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#20238 StoppableWSGIServer is not multithread support new nobody Bug Testing framework
#27470 CSRF context processor never sets NOTPROVIDED new nobody Uncategorized CSRF
#27477 Use QuerySet.select_for_update() in admin change form to fix race condition new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#27534 Add CSRF_COOKIE_HTTPONLY note to CSRF AJAX docs new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#27550 add version of GEOSGeometry.normalize() that returns new geometry assigned Sergey Fedoseev New feature GIS
#27560 for model with foreign key to concrete base model new nobody Uncategorized Forms
#27568 Add new Entropy Password Validator to django.contrib.auth.password_validation new nobody New feature contrib.auth
#27569 Resolve reverse url with named groups regular expression to sprintf output formatters not specifying kwargs key / value pairs. new nobody New feature Core (URLs)
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