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#27299 Document Widget.use_required_attribute() new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10
#27298 Unclear "after each test" wording in the documentation new nobody Bug Documentation 1.10
#27296 Can't use custom formats with new language-independent LogEntry's messages in Django 1.10 new nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.10
#27295 Models with underscores break query lookups new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27292 Improve example code in the "Writing an authentication backend" of the documentation new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10
#27290 Email validation doesn't check length new nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.10
#27258 Context processors are not called when using RequestContext and Django templates new nobody Bug Template system 1.10
#27200 router.allow_migrate without a model/hint, what is it supposed to do? Does it make sense to make that call? new nobody Bug Migrations 1.10
#26940 makemessages incorrectly configured as not requiring settings new nobody Bug Internationalization master
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