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#28246 modify_settings decorator append operation failing new nobody Bug Testing framework 13 minutes ago
#28241 module_has_submodule() doesn't work correctly if the module_name argument is a dotted path new nobody Bug Utilities 14 hours ago
#28242 FileExtensionValidator tries to validates existing file new nobody Bug File uploads/storage 20 hours ago
#28238 Changelist save method causing MemoryError new nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 2 days ago
#28235 LiveServerTestCase crashes because it got a ParseResultBytes instance new nobody Bug Testing framework 2 days ago
#28231 bulk_create: avoid iterating `objs` more than necessary when `batch_size` is provided assigned Nir Izraeli Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 2 days ago
#28217 nested calls to functions decorated with sensitive_post_parameters produces unexpected results which parameters are considered sensitive new Bug Error reporting 4 days ago
#28219 Paginator warning about unordered object should include stack trace new nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 5 days ago
#28168 Using qs.order_by() and qs.values() with JSONFields new Cleanup/optimization contrib.postgres 9 days ago
#28215 sensitive_post_parameters/sensitive_variables leaking sensitive values into the http 500 exception email new Bug Error reporting 9 days ago
#28216 Add next_page to LoginView new nobody New feature contrib.auth 10 days ago
#28184 FileField storages param should allow a callable assigned miigotu New feature File uploads/storage 3 weeks ago
#28172 Non-existent arg passed to template filter raises VariableDoesNotExist (alternative solution) new nobody Bug Template system 3 weeks ago
#28094 Cache settings override does not work properly new nobody Bug Testing framework 5 weeks ago
#28070 set_language (i18n) without next does not change language if called from a language prefixed URL new nobody Bug Internationalization 6 weeks ago
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