
#26367 Assess if FieldFile can work with stdlib File instead of requiring Django's File new nobody File uploads/storage 1.9
#26399 Refactor SchemaEditor to facilitate Firebird handlings of column defaults new nobody Migrations master
#26400 QuerySet bulk_create method to handle generators to prevent loading all objects in memory at once new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#26407 Investigate applying transitive reduction to migration graph. new nobody Migrations master
#26423 Make EmailValidator use HTML5 validation rather than more complicated regular expressions assigned Chris Butler Core (Other) master
#26447 Deprecate USE_ETAGS setting in favor of ConditionalGetMiddleware unconditionally setting an ETag new Denis Cornehl HTTP handling 1.9
#26487 Use EHLO after smtplib.SMTP_SSL too. new nobody Core (Mail) master
#26511 Document how to do a substring search in JSONField new nobody Documentation master
#26513 Add tests for the <Backend>GeometryColumns.geom_col_name() method. assigned Sebastian Brestin GIS master
#26541 Add a DatabaseFeatures.supports_transactions() method for MySQL new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8
#26583 Add an option to silence collectstatic clashing files warnings new nobody contrib.staticfiles 1.9
#26615 Changing user's email could invalidate password reset tokens assigned Ross Curzon-Butler contrib.auth master
#26622 Improve timezone documentation regarding requirement for pytz new nobody Documentation master
#26650 Automatically apply Cast based on output_field new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#26651 Keep uploaded file suffix for TemporaryUploadedFile new nobody File uploads/storage master
#26661 Why not using AppConfig's name attribute instead of app_name in new nobody Core (URLs) 1.9
#26678 Document that ManyRelatedManager.add()/remove() can take primary keys new nobody Documentation master
#26693 RenameModel causes state.apps rendering leading to massive time increase in makemigrations new nobody Migrations 1.10
#26708 Update the contributing tutorial to use GitHub workflow assigned Jeff Willette Documentation master
#26714 Add examples for KMLSitemap and KMZSitemap new nobody GIS master
#26721 Document redirecting dumpdata output may result in incorrect encoding in Windows PowerShell new nobody Documentation 1.9
#26755 test_middleware_classes_headers fails when django files aren't writable new nobody Core (Other) 1.9
#26760 Delete nonexistent migrations from django_migrations table new nobody Migrations master
#26790 Move BaseUserManager.normalize_email() to AbstractUser assigned Huynh Thanh Tam contrib.auth master
#26810 DATA_UPLOAD_MAX_NUMBER_FIELDS not taken into account in admin mass actions new nobody contrib.admin 1.10
#26817 Document downsides and alternatives of Jinja2 context processors new nobody Documentation master
#26827 "ModelState.fields cannot refer to a model class ... Use a string reference instead." when using custom model field derived from ManyToMany assigned Zaheer Soebhan Documentation master
#26886 TECHNICAL_404_TEMPLATE logs an "Exception while resolving variable" warning new None Error reporting 1.9
#26906 Factor out an AlterFooTogether operation from AlterUnique/IndexTogether assigned Akshesh Doshi Migrations master
#26911 RedirectView failing silently on NoReverseMatch is confusing new nobody Generic views 1.10
#26920 GEOSGeometry objects compare equal despite different SRID new nobody GIS 1.9
#26961 Run admin checks if DEBUG is False new nobody contrib.admin 1.9
#26962 docs: Missing Information about Transaction in Operations (migrations) new nobody Documentation master
#26977 Instantiating an abstract model with a string ForeignKey fails with TypeError: isinstance() arg 2 must be a class, type, or tuple of classes and types new nobody Documentation 1.9
#26985 Document restrictions on fields that can be referenced by ForeignKey.to_field new nobody Documentation 1.10
#26993 Increase the length of the User model's last_name field to 100 characters assigned Damian contrib.auth master
#27029 Make EmailValidator accept non-ASCII characters new Ramin Farajpour Cami Core (Other) master
#27074 connection.is_usable() raises AttributeError after the connection is closed new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27086 running servers.tests may hang in parallel mode on Mac OS X new nobody Core (Other) master
#27090 pg_get_serial_sequence is broken on postgres, use a lookup in information_schema.columns instead new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27106 Document which template filters can be used in Python code (and how) new nobody Documentation 1.10
#27119 full_clean() called too many times during formset validation assigned DavidFozo Forms master
#27130 Allow using the DjangoTemplates engine without configuring settings new nobody Template system master
#27133 Explain how to load initial data with a data migration new nobody Documentation 1.10
#27135 Standardise type value returned by introspection.get_constraints for indexes new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#27141 makemigrations fails with PermissionDenied on django_migrations new nobody Migrations 1.10
#27150 Document that a name should be provided when wrapping file-like objects that don't have one with File new nobody Documentation 1.10
#27160 Document that running the Django test suite requires creating the databases and, on PostgresQL, a superuser new nobody Documentation 1.9
#27164 Database routers examples could be more realistic new nobody Documentation 1.8
#27182 Some import statement use backslashes instead of parentheses new nobody Core (Other) 1.10
#27201 Django 1.10 with STATICFILES_STORAGE breaks on absolute path in CSS with double slash new nobody contrib.staticfiles 1.10
#27221 Document how to escape a percent symbol in ugettext new nobody Documentation master
#27234 Clarify the type of the django.server logger's 'request' extra context new nobody Documentation 1.10
#27236 Deprecate Model.Meta.index_together in favour of Model.Meta.indexes new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#27262 Delegate URL resolver checks to URL classes new nobody Core (URLs) master
#27273 Make usage of construct_change_message easier outside of admin new nobody contrib.admin master
#27279 Slow test framework initialization in 1.10.1 compared to 1.10 new nobody Migrations 1.10
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