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#27529 Geographic database functions with two parameters should accept expressions in one or the other arguments new Bug GIS master
#27534 Add CSRF_COOKIE_HTTPONLY note to CSRF AJAX docs new Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#27541 Provide hooks to override manifest file storage in ManifestFilesMixin new New feature contrib.staticfiles 1.10
#27554 Queryset evaluation fails with mix of nested and flattened prefetches (AttributeError on RelatedManager) new Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27560 crashes for model with foreign key to concrete base model new Bug Forms 1.9
#27587 Document str(QuerySet.query) new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10
#27590 Prevent public access of staticfiles manifest new Cleanup/optimization contrib.staticfiles 1.10
#27614 Store the DB used in the state before calling Model._save_table() new Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27617 Add contributor facing documentation for the ORM new New feature Documentation 1.10
#27629 Inconsistent check of allow_relation in ForwardManyToOneDescriptor.__set__ new Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27635 django.utils.crypto should use secrets on Python 3.6+ new Cleanup/optimization Utilities master
#27644 Document FileSystemStorage.get_created_time() limitation on Unix new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10
#27646 Add QuerySet support for group by modifiers and OLAP functionality new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#27654 Propogate alters_data value to subclasses new Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) 1.10
#27659 Arbritrary file overrides in startproject/app template extraction new Bug Utilities master
#27674 Deprecate GeoModelAdmin and OSMGeoAdmin new Cleanup/optimization GIS master
#27679 Document that empty formsets display min_num+extra forms new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9
#27685 Allow autoreloader to use watchman new Cleanup/optimization Utilities master
#27692 Remember scroll position in list screen after coming back from edit screen - remove autofocus from search field new Bug contrib.admin 1.10
#27694 Improve documentation of supported lookups on HStore & JSON fields new Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#27701 Document that runserver bypasses middleware for static files new Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#27708 Relation between tables in different schemas with big names new Bug Migrations master
#27710 foreign key _id optimisation leads to incorrect descriptor value new Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27719 Add queryset.alias() to mimic .annotate() for aggregations without loading data new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#27730 Document that template tags with "as" variable assignment don't propogate variables across blocks new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10
#27731 Squashmigrations doesn't optimize AlterField related_name across AlterUniqueTogether/AlterIndexTogether new Cleanup/optimization Migrations master
#27741 staticfiles_tests test_corrupt_intermediate_files fails in source distribution new Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.11
#27742 Unexpected migration on Parent -> child model inheritence new Bug Migrations 1.11
#27743 CSS fix of "viewsitelink", "golink" and "addlink" buttons for Django admin new Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master
#27745 Improve code coverage for django/contrib/contenttypes/ assigned Cleanup/optimization contrib.contenttypes master
#27746 Database migration fail when removing a child model containing only foreignkeys in a multi-table inheritance context on MySQL new Bug Migrations master
#27747 Add signals for Django management commands new New feature Core (Management commands) master
#27748 Use callables instead of strings as default error handlers (handler404, etc.) new Cleanup/optimization Core (URLs) 1.10
#27751 Teardown of a PG test database fails if it is an autogenerated test_MYDB database new Bug Testing framework 1.9
#27753 Cleanups when no supported version of Django supports Python 2 anymore new Cleanup/optimization Utilities master
#27755 add ModelAdmin.get_inlines() hook to allow set inlines based on the request or model instance. new New feature contrib.admin master
#27757 The link of the "view_on_site" button is not formed according to the returning result of the "get_absolute_url" method. new Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.10
#27758 Template widget rendering breaks the AdvancedModelIterator pattern new Bug Forms 1.11
#27759 Template widget rendering: attrs with value False now render new Bug Forms 1.11
#27760 Hard to diagnose reason for 400 response when making test request that sets SERVER_NAME new Uncategorized Testing framework 1.10
#27761 Typo in multiple_input.html produces invalid HTML new Bug Forms 1.11
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