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#28106 Broken response/request after raising RequestDataTooBig in new nobody Bug HTTP handling master
#28111 Allow skipping validations done in database for Model.full_clean() new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#28129 Custom template tag keyword only arguments new nobody Bug Template system master
#28070 set_language (i18n) without next does not change language if called from a language prefixed URL new nobody Bug Internationalization 1.11
#28094 Cache settings override does not work properly new nobody Bug Testing framework 1.11
#28117 loaddata raises ValueError with psycopg2 backend new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) 1.11
#28130 Formset validate_min validation does not work on existing forms new nobody Bug Forms 1.11
#28123 django.utils.html.smart_urlquote() is incorrectly parsing the query string new nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.10
#28132 Error on file upload new nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.10
#28118 reverse() and get_absolute_url() returns different output for same object ? new Michal Bug contrib.flatpages 1.8
#28133 KeyError: u'blank' or KeyError: u'editable' when upgrading django new nobody Bug Migrations 1.8
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