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#29343 static file serving fails with "Connection reset by peer" on HEAD requests new nobody Bug HTTP handling
#29437 collect Form.Media and not correct new nobody Bug Forms
#29438 Add form_callback argument for formset_factory new nobody New feature Forms
#29447 RelatedManager.set() doesn't pass bulk keyword argument to clear() new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#29471 Set-Cookie response is cached for deleting invalid session cookies new nobody Bug contrib.sessions
#29482 simplify KeyTransform to always use the 'nested_operator' new nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized
#29503 Order of parameters pass to __in lookup affected by de-duplication. assigned Nick Pope Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#29505 Impossible to set a Field's default value to a callable new nobody Uncategorized Migrations
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