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#28972 `RelatedObjectDoesNotExist` during `loaddata` of models with multi-table inheritance new nobody Bug Core (Serialization)
#29010 Allow customizing the autocomplete search results based on the querying model new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#29014 State that sqlite >= 3.7.15 is supported new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#29022 HashedFilesMixin does not properly skip protocol-relative urls new nobody Bug contrib.staticfiles
#29025 Security middleware for insecure (HTTP) connections assigned Vishwas Mittal New feature HTTP handling
#29026 Make makemigrations scriptable / script-friendly new nobody Cleanup/optimization Migrations
#29027 file_move_safe error with SELinux new nobody Bug File uploads/storage
#29028 Warning show up even use `` new nobody Cleanup/optimization Uncategorized
#29029 Django 1.8.18 admin uses jquery version with security issues new nobody Bug contrib.admin
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