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#27844 Add a management command to optimize a migration assigned New feature Migrations master
#27857 Cleanups and features to use when dropping support for Python 3.4 new Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) master
#27864 Limit the number of terms in an admin search new Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin 1.8
#27867 Excluding a reverse relation produces inconsistent queries new Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master
#27880 Use __set_name__ to replace some usages of contribute_to_class. new Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master
#27899 Phrase search query for Postgres full text search new New feature contrib.postgres master
#27909 Use AUTH_USER_MODEL in startproject template new Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) 1.10
#27921 Documentation of make_aware() with is_dst is misleading new Bug Documentation master
#27922 Add ErrorDict.get_json_data() method new New feature Forms 1.10
#27925 Document how to deploy using pip installed mod_wsgi new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10
#27926 Allow squashmigrations to create a fresh set of migrations and delete the old ones new New feature Migrations 1.10
#27929 Add an option when collecting statics to remove non-cached files after processing new New feature contrib.staticfiles 1.10
#27936 Add some clarifications to "Spanning multi-valued relationships" new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10
#27946 Improve "ValueError: Found wrong number of constraints" error message new Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.8
#27950 Permission classes for Class Based Views new New feature Generic views master
#27961 Misconfigured SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER setting is ignored new Bug HTTP handling 1.10
#27979 Using F() to save negative integers in unsigned columns on MySQL should raise IntegrityError rather than OperationalError new Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#27994 Document new New feature Documentation 1.10
#27999 Add test Client support for HTTP 307 and 308 redirects new New feature Testing framework master
#28010 select_for_update() is too eager in presence of joins new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#28011 Correct Field.hidden docs regarding what fields are hidden new Bug Documentation 1.10
#28034 Update the contributing tutorial to use a more recent patch new Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#28035 Allowing logging the queryset location for a given query new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#28037 Incorrect return type in QueryDict.items()/values() docs examples new Bug Documentation master
#28040 SplitArrayWidget isn't updated for template-based widget rendering new Bug contrib.postgres 1.11
#28052 Django inadvertently removes all indexes when switching to db_index=False new Bug Migrations 1.11
#28053 Allow fields to specify arbitrary indexes via db_index=Index() new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11
#28054 After #26052 runserver returns response body for HTTP HEAD requests new Bug Core (Management commands) 1.10
#28062 Using QuerySet.iterator() with pgBouncer leads to nonexistent cursor errors new Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11
#28068 Allow customizing popup window for selecting related objects in django admin new New feature contrib.admin master
#28070 set_language (i18n) without next does not change language if called from a language prefixed URL new Bug Internationalization 1.11
#28072 Allow QuerySet.annotate() to use the name of an exisiting field new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8
#28073 RemoveField.state_forwards() crashes with AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'is_relation' new Bug Migrations 1.11
#28078 Can't use field as part of expression when annotate key shadows model field new Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10
#28081 django.test.client:conditional_content_removal() is not compliant with RFC7230 new Bug Testing framework master
#28082 BaseDateListView should pass all context to subclasses new Cleanup/optimization Generic views master
#28085 EN django.po does not have default "Plural-Forms" to copy new Bug Internationalization 1.11
#28087 Allow filtering and ordering with RawQuerySet new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#28094 Cache settings override does not work properly new Bug Testing framework 1.11
#28095 Document Widget.build_attrs() signature change in Django 1.11 new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11
#28099 Reuse of UpdateQuery breaks complex delete updates new Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.11
#28102 Document how to put the full path of the built-in widget directories in DIRS new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11
#28104 conditional view processing decorator adds stale ETag new Bug HTTP handling 1.11
#28106 Broken response/request after raising RequestDataTooBig in new Bug HTTP handling master
#28110 Model inheritance field name collision check error refers to related accessors as fields new Bug Core (System checks) 1.11
#28111 Allow skipping validations done in database for Model.full_clean() new New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#28117 loaddata raises ValueError with psycopg2 backend new Cleanup/optimization Core (Management commands) 1.11
#28118 reverse() and get_absolute_url() returns different output for same object ? new Bug contrib.flatpages 1.8
#28119 Test client cookies do not take into account server hostnames/domains new New feature Testing framework 1.11
#28121 force_text incorrectly handles SafeBytes under PY3 new Bug Utilities 1.11
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