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#27629 Inconsistent check of allow_relation in ForwardManyToOneDescriptor.__set__ assigned Stefan R. Filipek Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 86 minutes ago
#25756 ArrayField does not work with FileField new contrib.postgres 1.8 3 hours ago
#29350 Sqlite3 Introspection (get_primary_key_column) Always Returns None new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 3 hours ago
#29139 Aggregate functions failing when using Postgres JSON field KeyTransform new contrib.postgres 2.0 7 hours ago
#28312 ModelChoiceIterator uses cached length of queryset. assigned François Freitag Forms 1.8 22 hours ago
#29345 Migrations that recreate constraints can fail on PostgreSQL if table is not in public schema new nobody Migrations 2.0 32 hours ago
#29303 non_atomic_requests decorator alters _non_atomic_requests attribute of original function assigned Windson yang Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 days ago
#29058 Adding 'null=True' to a PointField doesn't create working migration new nobody GIS 1.11 10 days ago
#16055 Filtering over generic relations with TextField/CharField object_id breaks in postgres new nobody contrib.contenttypes 1.3 11 days ago
#29069 Static file serving does not call request_finished signal new nobody HTTP handling 1.11 11 days ago
#21408 Fallback to timesince produces erroneous translations in naturaltime assigned Maximilian Merz Internationalization master 11 days ago
#28935 Template error raised in an {% extends %} child template shows incorrect source location on debug page new Template system 2.0 12 days ago
#24128 Admindocs doesn't account for template loaders new nobody contrib.admindocs master 12 days ago
#26318 Unexpected / duplicated queries on nested Prefetch queryset with repeated model new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master 2 weeks ago
#15602 Using get_readonly_fields and StackedInline/TabularInline admin objects doesn't allow creating new objects, immutible existing objects new nobody contrib.admin master 2 weeks ago
#29291 Conditional expressions and ~Q queries new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master 2 weeks ago
#24082 Unique=True on TextField or CharField should not create an index new Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 2 weeks ago
#29260 Remove UPDATE query when saving a new model instance with a primary key that has a default new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 2 weeks ago
#21080 collectstatic post-processing fails for references inside comments new nobody contrib.staticfiles master 3 weeks ago
#23577 Rename operations should rename indexes, constraints, sequences and triggers named after their former value new Migrations master 3 weeks ago
#29282 Admin checks raise TypeError if issubclass() receives a non-class new nobody contrib.admin master 3 weeks ago
#17664 {% if %} template tag silences exceptions inconsistently assigned Robert Roskam Template system master 3 weeks ago
#29236 diffsettings raises misleading exception message if using settings.configure() assigned Chris Mark Core (Management commands) master 3 weeks ago
#15910 show delete links for all admin inline formset rows new nobody contrib.admin 1.3 4 weeks ago
#29261 Clarify the reason for LICENSE.python assigned James Bennett Documentation master 4 weeks ago
#29203 Cached Session may cause losing a session, when it failed to connect to cache backend new nobody contrib.sessions 1.11 4 weeks ago
#29257 If creation of a db cursor fails, the resulting traceback is misleading new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 4 weeks ago
#29241 ConditionalGetMiddleware and x-sendfile new nobody Core (Cache system) 1.11 4 weeks ago
#28462 ModelAdmin.list_editable unusably slow and memory intensive with large datasets new nobody contrib.admin 1.10 4 weeks ago
#29224 Migration crashes deleting an index_together if there is a unique_together on the same fields new nobody Migrations 1.11 4 weeks ago
#29237 ModelAdmin.inlines cause a model to lose its primary key from a model field default new nobody contrib.admin 1.11 5 weeks ago
#29205 MultiValueField ignores a required value of a sub field new nobody Forms 1.11 5 weeks ago
#29222 Substr on NULL values returns incorrect results with pattern lookups. assigned felixxm Database layer (models, ORM) master 5 weeks ago
#10827 django.auth create_permissions must clear the content type cache before creating permissions new contrib.auth master 5 weeks ago
#29230 Incorrect behavior of QuerySet.prefetch_related() in some circumstances during multilevel data prefetching new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 5 weeks ago
#29138 Add ModelAdmin.autocomplete_fields support for ForeignKeys that use to_field assigned Basu Dubey contrib.admin 2.0 5 weeks ago
#29074 makemessages duplicates .po file headers when fed with empty strings assigned Manthan Sharma Core (Management commands) 1.11 5 weeks ago
#29097 Migrations using MySQL fail for constraints using composite indexes new Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 5 weeks ago
#23130 BooleanField should not override 'blank' if choices are specified new Database layer (models, ORM) master 5 weeks ago
#29123 Changing an IntegerField to a ForeignKey generates incorrectly ordered migration operations if the field is in unique_together new nobody Migrations master 5 weeks ago
#28646 Migration calls "CREATE INDEX" when one already exists when 'unique' field attribute is added (PostgreSQL) new Migrations 1.11 5 weeks ago
#29214 Invalid SQL when updating after annotating using subquery new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 5 weeks ago
#28645 AuthenticationForm's inactive user error isn't raised when using ModelBackend new shangdahao contrib.auth 1.11 6 weeks ago
#29186 "django.request" logging breaks "logging.handlers.SocketHandler" new nobody Core (Other) 2.0 7 weeks ago
#29177 Unmanaged models with ForeignKeys do not get those fields serialized into their migration state when CreateModel happens. new nobody Migrations master 7 weeks ago
#29167 HashedFilesMixin doesn't work with data URIs that include a closing parenthesis new nobody contrib.staticfiles 2.0 7 weeks ago
#21963 makemessages still ignores translations in templates with inline comment tags assigned Sergey Kolosov Internationalization 1.6 8 weeks ago
#28621 Crash in QuerySet.annotate() with OuterRef new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 8 weeks ago
#29019 createsuperuser crashes if a ManyToManyField is in REQUIRED_FIELDS assigned Williams Mendez contrib.auth 2.0 2 months ago
#29128 makemigrations raises AppRegistryNotReady instead of ImproperlyConfigured in Django 2.0 assigned ChillarAnand Core (Management commands) 2.0 2 months ago
#28690 django.utils.http.parse_http_date two digit year check is incorrect assigned Alexander Vyushkov Utilities master 2 months ago
#28405 CICharField on a ModelFormSet doesn't catch unique constraint violations with different capitalization new contrib.postgres 1.11 2 months ago
#24622 Response "context" and "templates" not available in the Test Client when using Jinja2 - Django 1.8 new nobody Testing framework 1.8 2 months ago
#25600 Template `if` tag behavior change with 1.8, OneToOneField, RelatedObjectDoesNotExist is True? new Template system 1.8 2 months ago
#29087 Impossible to delete pending new inline in admin when invalid (delete button missing) assigned Vitor Freitas contrib.admin 2.0 2 months ago
#29127 Running tagged tests hides any with syntax errors new Testing framework 2.0 2 months ago
#28762 Can't aggregate annotations with array parameters new Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 2 months ago
#23842 Transient failure of django.contrib.gis.tests.geoapp.tests.GeoQuerySetTest.test_make_line new nobody GIS master 2 months ago
#17379 Don't deactivate translations by default in management commands assigned Ramiro Morales Internationalization master 2 months ago
#29024 `TestContextDecorator` never exits if `setUp` fails in tests assigned Shahbaj Sayyad Testing framework master 2 months ago
#29129 Child model updates parent model with empty fields making an extra query in multi-inheritance when parent model has custom PK assigned Ashaba John Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 2 months ago
#28862 Removing a field from index_together/unique_together and from the model generates a migration that crashes assigned Ramiro Morales Migrations 1.9 2 months ago
#23718 TEST_MIRROR setting doesn't work as expected (and has no tests) assigned eng. Ilian Iliev Testing framework 1.7 2 months ago
#3461 DatabaseWrapper should pass through args and kwargs to underlying database adapter assigned Asif Saifuddin Auvi Database layer (models, ORM) master 2 months ago
#28404 Django admin empty_value/empty_value_display doesn't check for empty strings assigned Nazarov Georgiy contrib.admin master 2 months ago
#29052 test database setup can truncate non-test database if two database aliases point to the same database new nobody Testing framework 2.0 2 months ago
#10060 Multiple table annotation failure new Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 months ago
#29061 makemessages throws syntax error due to incorrectly generated django.pot, again new nobody Core (Management commands) 2.0 3 months ago
#29039 Disabling migrations doesn't work with --keepdb new nobody Testing framework 1.11 3 months ago
#29000 RenameModel does not rename M2M column when run after AlterField/RenameField new Migrations 2.0 3 months ago
#28291 ArrayField cannot contain JSONField; causes SQL error assigned Zac Yauney contrib.postgres master 3 months ago
#29095 QuerySet.count() with Sum window function generates invalid SQL on PostgreSQL new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 3 months ago
#26819 Using a ArrayField on Meta.unique_together throws "unhashable type: 'list'" on validate_unique method assigned felixxm Forms master 3 months ago
#28198 Model attributes shouldn't override deferred fields assigned Denis.Tarykin Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 months ago
#29022 HashedFilesMixin does not properly skip protocol-relative urls when STATIC_URL='/' new nobody contrib.staticfiles 2.0 3 months ago
#28949 Multibyte table name or column name causes miscalculation of the length of index name. new Migrations 2.0 3 months ago
#29045 admin CSS overrides Select/SelectMultiple size attribute new nobody contrib.admin 1.11 3 months ago
#28341 GeometryField doesn't create GEOSGeometry objects lazily anymore assigned GIS 1.8 3 months ago
#29056 Required SelectDateWidget renders invalid HTML assigned Stanislav Filin Forms master 3 months ago
#27399 Segfault when running GDALBandTests on OSX 10.11.6 new nobody GIS master 3 months ago
#28944 Chaining values()/values_list() after QuerySet.select_for_update(of=()) crashes new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 2.0 3 months ago
#11487 Oracle encoding bug when saving more than 4000 characters new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 months ago
#20218 Default authorization backend returns False when queried for object level permissions assigned Mehmet Dogan contrib.auth master 3 months ago
#28987 Migration changing ManyToManyField target to 'self' doesn't work correctly assigned SShayashi Migrations 2.0 3 months ago
#23528 django.db.migrations.swappable_dependency not documented new nobody Documentation 1.7 3 months ago
#2259 Primary keys should be readonly by default in admin assigned Pathangi Jatinshravan contrib.admin master 3 months ago
#25504 Django test teardown fails when there is no default database new Testing framework 1.9 3 months ago
#29008 When DEBUG is True, raising Http404 in a path converter's to_python method does not result in a technical response new nobody Core (URLs) 2.0 3 months ago
#26488 migrate crashes when renaming a multi-table inheritance base model new nobody Migrations master 3 months ago
#15619 Logout link should be protected assigned Ramiro Morales contrib.auth master 3 months ago
#28992 Querying GenericIPAddressField with a space crashes with DataError on PostgreSQL new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 3 months ago
#28948 CookieStorage performance issues assigned Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy contrib.messages 2.0 4 months ago
#28925 durations-only expressions doesn't work on SQLite and MySQL assigned Sergey Fedoseev Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 4 months ago
#2750 ManyToManyField ignores 'default' option new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 4 months ago
#28806 Mechanism of fetching related objects violates READ COMMITTED assumption of Django ORM new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master 4 months ago
#28872 JSONField __in operator breaks when given a values_list() new contrib.postgres 1.11 4 months ago
#28913 If MIGRATIONS_MODULES has a missing top-level package, proper error message is not displayed new nobody Migrations 1.11 4 months ago
#28594 Value error on related user name during save of user model new nobody contrib.auth 1.11 4 months ago
#28936 simplify_regex should remove redundant escape sequences outside groups new nobody contrib.admindocs 2.0 4 months ago
#28892 Fixed header height in the admin site may break custom layouts new nobody contrib.admin 1.9 5 months ago
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