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#29353 _middleware_chain is not set for StaticFilesHandler new nobody Bug contrib.staticfiles 46 minutes ago
#29359 Middleware documentation references ExceptionMiddleware, it is not anywhere in the code. new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 88 minutes ago
#29358 loading a model with more than one primary_key field should fail new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 3 hours ago
#29357 Not configuring the `LOGGING` causes to keep the Wsgi server busy new nobody Bug HTTP handling 3 hours ago
#29356 request.GET.getlist default is [] instead of None new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 4 hours ago
#29355 ArrayField in admin inline form try to save null instead default value new nobody Bug Uncategorized 8 hours ago
#29346 Add "intermediary" kwarg to ModelForm._save_m2m new nobody New feature Forms 3 days ago
#29281 In some cases i18n set_language does not change url language new nobody Bug Internationalization 8 days ago
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