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#21158 Set an implicit wait for selenium. assigned bsilverberg Cleanup/optimization Testing framework master
#17235 Multipartparser shouldn't leave the QueryDict mutable assigned hirokiky Bug HTTP handling master
#12090 Show admin actions on the edit pages too assigned jgmize New feature contrib.admin master
#11027 Storage backends should know about the max_length attribute of the FileFields assigned melinath Bug File uploads/storage master
#14515 Can't pickle ValueQuerySet if query references fields, which aren't on the same model. new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2
#15654 qs.delete() fails if a model isn't in INSTALED_APPS and the related objects cache is already filled. new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master
#15995 Problems in ModelForm._post_clean new nobody Bug Forms master
#16406 Allow separate access to matches from urlpatterns and extra_context args new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (URLs) master
#19905 ResourceWarning in formtools tests new nobody Bug contrib.formtools master
#20553 Useless checks in loadddata [fix in 1.7] new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) master
#21143 runtests might execute queries against the normal database instead of the testdatabase new nobody Bug Testing framework master
#21148 Test isolation errors on master. new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master
#21845 Deprecate .py suffix for new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) master
#22476 Migrations fail to migrate m2m fields with custom through model. new nobody Bug Migrations master
#18400 Unexpected {% if %} behavior assigned susan Bug Template system 1.4
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