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#28426 startproject with a remote template gives an authentication prompt on Python 2 but 401: Unauthorized on Python 3 new nobody Core (Management commands) 1.11 5 hours ago
#28425 Prefetch can execute an UPDATE statement if a certain to_attr is given new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 41 hours ago
#28380 Wrong handling of NULL values in spatialite geometry comparison functions new nobody GIS 1.11 44 hours ago
#28404 Django admin empty_value/empty_value_display doesn't check for empty strings new nobody contrib.admin 1.11 3 days ago
#26688 Inconsistent logging of 5xx and 4xx requests to django.request assigned Sergio Oliveira HTTP handling master 3 days ago
#27846 refresh_from_db() doesn't clear reverse OneToOneFields assigned Paulo Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 4 days ago
#28297 Same queryset result in two different queries on ORM assigned Marcus Renno Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 4 days ago
#28379 Fix redirect loop in AccessMixin if a user lack permissions assigned Dylan Verheul contrib.auth 1.11 4 days ago
#28410 query filter on date portion of datetime creates wrong parameters for mysql CONVERT_TZ function when used with a fixed offset timezone new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 4 days ago
#28408 Incorrect error message with QuerySet.update() that requires a join on an annotated F expression new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 5 days ago
#28405 CICharField on a ModelFormSet doesn't catch unique constraint violations with different capitalization new contrib.postgres 1.11 5 days ago
#28386 Operations within non-atomic migrations don't honor the operation's `atomic` flag when migrating backwards assigned Evan Grim Migrations 1.11 6 days ago
#28341 GeometryField doesn't create GEOSGeometry objects lazily anymore assigned Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy GIS 1.8 6 days ago
#15855 cache_page decorator bypasses any Vary headers set in middleware assigned Rinat Khabibiev Core (Cache system) 8 days ago
#28371 Cast generates invalid SQL for SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Oracle if max_length isn't provide to CharField assigned felixxm Database layer (models, ORM) master 10 days ago
#28392 GIS's WKT regex doesn't match large scientific notation new nobody GIS master 11 days ago
#28316 ModelChoiceField to_field_name doesn't work if it's different from the model field's to_field assigned László Károlyi Forms master 11 days ago
#28385 deserializers ignore natural keys when primary key has a default value assigned Irindu Indeera Core (Serialization) 1.11 11 days ago
#28056 Reverse migration for model rename with cross-app ForeignKey fails assigned Migrations 1.10 12 days ago
#28384 ModelAdmin.lookup_allowed() incorrectly raises DisallowedModelAdminLookup lookup with foreign key as primary key new nobody contrib.admin 1.11 12 days ago
#28375 QuerySet.prefetch_related() crashes with KeyError if model uses to_field and string primary key assigned Paulo Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 13 days ago
#28373 TIME_ZONE value in DATABASES settings is not used for date lookup new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 2 weeks ago
#27303 Selecting multiple admin list_filters across relations return results that don't match both filters new nobody contrib.admin 1.10 2 weeks ago
#28368 Trying to create a model instance with an existing shared primary key in MTI silently updates an existing instance new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 2 weeks ago
#26180 Altering unique_together still sometimes missing deleted fields assigned Akshesh Doshi Migrations 1.9 2 weeks ago
#25718 Can’t use queries with JSON ’null’ values with JSONField assigned Dmitry Dygalo contrib.postgres master 3 weeks ago
#28353 QuerySet builds wrong SQL when the gis Length function is used and the queryset's query attribute is accessed assigned Sergey Fedoseev GIS 1.11 3 weeks ago
#28351 "Conflicting migrations detected" CommandError due to replacement Migration being removed assigned Windson yang Migrations 1.11 3 weeks ago
#27796 Middlewares load twice due to StaticFilesHandler(WSGIHandler) assigned Chandrakant Kumar contrib.staticfiles 1.10 3 weeks ago
#10060 Multiple table annotation failure new Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 weeks ago
#28358 LazyObject defines attribute that don't exist on wrapped object assigned Sergey Fedoseev Utilities 1.11 3 weeks ago
#10827 django.auth create_permissions must clear the content type cache before creating permissions new contrib.auth master 3 weeks ago
#28305 AlterField migration tries to alter column that still has a foreign key contraint new nobody Migrations master 3 weeks ago
#28280 numberformat.format() incorrectly formats large/tiny floats in scientific notation new nobody Utilities 1.11 3 weeks ago
#24823 FileField with callable default raises error with forms new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 4 weeks ago
#22382 ManyRelatedManager's get_prefetch_queryset doesn't validate the prefetch types assigned Marc Tamlyn Database layer (models, ORM) master 4 weeks ago
#26488 migrate crashes when renaming a multi-table inheritance base model new nobody Migrations 1.9 4 weeks ago
#27833 prefetch_related fails with SQLite when used with 1000 parent records assigned Raphael Michel Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 4 weeks ago
#28332 Diamond multiple inheritance example in docs gives a clashing field check error new nobody Documentation 1.11 4 weeks ago
#26223 Squashing migrations with preserve_default=False keeps the default assigned Vytis Banaitis Migrations master 4 weeks ago
#28016 Command createsuperuser does not validate username when using --username assigned Ricardo S. A. Silva contrib.auth master 5 weeks ago
#28312 ModelChoiceIterator uses cached length of queryset. new nobody Forms 1.8 5 weeks ago
#28291 ArrayField cannot contain JSONField; causes SQL error assigned Zac Yauney contrib.postgres master 5 weeks ago
#23268 Fixtures: Natural Key support for Generic Foreign Keys assigned Guillaume Thomas Core (Serialization) 1.6 5 weeks ago
#17379 Don't deactivate translations by default in management commands assigned Ramiro Morales Internationalization master 6 weeks ago
#28289 QuerySet.count() does not with work raw sql annotations on inherited model fields new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 6 weeks ago
#13314 "FileField" validation does not account for "upload_to" when counting characters new nobody Forms 1.1 6 weeks ago
#28283 _changeform_view sends wrong object after ModelForm validation assigned ddein contrib.admin master 6 weeks ago
#13677 ModelFormSet may query wrong database backend assigned Tobias Kunze Forms 1.2 7 weeks ago
#18332 No generic way to get database backend version new vanessagomes Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 7 weeks ago
#26720 migration optimizer can produce operations that references removed models under certain circumstances new Migrations master 7 weeks ago
#21286 Fix commented out tests in serializers_regress new nobody Core (Serialization) master 7 weeks ago
#28263 TestCase breaks for databases that don't support savepoints new nobody Testing framework 1.11 7 weeks ago
#28217 nested calls to functions decorated with sensitive_post_parameters produces unexpected results which parameters are considered sensitive new Error reporting 1.8 8 weeks ago
#28215 sensitive_post_parameters/sensitive_variables leaking sensitive values into the http 500 exception email new Error reporting 1.8 8 weeks ago
#28252 Translation documentation on default file extensions differ from makemessages --help output new nobody Documentation 1.11 8 weeks ago
#28214 IndexError for JSONField queries containing percent character in key assigned André Ericson contrib.postgres 1.11 2 months ago
#28223 Form not always picklable due to template renderer assigned Gaurav Sehgal Forms 1.11 2 months ago
#2259 Primary keys should be readonly by default in admin new contrib.admin master 2 months ago
#28107 Can't perform annotation on related table when un-managed model is backed by a DB view new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master 2 months ago
#28118 reverse() and get_absolute_url() may return different output for same FlatPage new Michal contrib.flatpages 1.8 2 months ago
#28198 Model attributes shouldn't override deferred fields new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master 2 months ago
#6517 MySQL: dbshell does not get charset from DATABASES setting assigned Biswajit Sahu Database layer (models, ORM) master 2 months ago
#27732 SearchRank doesn't handle SearchVectorField references new contrib.postgres master 2 months ago
#26329 StaticFilesStorage permits leading slash, CachedStaticFilesStorage doesn't new contrib.staticfiles 1.8 2 months ago
#28154 Infinite loop in collectstatic with broken symlinks new nobody contrib.staticfiles 1.11 2 months ago
#23130 BooleanField should not override 'blank' if choices are specified new Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 months ago
#28123 django.utils.html.smart_urlquote() is incorrectly parsing the query string new nobody Utilities 1.10 3 months ago
#25251 Inconsistent availability of data migrations in TransactionTestCase when using --keepdb assigned Romain Garrigues Testing framework 1.8 3 months ago
#28147 Saving parent object after setting on child leads to unexpected data loss assigned Erwin Junge Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 months ago
#28131 Template variable "perms" single-attribute lookup does not work as documented assigned brian houston morrow Documentation 1.8 3 months ago
#28099 Reuse of UpdateQuery breaks complex delete updates new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11 3 months ago
#3461 DatabaseWrapper should pass through args and kwargs to underlying database adapter assigned Asif Saifuddin Auvi Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 months ago
#28110 Model inheritance field name collision check error refers to related accessors as fields new nobody Core (System checks) 1.11 3 months ago
#24607 Serialization (and deserialization) of MTI models doesn't work with natural keys new nobody Core (Serialization) master 3 months ago
#27751 Teardown of a PG test database fails if it is an autogenerated test_MYDB database new nobody Testing framework 1.9 3 months ago
#28054 After #26052 runserver returns response body for HTTP HEAD requests new nobody Core (Management commands) 1.10 4 months ago
#27808 Nested ArrayField with nullable base field generates invalid SQL new contrib.postgres master 4 months ago
#21963 makemessages still ignores translations in templates with inline comment tags assigned Sergey Kolosov Internationalization 1.6 4 months ago
#27985 Converting `Foo.objects.filter(bar=None)` to an `IsNull` too early. new Database layer (models, ORM) master 4 months ago
#6989 Inability to define DNS_NAME in django.core.mail results in e-mail messages being rejected or marked as spam assigned heathervm Core (Mail) master 4 months ago
#28011 Correct Field.hidden docs regarding what fields are hidden new nobody Documentation 1.10 4 months ago
#23521 removal of concrete Model from bases doesn't remove it from ModelState bases new Migrations 1.7 4 months ago
#27961 Misconfigured SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER setting is ignored new nobody HTTP handling 1.10 4 months ago
#24082 Unique=True on TextField or CharField should not create an index assigned felixxm Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 4 months ago
#27708 Relation between tables in different schemas with big names new nobody Migrations master 4 months ago
#14035 Cannot access POST after request.encoding was set to a custom value assigned Piotr Czachur HTTP handling master 4 months ago
#22078 views.Feed methods cannot be decorated assigned Andriy Sokolovskiy contrib.syndication 1.6 4 months ago
#16752 Multi-db without a 'default' database new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 4 months ago
#9076 Inline forms can result in a "Please correct the errors below." message with no errors listed. new nobody Forms 1.0 4 months ago
#26261 QuerySet.exclude() crashes when referencing related_query_name of GenericRelation new nobody contrib.contenttypes 1.8 4 months ago
#27921 Documentation of make_aware() with is_dst is misleading new nobody Documentation master 4 months ago
#27906 assertInHTML('<a/><b/>', '<a/><b/><c/>') fails assigned Michal Petrucha Testing framework master 5 months ago
#23406 Migrations not found when only .pyc files are available (e.g. in a frozen environment) new nobody Migrations 1.7 5 months ago
#27533 inspectdb crashes on unsupported unique_together constraints in PostgreSQL assigned Michael Sinov Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 5 months ago
#15179 django.test.client.Client.login fake HttpRequest is not run through middlewares new nobody Testing framework master 5 months ago
#25068 Metaclass conflict when doing createmigrations in ModelState.render new nobody Migrations 1.8 5 months ago
#21408 Fallback to timesince produces erroneous translations in naturaltime new nobody Internationalization master 5 months ago
#27867 Excluding a reverse relation produces inconsistent queries new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master 5 months ago
#27697 JSONField with blank=True is rendered as non-required field in a ModelForm assigned Andrew Nester contrib.postgres 1.10 5 months ago
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