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#9449 test runner repeatedly parsers fixtures assigned ericholscher Testing framework 1.0 Normal
#11234 BlockNode unsafely manages context assigned brutimus Documentation master Normal
#11929 dumpdata outputs YAML in unhelpful order assigned AeroNotix Core (Serialization) 1.1 Normal
#16027 Include app_label in ContentType.__unicode__ assigned djangsters contrib.contenttypes master Normal
#16284 djangojs uses en as fallback language rather than projects language code assigned KJ Internationalization master Normal
#17208 Dogfood class-based views in contrib.admin assigned auvipy contrib.admin master Normal
#17209 Dogfood class-based views in contrib.auth assigned auvipy contrib.auth master Normal
#17461 Document presumed order of foreign keys on intermediate M2M model assigned Oxylo Documentation 1.3 Normal
#18682 Make the deletion of stale content types safer assigned speijnik contrib.contenttypes 1.3 Normal
#18887 LineString array method (property) returns different data type without and with NumPy installed assigned Ubercore GIS 1.4 Normal
#19227 Reorganize method flowchart for class based generic views to tree assigned jambonrose Documentation master Normal
#19515 Redirect path fields arbitrarily short assigned saulshanabrook contrib.redirects master Normal
#19536 in ModelAdmin disabling has_add_permission results in not showing any object-tools assigned ikks contrib.admin master Normal
#19842 annotate()-based solution to distinct and order_by problem assigned avani9330 Documentation 1.4 Normal
#20122 Pluralize filter sometimes returns singular form instead of an empty string for invalid inputs assigned littlepig Template system master Normal
#20372 using registration/logged_out.html template overrides admin logout assigned alexisbellido contrib.admin 1.5 Normal
#20461 Support for running Django tests in parallel assigned aaugustin Testing framework master Normal
#20597 Replace admin icons images by inline SVG assigned anonymous contrib.admin master Normal
#20629 Admonitions in custom User model documentation may be scaring off users assigned kedmiston Documentation 1.5 Normal
#21021 Default geom_type attribute for GeometryWidget should be "Geometry", not "Unknown" assigned EricBoersma GIS 1.6-beta-1 Normal
#21422 prefetch_related does not document restriction assigned donaldharvey Documentation master Normal
#21523 Models DateField to_python method no longer supports mock dates. assigned auvipy Database layer (models, ORM) 1.6 Normal
#21987 Allow Media objects to have their own MEDIA_TYPES assigned Osmose Forms master Normal
#22268 values_list() on a ManyToManyField returns extra None's when iterated over. assigned anubhav9042 Documentation master Normal
#22439 LiveServerTestCase handles error messages inconsistently assigned jmbowman Testing framework 1.6 Normal
#22634 Making Session model and SessionStore classes more easily extendable assigned sergeykolosov contrib.sessions master Normal
#22724 Improve SingleObjectMixin assigned msoedov Generic views master Normal
#22977 No validation error when ForeignKey related_name clashes with manager name. assigned davide-ceretti Core (System checks) master Normal
#23595 “add” button for related fields in admin interface should send 'limit_choices_to' parameter to add form assigned gchp contrib.admin master Normal
#23764 sessions.backends.cache.SessionStore does not respect settings.SESSION_SERIALIZER assigned r4vi contrib.sessions 1.7 Normal
#23829 Allow customizing the `ping_google` URL assigned auvipy contrib.sitemaps master Normal
#23953 makemigrations generates "wrong" numbered migration file if squashed migrations are in place assigned proitm Migrations 1.7 Normal
#24134 Document short command line options for management commands assigned staeff Documentation master Normal
#24227 isinstance checks on ManyToManyField should be replaced with field.many_to_many assigned coldmind Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24336 static server should skip for protocol-relative STATIC_URL assigned farrepa Core (Other) master Normal
#24370 Recommend that all new projects use a custom user model assigned maestrofjp Documentation 1.7 Normal
#24484 Add a helpful message when running tests with models without migrations assigned kaedroho Testing framework master Normal
#24690 Warn about mutable defaults with ArrayField assigned marissazhou Documentation 1.8 Normal
#24706 ModelForm._post_clean assumes that setting attributes onto an instance cannot raise ValidationError assigned kezabelle Forms master Normal
#24743 Django 1.8.1 migrations are actually slower than 1.8? assigned MarkusH Migrations 1.8 Normal
#24935 refactor conditional GET handling assigned syphar HTTP handling master Normal
#24994 Document/check that settings.SECRET_KEY should be a valid unicode string assigned bipsandbytes Core (System checks) 1.8 Normal
#25047 "Conflicting migrations detected" error in makemigrations is rather unhelpful assigned mossplix Migrations 1.8 Normal
#25104 Documentation assumes that there's a httpd.conf assigned slick666 Documentation 1.8 Normal
#25132 Document how to retrieve a single value using values_list() and get() assigned donaldharvey Documentation master Normal
#25135 Deprecate admin list_display allow_tags assigned jaap3 contrib.admin master Normal
#25160 Move unsaved model instance assignment check to assigned timgraham Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 Normal
#25165 Move JavaScript calls out of HTML to fix JavaScript "no-script-eval" warnings assigned zedr contrib.admin master Normal
#5349 Shouldn't the item_enclosure_url automatically prefixed with the current site? new nobody contrib.syndication master Normal
#5372 Cache inline ForeignKey options new nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin Normal
#5518 Capitalized verbose names for models new nobody Internationalization newforms-admin Normal
#5908 Cycle tag should reset after it steps out of scope(?) new nobody Template system master Normal
#6396 Remove customization-unfriendly admin template tags new nobody contrib.admin master Normal
#6727 django.utils.cache.patch_cache_control enhancement when response has empty cache control header new nobody HTTP handling master Normal
#6785 QuerySet.get() should only attempt to fetch a limited number of rows new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#8122 Better way of testing for cookies new nobody contrib.sessions master Normal
#8307 ImageFile use of width_field and height_field is slow with remote storage backends new jacob File uploads/storage master Normal
#8760 forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField should use "invalid_list" as error message key new nobody Forms master Normal
#9368 Clean up code for getting columns for select query new Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#9394 Reverse relation lookups with a multi-table inherited model produces extraneous queries new Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#9757 Make IfNode a baseclass for other if nodes to subclass new nobody Template system 1.0 Normal
#10045 Improve documentation of .annotate() / .filter() ordering quirks new Documentation master Normal
#11078 Proxy models do not inherit META.app_label new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#11097 Formset documentation should include a note about form.blah_ptr for derived models new nobody Documentation 1.0 Normal
#11156 Unnecessary savepoints with Oracle new Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#11331 Memcached backend closes connection after every request new nobody Core (Cache system) 1.0 Normal
#11544 adjust admin css to not depend upon the !important declaration. new nobody contrib.admin master Normal
#12007 djangoadmin loaddata gives odd error if it runs out of memory new nobody Core (Serialization) 1.1 Normal
#12157 FileSystemStorage does file I/O inefficiently, despite providing options to permit larger blocksizes new nobody File uploads/storage 1.1 Normal
#12826 Use __slots__ for some simple objects. new nobody Core (Other) Normal
#12856 Decide on public API/documentation for form.BoundField attributes new nobody Documentation master Normal
#12952 Models history doesn't use verbose names new nobody contrib.admin master Normal
#13060 ManagementForm exception in case of bad prefix should be easier to understand new nobody Forms Normal
#13327 FileField/ImageField accessor methods throw unnecessary exceptions when they are blank or null. new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1 Normal
#13680 loaddata should issue a warning when attempting to load data using an unknown serialization format even when it is unspecified new nobody Core (Serialization) master Normal
#13906 REPEATABLE READ (as used by default on MySQL) breaks atleast QuerySet.get_or_create(). new Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#14131 The pagination module should have some limit, or a warning should be given in the documentation new nobody Documentation master Normal
#14297 Accessing settings.FOO in hot spots cause performance problems new Core (Other) master Normal
#14586 Make interpolate JS function not require the named parameter. new nobody Internationalization 1.2 Normal
#14628 Document which settings can be changed at runtime new nobody Documentation 1.2 Normal
#15220 replace SelectFilter2.js with a jQuery plugin new dbunskoek contrib.admin master Normal
#15231 Admin DateTimeShortcuts + Inlines performance new nobody contrib.admin master Normal
#15578 loaddata and processing order of fixtures new nobody Documentation 1.2 Normal
#15817 ImageField having [width|height]_field set sytematically compute the image dimensions in ModelForm validation process new nobody Forms 1.3 Normal
#15881 FilteredSelectMultiple does not respect order new nobody contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#16043 Specialization cache should be filled/shared with parent object cache (multitable inheritance) new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#16063 Problem with searching in m2m fields in inherited model new nobody contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#16220 Add introspection for multicolumn indexes new jgelens Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#16406 Allow separate access to matches from urlpatterns and extra_context args new nobody Core (URLs) master Normal
#16859 CSRF Improvements new PaulM CSRF master Normal
#17082 contrib.auth html should be updated to used HTML5 features where possible new nobody contrib.admin master Normal
#17096 Strengthen the makemessages command's safe-guarding of po files new nobody Core (Management commands) 1.3 Normal
#17133 get_script_name goofs when there is Apache URL rewriting new nobody HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#17210 Make NullBooleanSelect for NullBooleanField pass true/false as a GET parameter new nobody Forms master Normal
#17224 determine and document the use of default option in context of FileField new nobody File uploads/storage master Normal
#17276 Slow anti-join query against Postgres new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#17631 edge case: django.test.client should handle fields and files with the same name new Testing framework 1.3 Normal
#17659 django_admin_log searches are slow new keeff contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#17686 crashes on unicode filename new nobody Documentation 1.3 Normal
#17752 Serialization and multi-table inheritance new nobody Documentation 1.3 Normal
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